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For Biden in China, tense reunion   with Xi Jinping
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For Biden in China, tense reunion     with Xi Jinping 

BEIJING (AP) — In what was supposed to be a warm reunion    , Vice President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping meet instead Wednesday in a climate fraught with tension over an airspace dispute that has put Asia on edge. A day before seeing Xi, Biden stood in Japan and publicly rebuked China for trying to enforce its will on its neighbors, escalating the risk of a potentially dangerous accident.

北京(美联社)——周三副总统乔•拜登(Joe Biden)和中国国家主席习近平举行了会面,缓和了因空域争端而紧张的亚洲局势,被认为是一个温暖的重聚,。会见习近平前一天,拜登在日本公开指责中国妄图把自己的意愿强加给它的邻国,潜在的危险正在升级。

Although Biden had hoped to focus on areas of cooperation as the U.S. seeks an expanded Asia footprint, China's declaration of a new air defense zone above disputed islands in the East China Sea has pitted the U.S. and China against each other, creating a wide gulf that Biden will seek to bridge during his two-day trip to Beijing.


Reminds me of an old, old Bob Hope movie《Call me Bwana》. Bob is captured by cannibals in Africa, the cannibals are hungry, they have big pot of water on boil to cook their captive. Sky nose, as Bob was called, glares at his captors and says," If you go ahead with this, no more foreign aid, understand"! The simple truth is, whether anybody likes it or not, the 800 pound gorilla in that region is China and its neighbors including Japan better understand it and combined with this the fact that we and Chinese are intertwined together in trade/ commerce (Chimerica). Sending jokester Biden to handle this kind of delicate situation is a massive mistake (IMHO, Biden is good only at getting a few yuks on Leno). Obama should have been there!


二、Angeles Andy:
Strange how our Vice President (Joe "the Brains" Biden) salutes the Chinese leadership upon landing. One of the stranger aspects of our country in the world order as we have evolved is that growing up we were taught to despise the USSR and China, yet now we are pursuing their ideology and they have switched to ours. They are becoming economic and world power houses, and the USSA is in decline. We were taught how the USSR was expanding to take over the world, now we have our military deployed in over 152 of the 190 countries of the world and our Navy is in every body of water that will float a boat, and our government says we (our government) needs more in order to protect it from the people. Gee, how the roles have changed in a very few years.


To all the "freedom fighters" here who stand up for the helpless Japanese against the bullying Chinese, let's do a very simple 5 minute interactive good research shall we?

1.Google "first sino Japanese war" and find out the year it was fought, what territory was violently conquered by Japan from China?
-(Answer: It was fought from 1894 to 1895, Chinese Taiwan and it's surrounding island was conquered by Japan)

2. Then google when did Japan annex the island now in dispute?
-(Answer: 1895)

3. According to the Cairo Conference in 1943, after Japan was defeated, what was USA's decision on the Japanese territory which it was conquered by force in the past?
-(Answer: "all the territories Japan has stolen from the Chinese, including Manchuria, Formosa, and the Pescadores, shall be restored to the Republic of China")

4. Next, go find out on the map and see the distance to the 3 parties that are in dispute over island.

-island's distance to China (330KM),
-island's distance to Taiwan (170KM)
-island's distance to mainland Japan (900KM).

Yes you are right guys... .China is indeed the EVIL BAD GUYS HERE!!!!! Japan by no means conquered this island from China by force in the first sino Japanese war, because according to Japan, this island SO CLOSE to Taiwan which has been firmly under China's control for over 1000 years have been a mystery to the Chinese, and only Japan discovered it the way Columbus discovered American in 1895 and PEACEFULLY took it over.

And now the EVIL CHINESE wants to take over this island by EVIL means from the innocent Japanese who are cuties as puppies and all that other #$%$.

And yes guys... our "FREE MEDIA" is 100% correct, there was indeed MWD in Iraq, Saddam indeed was working with Bin Laden and Saddam indeed bombed the World Trade Centers, and yes the "FREE MEDIA" is 100% right, there is no Al Quaida in Syria.



2 .然后谷歌搜索日本吞并现在存有争议的岛屿(应该是说钓鱼岛,甲午战争后割让台湾,辽东半岛,澎湖列岛及周围岛屿给日本)是什么时候?




不错,你们是正确的……中国确实是邪恶的坏人! ! ! ! !日本绝没有在“甲午战争”中用武力征服这个岛。因为日本人说,这个岛靠近被中国统治了1000多年的台湾,中国人对这个岛一无所知,只有日本人发现了这个岛,像哥伦布在1895年发现美国大陆一样以和平方式接管了。



I smell a rat here. Less than a month ago the Chinese Military conducted humanitarian exercises with our own military in Hawaii. This is the first time something like this has ever happened in history. And within another month we have these tensions ? RED FLAG !

在这里我感到不妙。不到一个月前中国军方和美国军队在夏威夷进行了人道主义军事演习。这是历史上第一次举行这样的活动。在另外的某一月关系会变得紧张吗? 危险!

Obama bows Biden salutes! What with these two? In the past a President or Vice President went on state visits maintaining the dignity of the Office. These two clowns degrade the office and thus make us all look like fools.
Lets just hope "Joe" doesn't try to engage anyone in a meaningful conversation!!!!!

让我们期望“乔”在意义非常的谈话中都不要给任何人承诺! ! ! ! !

The Chinese remember that in 1894-95 Japan attacked China.
In 1972 President Nixon went to China to improve relation with a Communist country during the Cold War. President Nixon met with Premier zhou Enlai and they established plans for a permanent U.S. Trade mission in China.

中国人记住,1894 - 95年日本攻击了中国。


If they value personal trust then our relationship/dealings with China is in big trouble. Because this administration is not only not trustworthy but rules by executive decision.


I don't think Chinese President Xi Jinping liked Biden's slant eye jokes, though Biden laughed out loud in self amusement.


九、Tony :
How could Hussein Obama let Crazy Joe out of the country by himself? I thought his leash would be very short. Perhaps Hussein Obama was afraid Crazy Joe would say something about his POS health care tax.


The entire world is laughing at the United States


It is a tense situation with this nit-wit trying to act like a diplomat. Let's hope they sent someone along with him to tell him how to act and what to say. If he wings it we will be headed for World War III.


How about putting a tariff on all imported goods from mainland China, and then disallowing pregnant Chinese women from having their babies here? A start at least!


十三、Ainyl Waartz:
Joey the Clown is amazingly stupid, liberals. The man is as dumb as an ashtray, and a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Thanks so much...


十四、I know:
Best thing for him to do WAS to keep his mouth shut the entire trip (too late for that early part), but he can still salvage the situation by trying to discipline himself for the rest of the trip.


china just needs to give it a catchy name.,exempt themselves from it and declare that its for the neighbors own good ......make it a law and charge the neighbors 5 times what they were paying and then Obama will accept it with open arms


Biden was there trying to sell the Chinese ObamaCare or Affordable Health Care #$%$. The DEMs could not reach their numbers in the United States due to no one wanting to support Communism, so they are trying to sell it overseas!

在那里拜登试图将奥巴马医改政策或廉价的卫生保健政策出售给中国 $ % $。由于在美国没有人愿意支持共产主义,民主党不可能达到他们需要的数目,所以他们试图出售海外!

十七、Lao Fei:
Bad move with Chinese Joe! All those photos on Japanese visit being flashed around has already lost China trusting you as a person!!!

The better approach would have been to meet with Chinese first over dinner to build your relationship with them before displaying any photos with Japanese. This would have built trust and allowed you to negotiate with China in both directions.

乔,这是与中国之间糟糕的举动!在日本访问的所有照片已经传播中国,这会让中国对你失去信任! ! !


How can a weak nation, that has leadership which is milk toast do anything in the world today. Obama and Biden are like a yoyo, up and down .


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