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Chinaconcerned at Japan holding weapons-grade plutonium


BEIJING(Reuters) - China said on Monday it was "extremely concerned"by a report that Japan has resisted returning to the United States more than300 kg (660 lb) of mostly weapons-grade plutonium, the latest dispute betweenthe two Asian neighbors.Japan's Kyodonews agency said that Washington had pressed Japan to give back the nuclearmaterial which could be used to make up to 50 nuclear bombs.

Japan had resisted,but finally given in to U.S. demands, it added.The materialwas bought for research purposes during the 1960s and the two governments willlikely reach an official agreement on its return at the Nuclear Security Summitat The Hague in March, an official at Japan's Education Ministry said.China isinvolved in a bitter territorial dispute with Japan and has warned Japan istrying to re-arm.

"China believes that Japan, as a signatoryto the Non-Proliferation Treaty, ought to rigorously respect its internationalcommitments to nuclear safety and non-proliferation," Chinese ForeignMinistry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a daily news briefing.

"For a long time, Japan has not returnedthe stored nuclear materials to the relevant country, which has caused concernin the international community. China is of course very concerned."

Japan, the world's only victim of nuclearattacks in the final stages of World War Two, does not have nuclear weapons,unlike China, and it is the government's stance that it will notobtain them.Deterioratingrelations between Beijing and Tokyo have been fuelled by a row over a chain ofuninhabited islands in the East China Sea.

Ships from both countries frequentlyshadow each other around the islets, raising fears of aclash.Ties haveworsened further since China's creation of an air defense identification zoneover the East China Sea and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to thecontroversial Yasukuni Shrine honoring war criminals among Japan's war dead.

(Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Additionalreporting by Linda Sieg and Kiyoshi Takenaka in TOKYO; Editing by Nick Macfie)




A Yah砟! User 21 hours ago 56 75I am tired of revisionisthistory. Japan was a vicious, murdering andraping nation, killing over 20 million Chinese, kidnapping then systematicallyraping hundreds of thousands of teenage Korean girls. They attacked PearlHarbor then proceeded to kill over 250,000 US service personnel

throughoutWWII. Japan was told to surrender by the US, Britain and China in 1943, 1944,February 1945, and July 1945, Each time Japan laughed at the demands andrefused to surrender. Then days before the first atomic bomb was dropped Japanwas told to surrender or "face prompt and utter destruction". Japanrefused. After the first atomic bomb, Japan was again told to surrender or facemassive death and destruction, ":the likes the world hasnever seen".

Japan refused. Before the second atomic bomb wasdropped, the Russians, at the request of the US, joined the war and deployedone million troops against Japan's one million troops in Manchuria, China.Japan was told by the Russians to surrender or the tanks would roll over theirmen all the way to Tokyo. Japan refused to surrender. The US dropped the secondatomic bomb, then told Japan to surrender or else they would face atomic bombsfrom the West and a Russian onslaught from the East.

Japan did not surrender.The emperor of Japan hearing that his troops in Manchuria were being run overby the Russians, told his War Cabinet that he wanted to sue for peace, as longas he remained the Supreme Leader of Japan. The US. the Russians, China andBritain rejected this demand, telling Japan their Surrender must beUnconditional and Japan must accept the Potsdam Declaration, which stated thatJapan would lose all territory except their four main islands. Japan's WarCabinet argued, they did not want to lose the territory they had stolen fromChina and Korea.

The Russians continued their lighting advance. The US preparedto drop an atomic bomb on Tokyo. The emperor, hearing more reports that theRussians were rolling over his one million man Army like bowling pins overruledthe fanatic War Cabinet and issued an Unconditional Surrender, accepting thePotsdam Declaration and losing all territory except their four main islands. Japancould have surrendered a lot sooner.

Their militarism andfanaticism, and their wish to sacrifice the lives of their civilians, causeduntold deaths and destruction. It is Japan's fault millions of their owncitizens died. It is Japan's fault for starting WWII. It is Japan's fault thatatomic bombs were used. It is Japan' fault that the Russians entered the war.MoreExpand Replies (40) Reply





Sam-Os 21 hours ago 61 40Japan has already shown whatthey'll do with power. China has invaded no nationduring their economic rise..MoreExpand Replies (35) Reply


John 1 day ago 44 68Shame on you, brutal China! As non-Chinesepeople of Asia, we support and wish Japan have nuke to balance power in Asia.Why China demands other countries not to be armed with nuke weapon and at thesame time it possesses it and behaves like a bad big guy- China has bullied other smaller ethnic groups and small countries around it.China has sponsored bad regimes the whole world condemned like Khmer Rouge,North Korea...

Look at the ocean line that China claims. It looks like a bigcow tongue and greedily and selfishly breaks the rice bowl of other neighboringnations who rely on ocean for living. We are lucky to have USA as the mostpowerful nation of the world. If China possess the power as the USA does, thewhole world will always be in struggles...Shame on you China!MoreExpand Replies (20) Reply


Edward N 22 hours ago 9 84Japan has the tech to build a bomb prettymuch over night and with all the nuke plants in the country can probably comewith the weapons grade material fairly fast even if they give up what theyhave. Not an idea that China relishes, nor should anyone else. But,that all hinges on a realistic promise of USAretaliation for a Chinese strike on the Japan.Really wonder if we have the backbone for that, or will we go the appeasement route.A question both China and Japan are askingthemselves also about the USA.MoreExpand Replies (18) Reply


John 1 day ago 19 36Who knows, Japan might have already built anuclear bomb from those refined plutonium? As we understand it, Japan has thetechnology and resources to build nuclear bombs in months (if not weeks).Japanese are smart people and they will not put themselves at the mercy ofchina, let alone their "adventurism". At the end of the day,it is good that china knows this issue, so thatthey will think twice before invading Japan, otherwise, they will lost a bigchunk of ther motherland from flying nuclear boms in their air space.MoreExpand Replies (17) Reply


Russ 1 day ago 17 59The Philippines (in their dispute withChina) asked to take the matter before the UNCLOS tribunal (which both partiesare signatory to) but china refused because they know they have no legal claimto sovereign territories inside the EEZ of other nations. Instead they say theywant to solve the disputes diplomatically and unilaterally when thetime is right. In the mean time they send ships and troops to thedisputed areas while accusing other nations of escalating tensions in the area.

They pressured Cambodia (who was the host of the ASEAN summit) to not allowanyone to even talk about the biggest threat to security in the region. Theywent as far as turning off the microphone when it was the turn of thePhilippines to speak. The Philippines even offered a jointexploration agreement to share with china all they found, but thisoffer was never acknowledged. The Chinese intend to divide and conquer in theold communist style,and do not intend to negotiate until they have troopsoccupying all the islands in question.MoreExpand Replies (17) Reply


Matthew 1 day ago 16 38Japan does not have amilitary because, partly, we have restricted them from having one, andJapan does not want to become militaristic regime it was in WWII that committedacts such as the Rape of Nanking, though this is rapidly changing because theyknow they will NEED to be able to defend themselves and they might not alwaysbe able to rely on the US, and frankly speaking China in a way is perfectlyjustified in hating Japan, I mean if the US was invaded, hundreds of thousandswhere killed in acts of mass murder, would we really be preparedto forgive after only 60-70 years? It really is a pity, but a lot of us forgetthat the shadow of history is a long one and that the actions of today are allrooted in the actions of yesterday and the Second World War left a very longshadow and it is not the only shadow nor is it the oldest of them.MoreExpand Replies (14) Reply



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