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Vietnamdancing between US alliance andChinese brotherhood
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The last couple of years have witnessed growinganimosity between China and the Philippines, while China'srelations withVietnam, another major claimant to the South China Sea islands, remain relatively peaceful. Tensions between China and Vietnamhave not escalated, and Vietnamhas not shown much eagerness to draw close to the US. However, Vietnam still plays a significant role in thegame between China and the US.


In fact, considering the structure and complexityof the contradictions between Chinaand Vietnam, the two mightface an even graver situation than that between China and the Philippines.


Among all the claimants, Vietnam claims the widest territory, almost theentire South China Sea. But Vietnam haslong been wary of its northern neighbor. Historically, Vietnam was a vassal state of China for amillennium. In addition to this, the 1979 war with Chinastill sticks in Vietnam'scraw.


After the rapprochement between Vietnam and the US in 1995, their relationship ison the rise. Although the Vietnam War was calamitous for the nation, it seemsthat Vietnamdoes not bear a grudge against its former opponent.


Geopolitical considerations prevail over thepain of war. Located relatively far from Vietnam,Washington neither has aterritorial dispute nor poses an imminent threat to the country's interests.


Washington's Vietnampolicy has almost gained bipartisan support. Since 1995, two US presidents, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush,have paid visits to Vietnam.And regardless of who is in the White House, Vietnamese leaders are welcomed ashonored guests.


In 2010, then USsecretary of state Hillary Clinton declared in Hanoithat the US has a "national interest" in theSouth China Sea. And both countries signed anunprecedented US-Vietnam Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreementin October 2013. Their bilateral relationship, as these events show, is in asteady process of development.


But it seems Vietnamwill not be tamed as the Philippineshas been. Compared with the US,Vietnam is also moredependent on Chinain terms of economic development. Although the UShas become Vietnam's biggestexport market, China remainsVietnam'sbiggest import market. Without China,Vietnam'seconomy may suffer major blows.


And there is anunbreakable barrier between the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam andWashington - a divergence in political regime and ideology.


Although the US is always a realist whoseactions are based on its national interests, it never loses its innateenthusiasm for promoting Western democracy and advocating Western values suchas human rights and freedom. These actions would jeopardize the governance of Vietnam'sruling party.


This dilemma between Hanoi and Washington will probably turn into a long-standing issue.


Vietnam's ruling party will hold on to its ruling positionbecause of its success in developing the national economy. But meanwhile,subjects such as democracy and human rights will not be wiped off Washington's diplomaticagenda. The game will last a long time.


It is this dilemma that will urge Vietnam to reexamine its relationship with China and see Beijing as a valuable friend. Both are now ina similar situation, where they face the same challenges imposed by the US-ledWest.


These elements will turn Vietnam into a "two-faced" nation.It embraces the USwhen it encounters territorial disputes and geopolitical games with itsneighbors. But it will give Washingtonthe cold shoulder when the issues of political regime and ideology gain theupper hand. Its attitude toward Chinawill be the reverse.


In the long term, Vietnam's foreign policy will bemade under the cover of this "two-faced" approach. It will neitherpledge allegiance to Washington as an ally,nor will it constantly maintain a "brotherhood" with China.


I was in Hanoiin December to taste the great food of Vietnam again and visit oldfriends. From my observations the Vietnamese will always be the two facedVietnamese as pictured in this article. But they are pragmatic, they will play China to the hilt, and extort as much money fromthe USas they can. Vietnamese are natural born swindlers and I say that in the nicestway I can. But in the end...Vietnam borders China and neighbours will always havefirst preference than some decaying nation in the Atlantic!....Moreover thesentiments of my friends in high places in Hanoi remain the same...Americanscannot be trusted not to try to overthrown the hybrid communist system inVietnam, (if they befriend the American snakes to much) and they are absolutelyright!


Tran Hai
what a stupid comment topoicats has! it reflects anabsulute ignorance of history and a distorrted view by one of the most shamefulcommie. If anything, the vietnamese are too straight of a player in politics,unlike the swindling, two-faced, prostitute-like of the Cihinese.


The only disingenuous and stupid commenthere is yours!
Incidentally I do not pay attention to silly slogans such as your,
Since when have the Vietnamese ever been considered straightplayers? I guess to put that theory to the test, youneed only know Vietnamese history (you are ignorant of your own historyobviously). In respect to the Kissinger/ LeducTho- Paris Peace Accords.
You will note how the Vietnamese used its commensurate skill in swindling toswindle the Americans into a complete military and diplomatic defeat!
Hey Stupid Tran...the Vietnamese sure played straight with the Americans on theParis Peace Accords, er what straight ???

LMAO 这里最不坦诚和愚蠢的评论就是你的!另外我没有耐心和一个像你这样没头脑的人理论。越南人什么时候被认为是一个坦率的国家。你只需知道你们“自己写的”的历史来应付你们的“自己出的”的历史测试卷。(事实上你对你们自己的历史完全不了解)按照尊敬的基辛格/巴黎和平协定,你就会知道越南人如何使用它们对等的咋骗,使美国进入一个军事和外交的溃败。在巴黎和平协定上,越南人是如何对美国坦率的?真让我笑掉大牙。

Viet Nams hatred runs deep after china killedits people to steal the Spratlys we all can see whothe snakes are.


Fre Okin
hey chimp just join the vietcong and do something about china then!


Russia has given up its claims to thosesmall islands in the Pacific which they once claimed along with Japan.In return, Japan isestablishing a commercial relationship with Russia beginning with an oilpipeline for Japanese industry. Next is the non-aggression pact between the twocountries. Then is the mutual defense treaty, all of which are now in theprocess of being smoothed out in smoke-filledconsulates.

We know that China intends to invadePrimorye within thenext few years. We also know that part of their strategy is to have North Koreastage an invasion of the south, fully backed by Chinese soldiers, so thatAmerican forces will be caught in a holding action on the Korean peninsula. Unableto assist the Russians in holding back the Chinese hordes from invadingPrimorye and seizing Vladivostok,the Russians will lose access to the Pacific, as well as a treasure of naturalresources. China has a masterplan to tie downAmerican forces in the Korean



Fre Okin
There goes another foolish playback of old history. China have in mind reviving the Silk Road, NOT whatyou wildly imagine!


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