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In rare show of goodwill, China thanks Japanfor plane search aid


BEIJING (Reuters) - China extended a raregesture of goodwill towards Japan on Wednesday, offering thanks - albeitindirectly - for an offer of help to look for a Malaysia Airlines aircraftwhich when missing on a flight to Beijing over the weekend.


China's ties with Japan have long beenpoisoned by what China sees as Japan's failure to atone for its occupation ofparts of China before and during World War Two.


Beijing's anger over the past is never farfrom the surface, and relations have deteriorated sharply over the past 18 orso months because of a bitter dispute over a chain of uninhabited islands inthe East China Sea.


Japan announced officially on Wednesdaythat it would send four military planes to help in the search for the missingMalaysia Airlines plane.


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gangsaid he was aware of the news, though did not know if Japanese forces hadalready set off


"I believe that in the face of such anincident, the international community, whether Malaysia, China or neighboringcountries, have a shared concern," Qin told a daily news briefing.


"If other countries can, and arewilling, to send ships to participate in search work, we welcome it and expressour thanks."


"There is an urgent need for help assoon as possible. So we hope to use the large amount of experience that theJapanese Self Defence Forces have in search operations to do everything we canto search for this plane," Japanese Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera saidat a meeting to officially dispatch the planes to Malaysia.


Japan's Defence Ministry on Tuesday sent anadvance team of four Self Defence Forces members to see what could to done tohelp in the investigation of fate of Flight MH370, which vanished on Saturdaywith 239 people on board.


Japan added it would send at least oneC-130 transport on Wednesday and another three planes were scheduled to leavesoon, including two P3Csurveillance planes.


Cody 6 hours ago 1 54
People will always help. It is politiciansthat get in the way of that. More Reply


Stelio Kontos 4 hours ago 0 14
It's hard to imagine how a whole plane candisappear like that in this day and age. More Collapse Replies (3) Reply


Siberian Cyber Attack 50 minutes ago 0 0
It's not as if aviation is extremelyperfect but the sad thing is the best technology goes to the military first More


J 36 minutes ago 0 0
Do we have a new Bermuda Traiangle on ourhand? More


Boltarama 8 hours ago 0 17
As sad as this story can turn out. It'sreally an incredible story to follow! More Reply


jessi 1 hour ago 0 8
this is the way it should be. how come wecant get along and work out our diffrences? why does it always take acatastrophic event for us to get along and serve one purpose to live in peace?god bless all the countries who are supporting the search of the missing jet.other countries should support as well. God bless the passengers and crew of thisplane and by some miracle the plane and passengers are safe More Expand Replies (1) Reply


Crazee Frogz 8 hours ago 3 101
China and Japan are both stronger whenthere is cooperation. More Collapse Replies (11) Reply


KJ 8 hours ago 4 2
Hopefully they never unite against theUSA-it would be disaster. More


Pascual 8 hours ago 1 6
Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere.This time spearheaded by China. More


Victor Leung 6 hours ago 1 3
One positive outcome of this incident isthat it has demonstrated the value of respective cooperation for the bettermentof mankind. It is much better to join force as WE than to draw lines toseparate as YOU vs I. The current international dispute could be resolved the samecooperative, trusting and respectful manner. It's not just China and Japan, butthe entire world can become stronger when there is cooperation, that we focusour common and not our differences. More


Andy 5 hours ago 0 1
I and my wife are both stronger when thereis cooperation.. More


Kamp 4 hours ago 5 1
China has the chance to relinquish itsclaim on the Senkau Islands and improve relations with Japan. Japan has thechance to relinquish its claims on Dokdo Island and improve relations withKorea. Both China and Japan have the chance to improve relations with eachother and Korea.
Each one should make use of thisopportunity while it is still here. More


Jacob 1 hour ago 1 0
Perhaps different people's have differentviews on the importance of territorial integrity, kamp? It's like the Malvinasthat England calls the Falklands. It's not a matter of the islands or eventheir name or the resources that come with that. To the Argentine people it isa matter of historic integrity. You give away other people's land tooliberally. Only certain people on earth will understand what I am saying. More


CJ 35 minutes ago 0 2
Everyone want to help when disasterstrikes, and Japan is no different. More Reply


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