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US hits 'provocative' China move on Philippineships


Washington (AFP) - The United States on Wednesday accused China ofraising tensions by blocking two Philippines vessels as it urged freedom ofnavigation in the tense South China Sea.The United States, a treaty-bound ally ofManila, said it was "troubled" by Sunday's incident in whichChina prevented movement of two ships contracted by the Philippine navy todeliver supplies and troops to the disputed Second Thomas Shoal.

华盛顿(法新社)-美国周三指责中国拦阻两艘菲律宾补给船通而引发紧张态势, 并敦促在此时势下南中国海的航行自由。美国,马尼拉的协防盟友,称,周日的事件令人“不安”,因为中国阻止菲律宾海军两艘补给船靠近有争议的仁爱礁输送物资和人员。

(SecondThomas Shoal 仁爱礁 西方称之为第二托马斯礁)

Graphic on contested claims in theSouth China Sea (AFP Photo/Adrian Leung)


"This is a provocative move that raises tensions. Pendingresolution of competing claims in the South China Sea, there should be nointerference with the efforts of claimants to maintain the status quo,"State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.The Philippines on Tuesday summoned China's charge d'affaires,accusing Beijing of a "clear and urgent threat" to Manila'sinterests. Beijing countered that the ships "infringed China's territorialsovereignty" and violated a 2002 declaration of conduct in the South ChinaSea.


The United States rejected China's stance, saying that countrieshad the right to "regular resupply and rotation of personnel" tolocations before the 2002 declaration.The Second Thomas Shoal, which sits around 200 kilometers (125miles) from the western Philippine island of Palawan, is claimed by thePhilippines, China and Taiwan. Beijing calls it Ren'ai Reef.Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam claim other parts of the Spratlyislands, which lie near vital sea lanes and rich fishing grounds and are alsobelieve to sit on vast mineral resources.


The United States, while saying it takes no position on thesovereignty of disputed territories, has been increasingly robust in itscriticism of China. Last month, the United States challenged the legal basisfor China's claims over a vast area across the South China Sea.The United States has been seeking to prevent China from takingmore drastic action in the South China Sea. In November, China declared an AirDefense Identification Zone -- requiring planes to report to Beijing -- over avast area in the East China Sea where it has a separate but intense feud overJapanese-administered islands.Japan and the Philippines have accused China of making growingincursions to challenge their control over territories. US President BarackObama will visit both Japan and the Philippines next month.


kendellmd 14 hours ago76 48the
US Government has invaded 70+ nations since 1776 。



USA/Canada Brothers In Arms 4 hoursago 9 53
People don't understand China. They will keep doing what they wantto do. You can't control a 2 year old unless you physically prevent him fromdoing what he wants to do. They have shown this pattern in their entirehistory. From Nixon through Clinton through Bush and Obama, the Chinese ALWAYSdo what they want. They have NEVER heeded a single request by the AmericanGovernment, from copyright complaints to the South China Sea complaints. Why isthis so difficult for American politicians to understand? THEY WILL NOT LISTENTO A SINGLE WORD YOU SAY TO THEM UNLESS YOU BACK IT WITH FORCE. I challenge oneperson on here to say when exactly the Chinese have listened to any requestthat USA has made in the last 30 years.More Expand Replies (23) Reply


David B 21 hours ago 42 39
And here we see the usual double standard that has invalidatedwhat little "authority" was included in the role of a SELF-APPOINTED"policeman". While the US is quick to declare that China is being"provocative" for blocking these ships, there is no mention of thefact that trying to build on disputed territory is also"provocative". Furthering this ideology of SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT ofarbitrary rules is the idea that the USA has firmly stood behind similaractions by the Japanese in the East China Sea. There, the Japanese military has blocked any approach to disputed territory -not just by the Chinese, but by the Taiwanese as well.More Expand Replies (19) Reply


Van 19 hours ago 41 32
China and Russia is the same syndrome of sickness.I don't know why these 2 evils country still alive in this world. How come GODdoesn't punish them....
American citizen watchout for those give really bad comments in here. They gothire by China and Russia. Each comments they gave their received 50 cents foreach. These are an evil too.More Expand Replies (16) Reply


Margarett 11 hours ago 5 26
This 'situation' and in this area - where the Malaysian air lineris missing comes at auspicious time. On one hand all these countries arepeacefully searching for a lost air liner and on the other, in the same generalarea, there is a dispute over freedom of the seas. China released today, controversialsatellite pictures of what may or may not be wreckage in the water which withall the search activity in the area should have been found by either air planesor surface ships. It tends to make one question just what is going on in thatarea, what happened to that air liner and who really knows where it is or whathappened to it.More Expand Replies (15) Reply



Jake J 5 hours ago 8 68
This is really funny. China has played us for suckers for years.Free trade...yep china got trillions of our money we lost millions of good jobstheCEO's got filthy rich off thebacks of slave labor in china. The result is we built our worstenemy China into a super power. Russia and china are trying to break useconomically and they have. We wasted trillions a year in the mid east whilechina and russia supplied the "terrorist" I wonder how American CEO'swill feel when they nationalize all the factories that were built in China.Expand Replies (14) Reply



reader 11 hours ago 23 21
Never trust a chinese, even here in the US,.More Expand Replies (12) Reply


John W 19 hours ago 20 29
blah blah forever, war already! let take out all China navy andair force now before they get to strong.More Expand Replies (12) Reply


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