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Admiral Samuel Locklear III,commander of US Pacific Command, delivers remarks during a press conference atthe Pentagon, January 23, 2014 (AFP Photo/Jim Watson)


Washington (AFP) - China for the first timewill likely have subs equipped with long-range nuclear missiles later thisyear, part of an increasingly potent submarine fleet, a top US officer saidTuesday,The head of US Pacific Command, Admiral Samuel Locklear, said the latestclass of Chinese subs would be armed with a new ballistic missile with anestimated range of 4,000 nautical miles (7,500 kilometers)."This will give China its first crediblesea-based nuclear deterrent, probably before the end of 2014," Lockleartold the Senate Armed Services Committee.Locklear was referring to the production of China'sJIN-class nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine and the new JL-2 missileon board the vessel."China’s advance in submarine capabilitiesis significant. Theypossess a large and increasingly capable submarine force," the admiralsaid.In October, Chinese state media for the firsttime showed images of the country's nuclear-powered submarines, touting it as a"credible second-strike nuclear capability."Locklear said China's submarine modernizationeffort was impressive."I think they'll have in the next decadeor so a fairly well modernized force of probably 60 to 70 submarines which is alot of submarines for a regional power," he said.China now has five nuclear attack submarines,four nuclear ballistic missile submarines, and 53 diesel attack submarines,according to Jess Karotkin of the Office of Naval Intelligence.China's production of submarines has moved at aquick annual pace. Between 1995 and 2012, Beijing produced 2.9 submarines ayear, according to the Congressional Research Service.Locklear, repeating the Pentagon's view ofChina's military profile, said Beijing is investing in new weapons and navalpower in part "to deny US access to the Western Pacific during a time ofcrisis or conflict and to provide the means by which China can bolster itsbroad maritime claims in the region."He added that Chinese military operations were "expanding in size,complexity, duration and geographic location."


 美国太平洋司令部,海军上将塞缪尔洛克利尔说,中国潜艇将装备一种新型的弹道导弹,预计射程(约)4000海里(7500公里)“这将首次给中国提供一个可靠的海基核威慑力量,很可能在2014年底之前(部署)” 洛克利尔对参议院军事委员会说道。 

 洛克利尔指的是建造的中国的晋级弹道导弹核潜艇将装备JL-2导弹。 “中国的潜艇战力进步显著。他们拥有庞大的和日趋强大的潜艇部队“这位海军上将说。

(去年)十月,中国国有媒体首次展示了这个国家的核潜艇,并吹捧说它具有“二次核打击能力洛克利尔说中国对潜艇现代化的努力令人印象深刻 . “我认为他们将在未来十年,将拥有一支可能有60至70艘的现代化程度颇高的潜艇部队,对一个地区大国来说,规模已经很大了 “。 

据杰斯卡罗特金海军情报办公室(提供),中国现在拥有5艘核攻击潜艇,4艘核弹道导弹潜艇,以及53艘柴电攻击潜艇, 中国潜艇建造速度逐年增长,据国会研究所称,在1995年-2012年期间北京年均建造2.9艘潜艇。



Tank 21 hours ago23 37
Obama is making sure that Iran hasnukes too.


Mark 20 hours ago 4 23
America's debtinterest is enough to finance China's entire military every year. Obama sellinghis country out again! Ditch these losers America !!!


Julio Pezuka 20 hours ago 7 10
Thank theClintons for any tech the Chinese now have.


OO 20 hours ago 10 20
And anotheramazing foreign policy result from Obama! The hits just keep on coming!


Charlie 19 hours ago 1 6
China willhave modern nuclear attack submarines but OweBama will have a better golfswing......


RANDY 19 hours ago 6 18
After recent events in Crimea, do you think that China will justgo take back Taiwan whenever they feel like it?


geezwhiz 16 hours ago 2 3
Randy, Mao'sdays were long over. Now China is more capitalistic than the US...

(回楼上)兰迪,毛时代早结束了. 现在的中国比美国更资本主义…

whatisgoingon 19 hours ago 5 21
I heard theybought J.P. Morgan high rise in Manhattan. The U.S is selling them oil and gasrites. They are being sold land. We owe them 1.4 trillion and the borrower is aslave to the lender. Why would they fire a single nuke at us. They already aregetting all of our coal, since Obama has shut down 500 coal plants. They have bought up the number one distributorship of ham. If theyjust wait we will just turn everything over to them.


Grizzled1Two 19 hours ago 2 6
China operatesthe Panama Canal, they have growing interests in Africa and S. America, theyown a huge stake of US's debt, yet we still call them a "regional"power.


Balin 18 hours ago 2 3
As long asthey're used against New York, California, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago,Atlanta, D.C., Miami, Houston and Denver, then I do not care.


nancyh 18 hours ago 0 0
"...probably 60 to 70 submarines which is a lot of submarines for a regionalpower," Admiral Locklear said.
Regional Power just like Russia, with GLOBAL ASPIRATIONS.



Lighthouse 18 hours ago 11 3
Russia andChina are the biggest problem for the US and the world right now. Think aboutthis, they have more weapons and military men, 200 millions men in military and500 billions weapons or more to wipe out the world 1000 times over.
China continue does as they normally does, invades and bully the small nationsand tribes. Just look at the size of Russia and China. The lands they calledtheirs were stolen from some small and weak nations and tribes. Now Russiainvades in Europe, China invades in the South sea. If China can call thePhilippines' land theirs, then China will call Vietnam, Japan,Korea............... even Australia theirs too.
They believe in communism, but communism come from Freemasonry. Freemasonry iscreate by SATAN. Satan gave power and riches to Zionist-Jews. They recruitedthe politicians, lawyers, doctors, all powerful people promises them more moneyand power as long as they keep the society's plan secret. There you go. We areunder diabolic attacked using human body to kill each others.


John 18 hours ago 0 5
And Obama hasjust terminated two missile programs utilized by the Navy; Hellfire and Tomahawk.Taiwan goes bye bye this year.


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