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No Survivors'Triggers Grief and Rage From Malaysia Airlines Families


"no survivors"triggered an explosion of grief and rage today in a Beijing hotel conferenceroom filled with families of passengers aboard the MalaysiaAirlinesflight 370 who have been waiting 17 days for a sign theirloved ones were alive.The more than 100 families stoppedlistening to the televised news conference when the Malaysian prime ministersaid those two words. Screams and yelling erupted. Men smashed chairs andyelled, "Lies, lies."Several women fainted and medics quicklyattended to them, taking them away on stretchers."They killed everyone tocover it up," one sobbing woman wailed. "My childrendidn't die. They must have been hidden somewhere. How can I trust thisgovernment?"

As the families spilled out of theconference room in the Lido Hotel, several lashed outthe media waiting for them, slapping at cameras and microphones."Tell the world it is not true,it's wrong," one woman pleaded.The Malaysian prime minister told theworld today that flight MH370 is believed to have plunged into a remote part ofthe Indian Ocean. His comments left those in the Lido devastated.One woman was hunched over on astretcher wailing as a medic rubbed her back and asked her to try to calm down.A Chinese woman told ABC News that sheand her husband got emails in English that they could not expect any survivors.At the Hotel Bangi Putrajaya in KualaLumpur, Malaysia, where the doomed flight originated, a one family emerged froma meeting with officials walking hand in hand and crying. Another group couldbe heard crying loudly from inside the hotel room.Others were clearly distraught. Onecrying woman hit the wall and yelled something which could not be understood.A woman who identifiedherself as a relative of the plane's pilot, but asked to remain anonymous, told ABCNews, "We are sad. We are managing well because of our faith. We areprepared for the worst and are hoping for a miracle."Jacqui Gomes, the wife of the plane'schief steward Patrick Gomes, tearfully told ABC News that a Malaysia Airlinesrepresentative showed up at her house today, where media cameras were parkedoutside, to tell her the news.SaraBajc, the girlfriend of Philip Wood,an IBM executive who was on board the plane, shared the message she said shereceived from Malaysia Airlines."Malaysia Airlines deeply regretsthat we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370has been lost and that none of those on board survived," it said. "Asyou will hear in the next hour from Malaysia's Prime Minister, we must nowaccept all evidence suggests the plane went down in the Southern Indian Ocean."Shortly after Bajc asid she received themessage, MalaysianPrime Minister Najib Razakheld a news conference where he said new satellite datarevealed that missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 "ended" in thesouth Indian Ocean."This is a remote location, farfrom any possible landing sites. It is therefore with deep sadness and regretthat I must inform you that, according to this new data, flight MH370 ended inthe southern Indian Ocean," Razak said.The jet vanished on March 8 with 239people on board after it took off from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing.


当马来西亚总理在电视新闻发布会时念到这几个词时,这100多名家属无法接受,他们迸发出尖叫与呼号,人们摔碎椅子并喊道“撒谎”“撒谎“其中几位女士晕倒了,医护人员迅速进行处理并用担架把他们抬走。“为了掩盖事实,他们害了每个人“一位哭泣的女士哀嚎道。” 我的孩子还没死。他们一定被藏在某个地方。我怎么能相信这个政府?“

当家属走出丽都饭店的会客室,等待他们的是那几家受过怒斥的媒体,有些生气的放下摄像机话筒。“告诉世界那不是真的,根本不是那样的“一位女士恳求道。马来西亚总理告诉[今日世界] ,mh370航班相信已坠毁在印度洋的一个偏远区域,他的评述让守候在丽都的家属崩溃了马拉西亚吉隆坡酒店万宜布城, 失事飞机始发地,一名家属遇到了会议中出现的官员然后挽着他的手边走边哭。还听到从酒店内房间里传出另一群家属的哭声。

其他人显然心烦意乱,一名女士哭着捶着墙,含糊不清的哀号着什么。一名与机组成员有关的女士被认出来,但她要求隐去他的姓名,它对ABC新闻 说,“我们已完成了我们的使命,我们已准备好做最坏的打算并祈望奇迹“杰奎戈麦斯,机上乘务长帕特里克戈麦斯的妻子,流着眼泪对ABC新闻说,今天,一位马来西亚航空公司的代表出现在她家里,摄像机就架在门外,告诉了他这个消息。

失事飞机上的菲利普伍德,一名IBM高管,他的女友,Sara Bajc,说她也从收到了从马来西亚航空公司发来的这个短信。“马来西亚航空公司深感遗憾,我们必须假设排除合理怀疑, MH370已经失事,机上无人生还”短信写道。“接下来的时间里你将会听到马拉西亚总理的讲话,目前我们必须接受现实,所有的证据都表明,那架飞机已坠入南印度洋”。

不久,bajc说她收到消息,马来西亚总理纳吉布·敦·拉扎克举行新闻发布会,他说新的卫星数据显示,失踪的马来西亚航空公司的370航班 “终结”在南印度洋“这是个偏僻的地方,远离任何可能的着陆点, 因此,带着深深的悲伤和遗憾,我必须告诉你,根据这一新的数据, 起飞的mh370已终结在南印度洋” 拉扎克说道


annon 16 hours ago
This picture is so sad! I know newsstations have to report on this but why do they have to post these pictures...these families are grieving! We shouldnt take ppls pain from tragedy's and postfor the world to see. I wouldnt want my face and pain plastered forall to see!


Nihilism Silverbird09 7 hours ago
Post-modern, we embrace you! :P

(回楼上)非主流,让我安慰你一下吧! :P

FairySac JamesBizzo 15 hours ago
The families were about to chase down downthe PM and riot because they were being strung along for weeks. Malaysia had nochoice but to give the families a definitive answer even though there is stillno proof in what happened. If they are found alive, they can then claim it amiracle.


fel121 JamesBizzo 7 hours ago
What would you have them do, string thesepeople along forever?
Thereis a very real possibility we may never know for sure what happenedto this plane


Beo JamesBizzo 13 hours ago
Actually, thanks to the marine basedsatellites it is now certain that the plane was over the Indian Ocean in aremote location where there is no chance that it could have landed safely.


johmill Beo 11 hours ago
Wow, you've got news no one else does, atleast not publicly. Why don't you share your source with us so we can all knowthe truth.


fel121 johmill 7 hours ago
It has been all over the BBC, CNN, AlJeezera, et. al., sorry you missed it but he is correct.

(回楼上)消息都在,BBC,CNN, Al Jeezera(半岛电视台)等等播过了,你没看到不等于你是对的

MindofGod Beo 9 hours ago
They were French satellites, not American.


caligirl 15 hours ago
my heart hurts for these people. wishingthem strength and love for the difficult journey ahead.


BreeZee caligirl 15 hours ago
Well said. My wishes as well that they findstrength and peace.


SherrySmith 15 hours ago
So very very sorry for these folks. What ahorrible experience they've been dragged through. I can't even really imagine.


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