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China shows off new aircraft carrier toUS defence chief
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US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (L)speaks at the Japanese Ministry of Defense headquarters in Tokyo on April 6,2014 (AFP Photo/Alex Wong)

2014年4月6日在日本东京国防总部,美国国防部长查克黑格尔(左)在发表讲话,(法新社照片/Alex Wong)

Tokyo (AFP) - China will show off its newaircraft carrier to US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel on Monday, allowing thePentagon chief a first-hand look at a symbol of the country's growing militaryprowess.Hagel will kick off a three-day tour ofChina with a visit to the carrier at Yuchi naval base in Qingdao, the firstforeigner allowed aboard the vessel by the often secretive Chinese People'sLiberation Army (PLA), officials said.The carrier visit was"significant" as Washington has tried to forge a dialogue withChina's top brass to defuse tensions and prodded Beijing to be more open aboutits military, said a senior US defence official."We requested this and theyagreed," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.The carrier, the Liaoning, "symbolises for the PLA their ambition to project naval power,"the official said.

东京(法新社)-中国将在周一向美国国防部长查克黑格尔展示其新的航空母舰,(目的是)让五角大楼的“一把手”亲眼看看该国军事实力增长的标志。黑格尔将对中国的航母所在的青岛尉迟海军基地,开始一个为期三天的参观访问。(他)是首位被允许登上处处充满神秘色彩的中国军舰船的外国人,一位官员说,由于华盛顿为了与中国高层缓解紧张气氛,同时敦促北京对其军事更开放,而致力于建立一个对话渠道,因此访问航母具有“重要意义““这是我们的请求,而且他们也同意了“这位不愿透漏姓名的官员说。这艘航母,名为辽宁号, 象征着中国海军远大志向“这位官员说

The Liaoning was a Soviet-made warshipbased in Ukraine that the Chinese bought and refitted, completing the work inSeptember 2012 in a symbolic milestone for the country's expanding military.China also reportedly has startedconstructing the second of four planned aircraft carriers, amid plans to beginoperating an air wing of about 30 planes off the Liaoningas early as next year.Unlike American aircraft carriers, theLiaoning is not nuclear-powered and has a shorter range, and it has no catapultsystem for launching aircraft but merely an inclined ramp.The Liaoning nevertheless reinforces theimage of China as a military power with global reach and could be used inconfrontations with smaller countries that have territorial disputes withBeijing, analysts say.The carrier also coincides with majorinvestments in submarines, anti-ship missiles and other hardware designed tobolster China's naval clout in an area once solely dominated by the Americanfleet.

辽宁号是前苏联在乌克兰建造的航母,中国将其购买并改装,于2012年九月结束改造, 并成为该国军事发展的一个象征性里程碑据报道,中国计划建造4艘,现已开始建造第二艘航母。最迟在明年(2015年),届时将在辽宁号上部署一个30架战机的飞行联队。不像美国航母,辽宁号不是核动力航母而且跑道较短,还没有飞机弹射装置,仅有一个(助飞)斜坡。辽宁号不过是强化了中国作为一个全球性的军事力量的形象而已,它被用于对抗那些与北京有领土争端的小国家,分析家们说。此航母与潜艇、反舰导弹以及其他类型的武器装备上的投入同等重要,都是为了支撑中国海军在某时某地(有能力)突破美舰队封锁。

- 'Great responsibilities' – 责任重大

Before travelling to China, Hagel warnedBeijing against unilateral action to resolve territorial disagreements with itssmaller neighbours, drawing a parallel with Russia's incursion in Ukraine."You cannot go around and redefineboundaries, violate territorial integrity and sovereignty of nations by force,coercion and intimidation -- whether it's in small islands in the Pacific, orlarge nations in Europe," Hagel said on Sunday during a visit to Tokyo."So I want to talk to our Chinesefriends about this."He said he would talk to the Chinese about"respect for their neighbours" and that as "a great power,"China has "great responsibilities."His blunt comments underscored a tougherline in recent months by the US government on China's approach to territorialclaims in the South China Sea and the East China Sea, after some SoutheastAsian countries accused Beijing of intimidatory tactics.



While in Tokyo, Hagel promised to send twomore missile defence ships to Japan and reaffirmed Washington's military treatycommitments, seeking to reassure its longtime ally as Tokyo grapples with atense dispute with Beijing over islands in the East China Sea.The US ships would join five Aegis missiledefence vessels already stationed in the area, and were part of an Americanstrategic "rebalance" to the Asia-Pacific, officials said.Hagel's announcement follows thedeployment of a second early warning US radar to Japan, P-8 maritimesurveillance aircraft and plans to bring unmanned Global Hawk drones to thecountry.Although Hagel said the US warships werebeing sent to help counter the threat posed by North Korea, the move alsocarried symbolic weight amid Japan's tense stand-off with China over the EastChina Sea.Tokyo scrambled military aircraft lastmonth after three Chinese planes flew near Japanese airspace, the latestconfrontation in the dispute.



jing wu 2 hours ago36 16
American will besurprise how advance Chinese missles are, 20% better than USA. in the nearfuture, China will be 100% better, poor american losers!


Oxnard 3 hours ago 7 39
It takes a LOTmore than one carrier to make an effective carrier battle group. And the lasttime I had checked they haven't even launched or retrieved their first aircraftASSUMING they have any carrier capable planes.
They are also going to need 2 or 3 CG (guided missile cruisers) or DDG's (guidedmissile destroyers and throw in 2 or 3 fast attack subs fur yucks. Addto that a support and training system for the required personnel and especiallynaval aviators then MAYBE you got something. Until then it's just a big bargewith a flat top.
Oh, and sooner or later there's gonna be an 'incident' (crash on the flightdeck, fire in the ship etc) and then and only then will it be a true test ofit's 'battle worthiness'. Damage control (or lack thereof) was what sent many aJapanese ship to the bottom in WW2, and that lesson is as relevant today as itwas then.


The Man fromG.O.R.I.O 3 hours ago 29 29
What was Chinathinking ? Drone tech has made aircraft carriers obsolete. Onekamikaze drone can sink billions of yuan to the bottom of the ocean.


Ban GayhooEmployees 3 hours ago 23 88
China is gettingstronger while America invests in Rap Music, Everything Gay, Kardashians,LGBT-XYZ.


Martin 2 hours ago 6 12What is thepoint of showing it, if the findings shows that it is not thateffective in a major war situation.
- Fact:The Survivability of the Liaoning is a full scale war with the USA is 3 hours
- Fact:The time table it takes to launch a fighter plane on the Liaoning is 25 - 30minutes in between take off.
The USS Gerald Ford (which is the cutting edge of Aircraft Carrier) can launch1 fighter per every 6 minutes.....


Real 3 hours ago 16 21
China is lightyears behind the US in military technology, so nothing to worry about.


truth 2 hours ago 3 13
I am a retiredmilitary officer and all my life I thought that defensewas spelled defense. Can somebody tell me when the liberal media decided tochange the spelling to defence and why?


joelee 3 hours ago 12 15
I wounldn'tworry too much about China's military. China had perfected at making a productlooks really good on the outside but how well or does the product can performis way behide many counties. Can anyone name a China made product that issuperior than everyone else? Well Chinese food don't count and I have to admitno one can make Chinese food better than the chinese.

我根本不担心中国的军力。中国产品做的很完美看起来真不错,但都好在表面上而且这种产品做工方式比许多国家都落后。谁能说出一个比别的国家好的中国造的产品么? 当然中国美食不算,而且我不得不承认,没有人做的美食能比中国人做的好吃

Jay Moore 2 hours ago 2 0
iPad, it's madein China, if you know your tablets,it's better than all the others. Not hating on Android, just stating the facts.

(回楼上) IPAD中国造,要是你对你手里的平板电脑有了解的话。它比别人做的强多了。别再对安卓怨念啦。实话实说。

Eric1 2 hours ago 7 15
The Chinesecarrier 'Liaoning' is a piece of old Soviet krap, goodenough as 'training ship,' but not much more than that, and to date, they havenot been able to get a plane to fly off and then land on it. But that said, Iam sure they will soon LEARN, and it is the 'follow-on' carriers that are ofmore interest. Speaking of old Soviet krap that has been turned into somethinguseful, the Indian Navy got a real bargain with the old 'AdmiralGoshkov.' They had to almost completelyrebuild it, but by all accounts, it's a real beauty now, called the 'INSVikramadtiya.!

中国航母辽宁号只是前苏联航母的半成品,作为“训练舰“刚够好,除此之外别无它用,到目前为止,他们还没能在它上面起飞或降落一架飞机。但话说回来,我确信他们很快会学会的,让人更感兴趣的是”随后衍生出“的航母。说起这艘前苏联航母已变成有用的东西,印度海军有个更实在的交易,前'Admiral Goshkov.'号。他们几乎快把它重建完毕,无论怎么说都不为过,它是目前最漂亮的,它被称为“维克拉姆帝亚国王号”。

Bear 2 hours ago 9 12
Thank you MittRomney and all the other vulture capitalists who have outsourced our jobs toChina for their own personal gains. You guys are just brilliant.


sean 2 hours ago 1 23
When I was inthe aviation field a couple of years ago I worked with some contractors fromChina. The first night I asked one when's China going to invade the US. He gaveme the craziest expression. Then he said why would China invade the UnitedState? You don't have anything that we would want.


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