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China maybuild an undersea train to America
译者:unknown     发布时间:2014-07-31     超过 0 位网友阅读



China isplanning to build a train line that would, in theory, connect Beijing to theUnited States. According to a report in the Beijing Times, citing an expert atthe Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese officials are considering aroute that would start in the country's northeast, thread through easternSiberia and cross the Bering Strait via a 125-mile long underwater tunnel intoAlaska.


"Rightnow we're already in discussions. Russia has already been thinking about thisfor many years," says Wang Mengshu, the engineer cited in the article. Theproposed "China-Russia-Canada-America" line would be some 8,000 mileslong, 1,800 miles longer than the Trans-Siberian railroad. The tunnel that theChinese would help bore beneath the icy seas would be four times the length ofwhat traverses the English Channel.


cmaenergy 8:16AM GMT+0800
If China builds this as they do their products
Would you chance anunderground experience
And how long before wecould stop and invasion of several billion Chinese



6:47AM GMT+0800
It already takes 15-20 hours to fly to China from the east coast.How long will a train take? Two weeks? Where is the market for that? So, thequestion is not passengers, as most commenters seem to think but cargo. Wouldeven that be economical? Cargo ships, carrying hundreds of containers that cansnap onto the backs of heavy-duty trucks, are pretty economical already, butwho knows. 


TecMex 2:42AM GMT+0800
A Tsunami/underwater earthquake will end those ideas. The overallrisk versus the outcome if successful is far greater financially. But thenagain, China has money to burn it seems.


Grampatc1:47AM GMT+0800
Well the US Government has shown ZERO interest in High Speed Railwhile the other developed countries in the World have left us at the station,so maybe if they do create a high speed train under the Ocean it will wake upthose in Washington and maybe we can get some 1st class train service. If allCongressmen were forced to use Amtrak as it is today, believe me it would beupgraded very quickly. 


Tidelandermdva 12:06AM GMT+0800
I'll take a plane ,thank you . 


Whatalongstrangetrip 5/11/201411:36 PM GMT+0800
The railroad makes a lot of sense, but I assume ships to carry therail cars across the sea will make far more sense than a tunnel... 


CalypsoSummer 12:55 AM GMT+0800
I'm not sure you've thought this out. Remember 2012 when the CoastGuard icebreaker Healy had to escort a Russian oil tanker to Nome, Alaska? Theywere crawling, and the Healy had to keep circling back around the tanker tobreak it free of the ice. It was NOT a happy time for anyone.
Imagine being in atrain car, on a ferry, in the Arctic weather, in Arctic waters. Good idea,eh?



JJH01 5/11/201411:09 PM GMT+0800
That's what we need, an high speed invasion route.


Tidelandermdva 5/11/201410:22 PM GMT+0800
We built the Brooklyn Bridge and the Georgs Washington bridge andmore. Now we cannot even fill the pot holes. The idea grabs the imagination:tourists will flock, beneath the sea to visit China. When Chinese come here andfind the local police see by their license plates they are visitors and pullthem over for not wearing a seat belt, or making a ful stop at a stop sign—haulthem into the station —for a cash fine . . . .
How long before we loseour tourist trade?


CalypsoSummer 12:58 AM GMT+0800
It's okay, Michael. No one is going to build a tunnel under theArctic Ocean. It's not going to happen. Too dangerous, too expensive, toopointless.


nanonano1 5/11/201410:17 PM GMT+0800
Sure, let's build an undersea tunnel in one of the most earthquakeprone areas of the world -- what can possibly go wrong...


Ngeorga 1:01 AM GMT+0800
some will talk of confronting China militarily, but in the endAmerica will respond with a lot of big talk and no action, as always.


CalypsoSummer 1:03 AM GMT+0800
No one wants to go to war with China. They're too big and we're tooclosely connected economically for it to be anything but a really badidea.
So much of what we buyis made in China. We don't want to lose that, and THEY don't want to lose amajor customer. They depend on the US as a customer just as much as we dependon them as a seller.


DanFromMo 5/11/20149:28 PM GMT+0800
At the rate Deadbeat politicians are running our Children andGrandchildren into debt... I am sure the train will be going from China, to NewChina... You know, the 1/3 of the USA they bought on the auction block. 


sampler1136 5/11/2014 11:39 PM GMT+0800 Oddly enough, I have no problem with foreigners buying US realestate, whether it be skyscrapers or farmland. After all, they can not take itanywhere, all the risk is on their side and it creates a very long termincentive for us to work together. 


Tidelandermdva 5/11/20149:05 PM GMT+0800
I say if China wants to spend some fantastic sum of cash on a moneylosing project, they could start with buying Amtrak. Then they could buildtheir own tracks separate from the freight lines. This should pleaseRepublicans because they don't like Amtrak anyway, and after all, the privatesector should be able to do what it wants.
Then after Americansget used to happily zooming around at 200+ MPH in Chinese made trains, thatwould be the time to extend the line to China.  


La Luna 5/11/20148:48 PM GMT+0800
I will start saving to buy a ticket. What a wonderful idea! Think ofthe economic possibilities! What a sightseeing tour that would be! Better thansome old pipeline full of sludge! 


Bill7547 5/11/20148:09 PM GMT+0800
Before they build a line to Russia, Canada and USA, maybe theyshould be building a better relationship w the Uighurs and their neighborsbecause at this rate the only ones that will be put on that train line will bedissenting blind scholars and defecting north Koreans


nanonano1 5/11/20148:06 PM GMT+0800
I remember a rail project in the USSR which was an engineeringdisaster because the rail gauge was incompatible between connecting points. 


sampler1136 5/11/2014 10:24 PM GMT+0800
Actually the rail gauge difference had a strategic purpose. Beforethe advent of the heavy lift airplanes and the latest massive ships, when anarmy was invading they used railways to supply their troops -- what better wayto slow down an invasion force than by having them transfer everything from onetrain to another because the tracks are different width and thus locomotives ortrain cars weren't compatible. 


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