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Why Japan's Smaller Military Could Hold Its OwnAgainst China
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Why Japan's Smaller Military Could Hold Its OwnAgainst China


China's soaring military spending — up 12.3% this year — and aggressive gestures in the region couldbe setting the scene for major conflict. With various countries feuding over Pacific territory, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe compared the ratcheting tensions to Europebefore World War I .

China's $188 billionmilitary budget far surpasses the $49 billion budget of Japan, its biggestregional rival, even if it doesn't come close to America's budget of $640 billion.China's military is alsomuch bigger than Japan's, with lots more equipment and 2.3 million activepersonnel compared to 58,000. Consequently, China ranks third on the Global Firepower Index,which heavily weights sheer numbers, behind the U.S. and Russia and ahead ofJapan at tenth.

But is China's militaryactually stronger than Japan's?

First of all, it should benoted that a ny military conflict between China and Japan would likely draw inJapan's superpower ally. The U.S. is bound by a mutual defense treaty to protect Japan,including the contested Senkaku islands, and it operates numerous military bases in Japan.Even on its own, however,Japan's smaller military has a qualitative advantage over China.


中国军事预算为1千880亿美元,远超它的最大的地区竞争对手——军事预算为490亿美元的日本,即便如此也与预算为6千4百亿美元的美国相距甚远。中国军队(规模)也比日本大,装备也更多,而且与中国的2百30万现役军人相比,日本才5万8千人。正因为如此,在全球军力排名中,中国排第三, 中国在数量上占有很大比重,仅次于美国、俄罗斯,领先第十位的日本。



Themajority of Chinese weapons systems are in variousstages of decay, as detailed by KyleMizokami at War Is Boring. Only 450 of China's7,580 tanks are anywhere near modern. Likewise,only 502 of China's 1,321 strong air force are deemed capable — the rest date to refurbished Soviet planes from the 1970s. Onlyhalf of China's submarines have been built within the past twenty years.

China's first aircraftcarrier, the Liaoning, is a refurbished Soviet ship from the 1980s that is too small to launch most long-range planes and willprobably be limited to hugging China's coast.

Incomparison, Japan has been supplied with advanced military equipment fromthe U.S. In the coming year, it is slatedto purchase new anti-missile destroyers,submarines, amphibious vehicles, surveillance drones, fighter planes, and V-22 Ospreys fromthe U.S. Japan also expects to receive deliveries ofF-35s starting in March 2017.

The F-35 is Liaoning's worstnightmare,China's state-owned Global Times reported based on a Kanwa Asian Defense, which found that the F-35could strike the Liaoning with hard-to-intercept jointstrike missiles from a safe distance of 290km. The F-35 should also be able to locate and engage China's main aircraft,the J-15, before the F-35 is even detected.

大多数中国的武器系统都有着不同程度的落后。在Kyle Mizokami著的《无聊的战争》里有详尽描述。中国现役的7580辆坦克当中只有450辆接近现代(水准)。同样,拥有1321架强大的中国空军仅有502架能胜战——剩下的都是翻新自70年代的苏联飞机。而且中国只有一半的潜艇是在近二十年内建成的。



The Japanese islands arealso well protected by a missile defense system equipped with StandardMissile-3 and Patriot Advanced Capability-3 interceptors. These missiles arecapable of shooting down a ballistic missile both inside and outside of Earth'satmosphere.

" Japan has thestrongest navy and air force in Asia except for the United States," Dr. Larry M. Wortzel, the president of Asia Strategies and Risks, said ina presentation at the Institute of World Politics last September." They're still restricted by Article 9 of the Constitution, which foreverrenounces war as a sovereign right of the nation ... but you don't want to messwith them."

While Japan maintains asignificant qualitative advantage, however, the vast size of China's militaryshould not be understated, nor its rapid expansion and modernization. Nowonder Japan has responded with its first military expansion in more than 40 years.

Meanwhile, the standoff ishurting most groups short of the military industrial complex.As noted by U.S. Trust's Joseph Quinlan: "Noone is predicting an armed conflict between China and Japan, but the rising illwill between the two parties hardly engenders investor confidence in a regionbuilt on peaceful regional relations and unfettered trade and investmentflows."

日本列岛同时也被‘标准3’和‘爱国者’导弹防御系统配很好地保护着。这些导弹能击落飞行在大气层内外的弹道导弹。“在亚洲,除了美国,日本的海空军最强大”,去年九月,《亚洲战略与风险》主编Larry M.Wortzel博士在全球政治协会报告中说道。“他们还要放开宪法第9条的限制,即(删除)永远放弃发动战争的权利…但你不要对他们产生误会”。



D 8 minutes ago 0 1
Every time I see military budgetnumbers posted, I chuckle. Does any intelligent and informed person reallybelieve these numbers? First off, they definitely do not include BLACK projectswhich are top secret and never published. So basically any news org who usesthis info are feeding the public a load of BS. Now itis true that one can calculate an approximate number from known projects.However even they do not reflect the potential real numbers.(后面还有点,罗里罗嗦不翻了)


cn 7 minutes ago 0 0
Why Abe has to treat Obama like GOD ina recent visit begged by Japan??? Why Taiwan is still a problem if there is noAmerican 7th Fleet Aircraft carrier which has been assigned to protect Taiwansince Korea war??? In a recent visit to Philippines, Obama openly told Americantroops clear & loud that America has an obligation to protect our allied,unfortunately no body asked him what about South Vietnam which had beenour CLOSE ally too??? Why we has to shift 2/3 of our navy forces to South WestPacific Ocean??? At the same time, why we just sit around and opened ourBIG eyes to see Putin cleverly annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine???...,in short, how come we, the no 1 capitalist in theworld could bear the largest national debt for how many years more???

这次恳求访问日本的时候,安培对待奥巴马为啥像上帝一样。自朝鲜战争以来若是没有美国第7舰队被派来保护台湾,台湾还能是个问题么??在最近一次对菲律宾的访问中,奥巴马明确并大声地公开对美军说,美国有责任保护我们的盟友。不幸的是,没人去问他为何越南也是我们‘亲密’盟友??为什么我们要把2 / 3的海军力量转移到西南太平洋??? 此刻,我们为什么只是(傻)坐着、瞪着‘大“眼睛,眼睁睁看着普京把乌克兰半岛吞掉。说白了,我们是在装相么。排名世界第一的资本国度在面对庞大的债务时究竟还能挺多少年??

Matthew W 2 minutes ago 0 0
The F-35 is the Lianing's worstnightmare?
How many times does the F-35 have to refuel just to reach firing range of theChinese carrier? The tankers will be shot down by Chinese Sukhoi fightersbefore that happens.
Japan is an Island nation that was brought to its knees by US submarines in the40s. The Chinese with Russian made Kilo class diesel-elec submarines can do itagain. Even the US has trouble tracking Chinese subs....there's nothingstopping the Chinese from launching a few torpedoes and sinking the limited #of Japanese surface vessels. The limited # and endurance of Japanese subs arenot enough to cut off the Chinese from overseas trade funneled through thesouthern South China Sea.
Quality usually beats Quantity until you get to Soviet-Chinese style quantitythen obscene weight of numbers has its own quality itself.
True, the Chinese may not be able to defeat the overall Japanese air defense oftheir nation, launch an invasion of their homeland, or even force theirsurrender; but what they can do is take the Senkakus from their rightful legalowner.
The Lianoing isn't meant to be the equivalent of a Nimitz class carrier. Its alearning tool that the Chinese will use to build the foundation needed for realcarrier operations. New domestically built hulls with larger tonnage and thecapability to launch fully equipped aircraft rather than the STOVL aircraft theLianoing is sporting. The Migs and Sukhois on the Lianoing are not fully fuelednor every hardpoint carrying missiles or bombs.




RogerL 3 minutes ago 0 0
Consider the trade implications. Wehave outsourced so much manufacturing to China, that in the event of a shootingwar, the US would be in dire straights. No more New cell phones, computers,TV's, apparel and a zillion other things we import from China. This is a very real national security problem. In 1914the UK and Germany were intimately linked economically. Didn't keep a war fromhappening.
Think electronics made in China are inexpensive? Theprices will be through the roof if they start shooting.


D 41 minutes ago 1 0
Japan, UK, Israel, Germany are US strongestallies. Think again.


Obviously 1 hour ago 0 4
Unit 731 Experiments. find out foryourself


Ryuu 2 hours ago 0 3
It's like you said China is increasingits military spending which means that they're in the process of upgradingtheir artillery. It'slike the old saying goes "Don't underestimate your opponent or it willlead to your downfall"


Tim 1 hour ago 0 2
The ironic thing is that in WW2 wefought with China and Russia against Japan and Germany. In WW3 we will befighting with Japan and Germany against Russia and China.


Joe 1 hour ago 0 0
Whatever if masturbating makes you feelbetter. Looking back on the history, PLA is the only army that has not beendefeated. Russia has always been there for China, so hasChina, because of their own interests. Who would want a warmonger that isalways tries to invade other countries in his or her own back yard anyways?


nicky 31 minutes ago 0 1
Instead of reducing our nuclearstockpiles just give it to Mr. Abe so Japan can wipe the communist China of theface of the earth. Good bye communist China, good bye debt.


Connect the dots 2 hours ago 0 2
Sounds like our Military IndustrialComplex is busy selling weapons to everybody in the world.


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