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Vietnam says China fired watercannon, rammed ships near oil rig


7 hours agoHanoi (AFP) - Hanoi said Wednesday that Chineseships protecting a deep-water drilling rig in disputed waters in the SouthChina Sea had used water cannon to attack Vietnamese patrol vessels andrepeatedly rammed them, injuring six people.Tensions between thecommunist neighbours have risen sharply since Beijing unilaterally announcedlast week it would move the deep-water drilling riginto disputed waters -- a move the United States has described as"provocative".Vietnam deployed patrolvessels after the China Maritime Safety Administration issued the unilateralnavigational warning on its website saying it would be drilling in the SouthChina Sea close to the Paracel Islands -- which are controlled by China but claimedby Vietnam.Vietnam said China's decision was "illegal", demanded the rig bewithdrawn, and dispatched vessels to the area.Ngo NgocThu, deputy commander of Vietnam's maritime police, told reporters inHanoi Wednesday that Chinese boats had collided with Vietnamese vessels in atleast three separate incidents since the May 3 announcement.



A Chinese plane had alsoflown low over Vietnamese police patrol boats dispatched to the area in a bidto threaten them.He said the Chinese"actively used water cannon to attack Vietnamese law enforcementvessels"."The situation wasvery tense," he said, adding that "six Vietnamese fisheriessurveillance staff were injured due to broken glass"."We broadcast a signalasking the rig to leave the area. We have showed that we are patientand self-restrained in the face of Chinese aggressive acts," he said,adding that Vietnam had not dispatched military ships to the area -- onlypolice and coastguard patrol boats."Our patience islimited. If they (China) continue to hit us, we will have to take self-defencemeasures in return," he warned.Vietnam broadcast a videoof the alleged ramming incidents.China claims sovereignrights to almost the whole of the South China Sea, which is believed to sitatop vast oil and gas deposits.



A Vietnam Cost Guard ship is anchored at a naval base in thesouthern province of Phuc Quoc, on March 13, 2014 (AFP Photo/Le Quang Nhat)

一艘越南海岸警卫队巡逻船停靠在位于Phuc Quoc省南部的一个海军基地,2014年3月13日(法新社照片/ Le Quang Nhat 摄制)

- 'Disruptive activities' –破坏性动作

Chinese foreign ministryspokeswoman Hua Chunying reiterated Beijing's position that the rig was inChinese territory."The drilling activityof this rig is within China's territorial waters. The disruptive activities bythe Vietnamese side are in violation of China's sovereign rights," shesaid."The drillingactivities on the rig are completely legal, and we ask the Vietnamese side tostop their disruptive actions."The South China Sea is alsoclaimed in part by Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines.Elsewhere in the SouthChina Sea, the Philippines said it had seized a Chinese fishing vessel indisputed waters and detained its 11 crew members, in the latest escalation of their own bitterrow.Officials said the 15-tonneChinese boat had been intercepted Tuesday while fishing off Half Moon Shoal,west of the major Philippine island of Palawan, in whatthey said were Philippine waters."The seizing of theChinese fishing boat... (was) undertaken as actions to enforce maritime lawsand to uphold Philippine sovereign rights over its Exclusive EconomicZone," a Filipino foreign department statement said.



Map showing the disputed Paracel and Spratly islands in theSouth China Sea (AFP Photo/)



Beijing called for Manilato release the vessel and the crew."We ask thePhilippines side to give their explanation and deal with this caseproperly," foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua said.China and Vietnam, whichfought a brief border war in 1979, have been locked in a longstandingterritorial dispute over their contested waters, and frequently tradediplomatic barbs over oil exploration, fishing rights and the Spratly andParacel Islands.Vietnam's authoritarianrulers have also been struggling to control intense domestic criticism of theirhandling of relations with China.Some calls have already goneout on dissident websites for an anti-China protest in Hanoi --previous protests have been broken up by police and resulted in arrests.Vietnam expert Carl Thayersaid the decision to move the oil rig into disputed waters was "a majorchange in China's strategy", adding it could be a response to US PresidentBarack Obama's recent Asia tour.During the tour Obamaasserted US support for allies Japan and the Philippines, which are also lockedin territorial disputes with Beijing.US State Departmentspokeswoman Jen Psaki said Washington was "stronglyconcerned about dangerous conduct and intimidation byvessels in the disputed area", calling for restraint in what Vietnam callsthe East Sea.Speaking about the seizureof the Chinese fishing boat by the Philippines, Psaki urged both sides to"work together diplomatically".

北京呼吁马尼拉释放渔船及船员“我们要求菲方给出他们的解释并妥善处理这次事件” 外交部发言人华春莹说。中越之间在1979年进行过一场短暂的边界战争,(双方)在有争议的海域陷入了长期领土争端,并且在石油开采权,捕鱼权,以及在南沙群岛和西沙群岛上时有摩擦。在处理与中国的关系上,越南专制统治者也一直在努力控制自己国内激烈反对的声音。


Robert 1 day ago 17 51
Take a look at where this is happening. It isvery close to Vietnam and extremely far away from China. I saw the video of anaggressive Chinese military boat ramming the Vietnam fishing boat and thencontinuing to push it to its side. This was not just a case of harmless watercannons. What would happen if they damaged and sank that boat,killing some people on board? Vietnam is not likely to turn the other cheek.Vietnam may be small compared to China, but their history shows a willingnessto go up against the Goliaths with stronger militaries at any cost. I thinkChina will be surprised to find itself at war with its tiny neighbor soon, andthat's not going to be very good for business. Few in the world will side withChina on this issue either... so I sense a big mistake looming for China.


Mike Ng 1 day ago 3 18
China weighs in the US vs Russia situation andis timing the possibility to test the real respond of US and world media aswell as Vietnam. It s a stone for 3 birds. (这里后面还有点,太水了不翻了)


Paul 1 day ago 11 47
America is being under attacked by pregnantChinese women who fly to America to give birth so these babies would becomeAmerican citizen. It cost the american tax payers 50,000 dollars for each PLAbaby


Hoa 1 day ago 12 5
Three years ago, Vietnamese stood up and had apeaceful protest against China invasion on Vietnam land. The results were,vietnam government put those patriotic Vietnamese protestors in jail andphysically torture them. Vietnam government did nothing to stop China action.In a way Vietnam government accepted and recognize China claims.Therefore, I do not think Chinahas done anything wrong. If Vietnam against or disagree with Chinaaction, Three years ago Why not spoke up and brought China to internationalcourt as Philippines did? Have you seen Vietnam president spoke up and againstChina action when there are disputes between Vietnam and China?The only thing Vietnamese can do right now isto live and accept as their government does.


Mark 1 day ago 29 14
Vietnam is clearly in the wrong, China iswithin its rights to put their drilling rig there and if Vietnam wants to avoidconfrontation, it should quit provoking the Chinese.US, stay out ofit, it is none of your business, much like Ukraine is none of your business,mend your fences at home, believe me, your fences need plenty of mending withinthe borders of the US.


Temple 1 day ago 11 28
Establishing relations with China are amongthe absolute worst decisions ever made. Thank you Jimmy Carter, you senile oldfool. America is damn near an economic slave to China, all it does is fuel thegreed of a small minority and while the VAST majority of Americans are leftin the dirt. Once a large exporting nation, we are now a hugeimporting nation with one of the largest unemployment rates in the world. Thenegatives of working with China far outweigh the positives, but while greed runsour government, that will never be acknowledged.


Donny 1 day ago 9 35
If China attacks Vietnam, wellgood luck. Vietnamese people don't play around.


Obamasuckspenis 1 day ago 16 8
Americans dump thousands of tons of agentorange on Vietnam for years. so many birth defects,dead babes, And still born. and all the cancers. Its a clear violation and theUSA must be held responsible. Lets not forget the Two Nuculear bombs we dropedon Japan. Oh and all the terrorist we have been arming and financing in theMiddle East. Were is the UN, and EU. They are totally controlled by the biggestHuman rights violator in history, The USA!thumbs down wontand cant change the truth about America being the number one violator of humenRights around the world!


IJake 1 day ago 6 7
It's funny how US mainstream media portraysChina as a bully when the US is bombing countrieswith killer drones from the comfort of their leather chair. Guess it's OK whenUS kills hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children but it's not OKwhen China rams a ship in their backyard.


NeedToKnow 1 day ago 30 12
Same old western smearing China propaganda andwesterners have been calling it news. Taiwan, Republic of China, was the onewho had drew the China's 9 dash line without any objection included America in1947.China has been acting as bouncer to ejectloitering Vietnamese off China/Taiwan 9 dash line territories!


wow 1 day ago 21 10
China is too civilized, too kind and nice, peoplejust take advantage of them! They spend too little and too late intheir military in the last 250 years. They need to catch up and learn from US!Learn how we robbed the land from native Americans! For example, if Chinatreated Tibetans like we did to native Americans a few hundred years back whenthey were strong, there would be no issue with Tibet at all! The same to thoseMuslims! To Vienamese also!


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