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China to send peacekeeping battalion toS.Sudan
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United Nations (United States) (AFP) -China will soon send an infantry battalion to reinforce the United Nationspeacekeeping mission in war-torn South Sudan, officials said Thursday.


In December, the Security Council voted tosend an extra 5,500 peacekeepers -- some re-assigned from other UN missions inAfrica -- to the UN mission in the world's newest country, bringing the totaldeployment there to 12,500.


More than half of these reinforcements havearrived.UN peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsous confirmedThursday that China had agreed to send a "battalion" of 850 soldierswithin the next few months.


ST 3 hours ago012
Just amazing how many post on here bashingChina for their efforts. It just amazes me that we forget they are a member ofthe UN security council and have been since the UN was founded. Politics asideI think it is noble of them to place an entire battalion of their people inharms way. Quit bashing these people for their efforts. After all they aretrying to put best foot forward by being an active member of U.N. efforts. Wedon't have to agree with 80% of the other political actions they take on theworld stage. Recognize their efforts for what they are.


Wally 3 hours ago12
An at least relatively stable South Sudanis in China's best political and business interest anyway because #1 SouthSudan is oil-rich with several deals in the works, #2 the conflict is gettingso messy it's feared it could end up like Somalia was with no one in realcontrol or the Congo with massive swathes of land controlled by rebels/warlordsand #3 black rebel holdovers near the North Sudan border/Darfur startedkidnapping Chinese workers blaming them for their situation (and/or justwanting rasnom.) So it was a matter of time before they started sendingmilitary forces of one sort or another into the region.


Ronald 1 hour ago21
It is called bloodying the troops .Fact theChinese have not fought any body of note in over 60 years. If they want to playempire builder. They got to see if they have their Infantry tactics and re-supply down pat. The young troopers who deploy will be the best they have.When they go back they will share what they learned with the rest of the Army..The Germans did this by sending the CONDOR corps to fight In the Spanish civilwar in the 1930's .see how things work according to doctrine and checkequipment ..War on the cheap .Pay attention folks more of this to come.


Cooz 1 hour ago02
They won't be able to ram fishing boats onland much with Vietnamese and Filipino fisherman.


The 3 hours ago05
Good. I'm glad to see China behaving like aworld citizen instead of just a bully. We'll all be watching to see if they dothis right


Pon 9 hours ago015
Why is there a South Korean soldier in thatpicture? Did the guy who wrote this just pick the first picture of an Asiansoldier in Africa that he could find?


Adi Wijaya 1 hour ago00
the west wanted sudan to split into two.China resisted it. When they got it, south sudan fell into chaos, and the westdon't want to have anything to do with it. Now China has to go and clean themess. While the western commentators will, as usual, portray this as anotherattempt of China to colonize africa.


lucky goodman 3 hours ago17
China wants a peaceful Africa to dobusiness with, the West wants an unstable Africa to sell arms to.
Give me thumb down while you know I'm right.


Mr. Nunya 5 hours ago17
One thing for sure none of the China'ssoldiers will be mistaken for Sudanese nationals.


tma_sierrahills 5 hours ago12
What Africa really needs is help from NorthKorea.


Tim 9 hours ago15
All at the expense of Chinese taxpayers.


GardnerGallery 1 hour ago10
The only reason China has sent in 850troops for only the first time ever since they have been a UN member is thatthey want something!!! My guess is they have more ties and projects going on inAfrica today than ever in the past, they are looking out for their specialinterests in the region! And yes we do the same just for a much longer time!


Mac B 8 hours ago22
As China's GDP grows, it will pay anincreasingly large share of peacekeeping assessments. The five permanentmembers of the Security Council pay about 63 percent of mission costs.


Mark ... 10 hours ago22
The right wingers wanted the US to stopbeing the world's policemen and now China is moving into that role. I guess theright wingers win.


Mr. Nunya 6 hours ago414
Soldiers from China will help with keepinga eye on the human rights situation? That's funny.


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