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US aircraftcarrier welcomes PLA aboard, seeks return invite
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US aircraftcarrier welcomes PLA aboard, seeks return invite
Apair of US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet aircraft prepare to take-off from theflight deck of the USS George Washington some 300kms off the coast of HongKong, on June 15, 2014 (AFP Photo/Philippe Lopez)
Hong Kong (AFP) - The US Navy on Sunday welcomedfour members of China's military aboard one of its aircraft carriers -- andsaid it hoped to receive a return invite someday.The four People'sLiberation Army members were among guests flown by a C-2 Greyhound aircraft tothe USS George Washington for a "VIP visit" before it berths Mondayoff Hong Kong on a routine call.Tensions are high in the SouthChina Sea and East China Sea as Beijing asserts its sovereignty over reefs andislands also claimed by US allies such as Japan and the Philippines.But Rear Admiral Mark C.Montgomery, commander of the task force headed by the carrier, said US-Chinesemilitary relations have "moderately improved"in the past six months.China last week confirmed it wouldtake part for the first time in a major US-organised naval drill, the Rim ofthe Pacific multinational exercise, later this month.In May China's military chieftoured American warships in the United States despite the heightened tensionsin Southeast Asia.Hong Kongalso has continued to host visits by US warships despitereverting to Chinese sovereignty in 1997.Ageneral from the PLA's Hong Kong garrison was among those visiting the GeorgeWashington Sunday as it sailed 200 miles south of the city.Montgomerysaid it might now be appropriate for Beijing to return the favour by offering avisit to its sole carrier, the Liaoning."I think that in an efforttowards increased transparency in a broad bilateral partnership, I think a USvisit would be appropriate," he told AFP and other media visiting theship.Guestswere treated to a display of take-offs and landings by some of the carrier'sF/A-18 Super Hornet fighter aircraft.But Montgomery declined comment onthe US decision to send another aircraft carrier to the Gulf as the situationin Iraq worsens.And he called for a diplomaticsolution to the territorial issues in the South China Sea."Principally the role of theUnited States Navy is to serve as a stabilising force and demonstrate UScommitment to the region overall," he said.
香港(法新社)-美国海军派出一艘航母迎接由四艘军舰组成的中国舰队——并说美方希望能接到回访邀请。中国将派出4名代表乘坐C2灰狗运输机飞抵乔治华盛顿号作为贵宾进行“参观”,在其周一离开香港之前进过一次例行通话。此时中国南海和中国东海形势高度紧张,北京声称对岛礁和岛屿的主权要求,同时也被美国盟友如日本和菲律宾主张所有。但海军少将航母舰队指挥官马克C. 蒙哥马利,说美—中的军事关系在过去的六个月有了“适度改善”。



Maria 11hours ago 30 48
#1)I stillremember nuclear scientist Peter H. Lee (Taiwanese-Chinese guy, gave nukesecrets to China). We're all focused on china's actions OUTside of our borders(but the REAL danger is in the capabilities their people gain when they comeover here and get established in important positions in industry, university,cyber security and government)…
#2) ASK Chinese people living in America if THEYthink Taiwan, Tibet, Spratly & Paracels belong to China, (I ask them, theysay "Yes, they rightfully belong to China."!)...Just because someonegets along with you doesn’t mean they are your friend.

# 1)我还记得核科学家彼得H. Lee(台湾人,他把核武技术交给了中国)。我们都在关注中国意外的举动(但是,最可怕的,是他们来到这里所获取的能力,他们深入这里的大学,网络安全和政府等要害部门)

# 2)问生活在美国的中国人,你们是否认为台湾,XZ,南沙群岛和西沙群岛属于中国,(我问他们,他们说“是的,他们当然属于中国。”!)……与你一起相处并不意味他们就是你的朋友。

Chinese-Americansfor a FREE TIBET 5 hours ago 0 1
Maria, whilemany overseas Chinese may side with China (my younger brother was born here,and he actually despises America) not all of us follow China blindly, the issueof loyalty is quite complex, lots of ethnic and racial and personal factors involved


AC 8 hours ago 0 29
both sides know it best. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies evencloser


Whatever 6 hours ago 0 1
very truth..it is like watching the house of card


Simonh 5 hours ago 0 1
you nailed it....need to spy on these chinese villains up close andpersonal


Sisyphus-X 5 hours ago 0 1
The US and China would both loose in a war considering how much theydepend on one another economically. Money talks.


qiu 52 minutes ago 0 0
Japan will be very glad if US and China battle with each other.Theylost in WWII.Without US they almost have succeeded occupy China.


B. C. Schmerker 6 hours ago 3 6
It will be interesting to read how the PRC adapts to carrieroperations at sea. The Russians still have one Admiral Kuznetsov Class carrierpacking MiG-35K pursuit and probably Sukhoi-25K attack jets, both needing a T/Wadvantage on our recently-retired USN/Northrop-Grumman F-14 Delta due to thelack of catapults; the People's Liberation Army Air Forces are starting fromzero with the Sukhoi-30KMPF (a derivative of the Su-33K developed for NavalAviation) and a new Chengdu pursuit jet of very similar design aboard a KuznetsovClass carrier (in the form of the PLAN Liaoning), with a new class of carriernow in development for the People's Liberation Army Naval Forces as eventualmain platform.

了解到中国航母进行海上适应性行动,挺有意思的。俄罗斯还有一艘载满米格35k或苏霍伊25k攻击机的海军上将库兹涅佐夫级航空母舰,由于没有弹射装置,这两种战斗机的(发动机)推重比都必须优于我们的最近退役的USN /诺斯洛普F-14;中国空军获得的sukhoi-30kmpf(由su-33k发展而来)一切从零开始,并且成都造的一架新歼击机和库兹涅佐夫级航母(现在的辽宁号)上的有着非常类似的设计,,目前为中国海军研制的新航母将最终成为主力(舰载)平台。

G 4 hours ago 1 0
@ B.C. I believe the PRC will fly the Shenyang J11B, a refurbished,updated version of Russian SU-27 being development for the Liaoning, not theSU-33K! A SU-27, a 4th gen. air superiority fighter, not designed as a V/STOL!Your right, it will be interesting。


khiem 2 hours ago 0 2
Reportedly they will use HEAVY rubber bands for both launching andretrieval!


ITK 1 hour ago 0 0
Looks like two guys have been reading their new Jane's AircraftRecognition Guides!!!!


Tan 20 hours ago 50 30
Chinese teach children in school that North America belong to China,the Indian Ocean belongs to China, and the Russian steal Siberia from them.Therefore, one day they will come and take them all back!


A B 19 hours ago 1 4
they should start with siberia definitely


Steven 19 hours ago 2 5
Never happen, just remember it takes four years to build a modernNuclear Carrier. And have a great navel College to train them how to operate atwar time. And the Chinese carrier is only a modern Essex class carrier. Thelast one we built was 1945. Also the Chinese have not fought a navel battle ina thousand years, when they tried to invade Japan. Our US Navy has combatexperience in war time for the last 70 years.


Scott 19 hours ago 1 4
One Ohio class boomer will fix that in about an hour.


Toan 19 hours ago 3 3
Chinese government forgot to teach Chinese students that Chinatownsbelong to China.


side 19 hours ago 5 7
Keep lying!!! China never made those claims.


立峰 18 hoursago 2 1
you're lying ,


Jacky 16 hours ago 3 0
The Vietnamese just cannot wait China and USA fight with each other,so they can have those stupid islands,


Shane 17 hours ago 7 33
So we let them look at our ship in "hopes" that they willshow us their. Good thing we didn't do this back in 1942 with Japan. Now again,this isn't anything new, I remember serving on the Washington back in 2002 andwe had VIP visitors from Saudi Arabia come on board, which I found kind offunny since most of the money used to attack American with terrorist came fromSaudi Arabia. Maybe we shouldn't be bring on VIP visitors on our war ships,especially from countries that we might be at war with in the future.


hx 17 hours ago 1 3
Funny, isn't it?


row 17 hours ago 1 7
I served on the Sara, CV 60... you can invite anybody on any of ourships... big deal. The real threat is cyber security and our ability to lockdown our secrets.

我曾在福莱斯特航母服过伇….你可以邀请任何人来随便登我们任何一艘军舰…(你)别一惊一乍的. 真正的威胁是网络安全和我们保守秘密的能力。

Bogey 17 hours ago 0 3
The first PLA delegation to visit a US aircraft carrier was the USSKitty Hawk in San Diego in 1980.



Jason 17 hours ago 1 3
They wont be seeing anything "sensitive"


Bear 19 hours ago 10 24
I was invited into a Chinese corporation once. This particularChinese corporation is famous for stealing software source code from Cisco. Ilearned a lot. The corporation did not even trust its own employees. Employeeshad to go through metal detectors with armed guards nearby. Employees could notcarry USB sticks into the area. Employees were not allowed access to sourcecode and the internet at the same time. It was pretty amazing. I had to leavemy laptop in a locker outside the secure area. To this day I still wonder ifthey hacked my laptop.



Phelan 19 hours ago 4 7
I had to deal with the Chinese in the microchip business for 7 years. I could spend hours recounting the stories of their casualcriminal behavior. So incredibly glad I'm out of that industry.


Rick 19 hours ago 7 0
Jeffery Immelt invitedyou? What,Soros was too busy?



Huyen 19 hours ago 4 9
Needless to say much about them. They are famous in stealing, lying,and bullying.


Just 19 hours ago 5 5
Stupid comment - Everywhere is doing the same thing involve secrets.


Temple 14 hours ago 8 29
China is not a friend to United States, China is a rival andpotential enemy. China is an enemy to Asian Pacific allies of US, such as Japanand the Philippines. China is becoming a closer military and economical ally toRussia. China is a fascists communist regime with near absolute control of itspeople and all industry, not a democracy. They are using you to enrichthemselves by selling dangerously low grade products to greedy Americancorporations/politicians and other foreign powers who sell out their people fora profit. So, American government, please stop kissing Chinese a(s)(s), youembarrass yourselves and your people.



Ryan 14 hours ago 1 5
I agree but it's not the people it's our leader at the moment


Title III 14 hours ago 2 5
Temple, you are lovely! Excellentpost!!! Forget thumbs-up -If I could, I'd recommend you for Top Commenter. Mahalkita!!! Bravo!!!

Temple,你太可爱了!好帖子!!!差点忘了给赞了-如果可以,我会把你的评论顶到置顶。Mahal kita!!! Bravo!!!


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