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中国劝越南"回头是岸" 看美国佬咋评论!

Chinese Media: In Vietnam, Yang Calls 'Prodigal Son' to Return Home
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Foreign media outlets (including The Diplomat) didn’t seemuch hope for a breakthrough in China-Vietnam relations during State CouncilorYang Jiechi’s trip to Hanoi this week. “For Vietnam and China, No Easing of Tensions,” The New York Times declared. The BBC highlighted the “Deadlock at China-Vietnam talks” andReuters’ headline read “China scolds Vietnam for ‘hyping’ South China Sea oil rig row.”Chinese media outlets had a decidedlydifferent approach, one with far more optimism. “China, Vietnam agree to properlyhandle sensitive bilateral issues,” readXinhua’s English language headline. “Beijing, Hanoi vow to act onfriction,” China Daily emphasized. A video segment on Yang’s trip from CCTVfocused on Yang’sstatement that even if China-Vietnam relations were much worse than they arenow, the two sides would still have to think of a way to quickly solve theissue. Based on the Chinese media reports, it seems that Yang Jiechi’s meetings with Vietnamese leaders were a major step forward insolving the oil rig crisis.



That’s not to say that China is willing tocompromise. On the contrary, each article contained the usual Chineseassertions that the oil rig is China’s own affair, andthat Vietnam should stop its illegal harassment of the rig’s operation. Instead, the Chinese articles implied that Hanoi hadchanged its position. None of the articles reported, as Vietnamese and Westernmedia did, on Vietnam’s continued insistence that Chinashould remove the oil rig. Instead, articles from Xinhua emphasized that Vietnam and Chinahave agreed to “properly handle bilateral issues,” not to internationalize the South China Sea dispute, and to keep maritime tensions from interfering with broader bilateralties.Of course, if Vietnam had truly agreed to “properlyhandle bilateral issues” according to China’s definition, then the oil rig crisis would indeed be over. Instead,Hanoi has a very different idea of what constitutes “properhandling” — under its interpretation, China is the oneacting “improperly” byviolating Vietnam’s maritime sovereignty. By neglectingto mention the dual interpretation in its media coverage, China’s media set itselfup to cry foul when Vietnamcontinues to protest the oil rig.

这并不是说中国愿意妥协。恰恰相反,每篇文章都隐含着中国的一贯主张,即钻井平台是中国自家事务,越南应停止其非法骚扰钻井作业。中国(媒体)文章反而暗示,河内已改变了立场。没有一篇文章,与越南和西方媒体报道相同,即越南坚持要求中国移走石油钻井平台。相反,新华社文章强调,越南和中国同意“妥善处理双边问题 “,不应将南海争端国际化,应该对海上紧张局势保持克制,避免影响更广泛的双边关系。


Chinese media also portrayed Yang’s visitnot only as a diplomatic victory, but as a moral one. Xinhua emphasized that Yang’strip to Hanoi was itself proof that China is proactively seeking to solve theproblem. Yang’s visit, Xinhua said, is a demonstration of China’s “sincerity in wanting to solve problemsthrough dialogue and [China's] great power magnanimity.” CCTV said that Yang had gone to help “returnChina-Vietnam relations to the proper path at an early date.”The tone of these articles painted Yang assomething like a patient teacher sent to deal with a particularly recalcitrantstudent. This attitude was most evident in the nationalistic media outlet Huanqiu (the Chinese-language counterpartof Global Times). Huanqiu characterized Yang’s visit as a gift from China, offering Vietnamyet another chance to “rein itself in before it’s too late.” Yang’s function in Hanoi was to “clarify the bottom line and the pros andcons” of the situation. In talking with Vietnam, Huanqiu said, China was “urging the ‘prodigal son to return home.’” Based on this interpretation, it seems that Yang was not in Hanoifor a real dialogue, but simply to deliver a lecture.The Chinese media narrative, despite itspositivity, is designed to set up China well shouldtensions continue to smolder. Each story emphasized Vietnam’sharassment of the Chinese oil rig, and China’s patienceand magnanimity in dealing with these provocations by sending Yang to Vietnamfor talks. The stories also emphasized the consensus reached in the meetings; thesewords will be used against Hanoi if the crisis continues on itscurrent track. China’s mediacoverage sent a strong message that it is now up to Vietnam to respondcorrectly to China’s overtures by ending itinterference with and protests over the Chinese oil rig. Thus, the Huanqiu piece ended with a warning thatthe international community will be watching to see if Vietnam can match wordsto deeds after the Yang meeting.

中国媒体不仅把杨的访问刻画成外交成功,而且还把它形容成道义上的胜利。新华社强调,杨的河内之旅本身就证明了中国正在积极寻求解决问题。新华社说,杨的访问体现了中国“真诚地希望通过对话解决问题并表达出大国的(中国)豁略大度。” CCTV表示,杨已作出挽救“让中越关系早日回归正常轨道” 。这些文章腔调像是把杨描绘成一位耐心的老师被派去教导一个特别顽劣的学生。

这种态度在民族主义倾向的媒体——环球时报,表达的最为明显(环球时报中文版)。环球时报说:杨的访问像一个来自中国的礼物,给越南一个再次“趁早悬崖勒马“的机会。杨在河内的任务是“明确局势的底线和利弊”。谈起越南,环球时报说,中国“力劝 ‘浪子回头’”。



Oro Invictus 8hours ago
Once again, thePRC government portraying any contact it deigns to make withothers as a magnanimous gift. The PRCgovernment is as a national-sized version of someone with "LittleEmperor" Syndrome; I've never seen such a combination of self-reassurance,passive-aggressiveness,and patronization since... Well, since the last set of diplomatic blunders.And, of course, thisis occuring just as the PRC is reported to be moving another oil riginto/near the disputed area.


tdilla 8 hoursago
What a sickeninglypatriarchal tone to take in foreign relations. China speaks to Vietnam as if itwere a child, failing to even consider why Vietnam would be upset in the firstplace. Such a mentality is abundantly prevalent in Chinese thinking; that Chinaneeds to lecture it's supplicants on how China thinks thingsshould be. No wonder why China has no true friends in Asia.


Dtt707 an hourago
From"teaching a lesson" (1979 war), to "bringing a gift", theMiddle Kingdom mentality has not moved into 21st century. Chinese revanchismwill fail simply because in this worldof information flows, the free world understands their assertiveambitions, no matter how many times "peaceful rise" is repeated bythe CCP media. And contrary to conventional wisdom,China's neighbors were never completely assimilated by China. Even Tibet andXinjiang, the peoples are rising up. China better looks atitself carefully before it is too late.

带来的礼物就是1979年的那场教训, 都21世纪了中央王国的心态仍痴心未改。中国复仇主义将完全失败,因为在这个信息流转时代,自由世界了解他们的野心,无论CCP媒体重复喊多少次“和平崛起”都无济于事。与传统的观念相反,中国的邻居们并没有完全被中国融合。即使是在X.Z、X.J,人们还在反抗。中国在后悔之前,该好好地审视下自己啦。

Duken 7 hoursago
I see this visithas achieved nothing. Both countries remain their point of view, meanwhileChina's about to move the second rig into the same disputed area. Justa calm moment before the storm.


narsfweasels 2hours ago
China hassomething of a weakness in regular diplomacy, however it's chequebook diplomacyis second to none.


Warren Lauzon 8hours ago
It ispretty amazing justhow much difference there is between Vietnamese and Chinese media reports ofthe same event.


An Observer 3hours ago
Despite theViolent Vietnamese killed Chinese workers in Vietnam, who were there to helpVietnamese for their jobs in Chinese FDI factories, China still sends topranking official to Vietnam to resolve the differences diplomatically.While some Muslimskilled some Americans in 9/11 out of the frustration with the US’ moronic MEpolicy against the Muslims, instead of resolving the differences with theMuslims diplomatically, USA and its imperial warmonger allies resorted toextreme violence of bombed and killing to further aggravate the disgruntles andacrimoniesin the ME, which resulted in millions of Muslims killed, maimed, broken hearts,ruined families and destroyed stable societies and nations.China’s civilizedand prudent approach to complex international issuescompletely exposed the incompetence of the West under the leadership USA indiplomacy, and made the West appeared barbaric instead ofthe final form of civilization, so the West is cranking up their manufacturingconsent machinery to discredit China’s diplomatic solutions likethis article to mask their unrepented criminal behaviour.

尽管粗暴的越南人害死了许多在越南工作的中国人,是谁在越南投资建厂解决越南人的就业,中国还派出高官到越南利用外交手段化解分歧。一些穆斯林在9 / 11中杀害了很多美国人,是由于美国采取愚蠢的自我政策对付穆斯林,而不是利用外交解决与穆斯林的分歧,美国和他帝国战争贩子盟友采取狂轰滥炸和谋杀等极端手段,进一步加剧了不满和对立,导致数百万穆斯林人丧生,残疾,绝望,妻离子散,摧毁了国家社会的稳定。


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