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China fetes India, Myanmar, says Beijing poses no threat
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哈哈哈 印度和缅甸要是相信习讲得话那才叫愚蠢呢,特别是就中国在邻国争议海域的行动而言。


China's President Xi Jinping attends a conference marking the 60th anniversary …


By Ben BlanchardBEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese President Xi Jinping feted neighbours India and Myanmar on Saturday, dusting off the 60th anniversary of a now rather obscure agreement signed in the early days of the Cold War to pledge a rising China's commitment to peace.

北京-路透社-周六中国国家主席习近平高度赞扬了印度和缅甸。此60周年纪念重温在冷战早期签订的协议 ,此协议现在相当模糊不清,(此次60周年纪念)表明中国正在坚持走和平崛起之路。(一看就是三哥写的。。。喜欢长句 )

In 1954, China, India and Myanmar signed the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, promising mutual non-aggression and non-interference in internal affairs, ideals then incorporated into the Non-Aligned Movement of countries who did not wish to choose between the United States and the Soviet union  .


However, China's ties with both India and Myanmar, then known as Burma, soured in the 1960s, as China and India fought a border war and Myanmar's military rulers oversaw torrid anti-Chinese riots, events that mar relations to this day.More recently, China's growing diplomatic and military clout has rattled nerves around the region, especially with Beijing's increasingly strident moves to assert itself in territorial disputes in the East China Sea with Japan and in the South China Sea with countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines.


Xi, speaking to some 700 people in Beijing's cavernous Great Hall of the People, including Myanmar President Thein Sein and Indian Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari, said China would never try to impose its will no matter how strong it becomes.


"China does not subscribe to the notion that a country is bound to seek hegemony when it grows in strength. Hegemony or militarism is not in the genes of the Chinese. China will unswervingly pursue peaceful development because it is good for China, good for Asia and good for the world," Xi said.


"The notion of dominating international affairs belongs to a different age, and such attempts are doomed to failure,"


“ Xi added, in a speech strong on broad, vague statements about peace though short on detail

(路透社添油加醋。。。)大意习boss话讲得这么大声,但关于和平发展的具体内容模糊。。被吐槽了。。(译者吐槽 。。原文我看过有几千字呢 原文模糊那是你们不懂文言文~)

"Flexing military muscles only reveals a lack of moral ground or vision, rather than reflecting one's strength. Security can be solid and enduring only if it is based on moral high ground and vision," he said.


FRONTIER DEFENCEYet comments on border defence reported by the official Xinhua news agency late on Friday suggest that Xi will have his work cut out for him in trying to convince Asia that China's intentions are really peaceful.


"Talking about frontier defence, one cannot help thinking about China's modern history when the country was so weak and destitute that it was for everyone to bully," Xinhua cited Xi as saying.


"Foreign aggressors broke China's land and sea defences hundreds of times, plunging the Chinese nation into the abysm of calamity," Xi added, calling on people not to forget the "history of humiliation" and strengthen the borders, especially at sea.


Still, Xi was warm in his praise for India, whose new Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking to strengthen India's armed forces and economy, in part to enable him to react more decisively in foreign relations than his predecessor, the mild-mannered Manmohan Singh.


"In one of his poems, Rabindranath Tagore, the great Indian poet, wrote that if you think friendship can be won through war, spring will fade away before your eyes," he said, referring to the Bengali Nobel Literature laureate.”


Xi noted that Myanmar, whose president has irritated China by suspending a major Chinese-invested dam project and seeking closer ties with the United States, was the first country to sign a border agreement with China, in 1960."The people of India, Myanmar and other Asian countries also cherish the values of love, kindness and peace," he said.(Editing by Stephen Powell)

习提到了缅甸,缅甸由于暂停了中方投资的水坝项目而寻求与美国拉近关系,这激怒了中国。缅甸于1960年是第一个于中国签订边界协定的国家。’印度,缅甸和亚洲其他国家的人民也拥有关爱,友好,和平的价值观' 习说。

Bowsnow • 1 day 23 hours ago
Suuuuuuuuure!! We are committed to peace and is against hegemony but I'll have this and that and that and this and draw this as ours and yours as ours and this and that and that and this.. And we will fiercely defend this and that and that and this and what we drew here and there and there and here and fiercely defend our frontier but of course pose no threat even though what we grabbed from here and there and there and here which were not ours is our frontier and maritime ownership! What a load of BS! Who are you trying to spin again china~! Anyone who listen to you
especially you Xi Jin Ping must be an idiot or is very stupid!

我们以和平发展与法对霸权为己任,BULA BULA。。。(一堆废话)一说习讲了一堆废话。。后面的自己查字典吧 不能翻。。~

Irish1055 • 1 day 17 hours ago
Filthy PRC continues to bribe their next victims in their quest to start World War III. In the last 12 months, they've had spats, that the PRC started, with India, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Burma/Myanmar, Brunei, and Malaysia. As they steal natural resources by invading the sovereign waters of MUCH smaller nations, they keep hoping that someone will be the first one to fire the shot to start the war they want so badly. Building islands in the Philippines, adding schools to Vietnamese islands, putting oil rigs in other nation's EEZ's, the ignorance of the law is their

在他们发动三战的任务中中国继续收买下一个受害者,在最近的一年来他们开始搞摩擦,中国引起的,和印度 日本 韩国 越南 菲律宾 缅甸 马来 ,他们(指中国)通过侵略弱小国家的领海来盗取自然资源,他们还希望有些国家先开第一枪来引发战争,他们的想法恶劣。。在菲律宾建岛,在越南岛上间学校,在他国的专属经济区间放钻井平台,他们的本来就是无法无天。

CRitiCally12 1 day 21 hours ago
Report Abuse"China does not subscribe to the notion that a country is bound to seek hegemony when it grows in strength. Hegemony or militarism is not in the genes of the Chinese. China will unswervingly pursue peaceful development because it is good for China, good for Asia and good for the world," Xi said.So what they call they are doing now in their neighbors?Is that for peace???


Riptide • 2 days 0 hours ago
ha ha ha....it would be foolish for India and Myanmar to believe the words coming out of this so called leader's mouth...specially if the actions of the chinese in the disputed seas around its neighborss is concerned. Empty words and empty assurances.

哈哈哈 印度和缅甸要是相信习讲得话那才叫愚蠢呢,特别是就中国在邻国争议海域的行动而言。空洞的,无信的。

KING • 1 day 19 hours ago
Chinese words are different from their actions.


Zaldy • 1 day 20 hours ago
I believe in all what President Xi is saying that China is really for Peace! And my middle name is Li(ar)!!


Yuri • 1 day 1 hour ago
China is the #$%$ of the earth. Once you start believing in anything its leaders say, you will be eaten alive without your knowing it. So if you want to live in peace, stay away from China. (China is synonymous to GFLDD -- greed, fakes, lack of integrity, dirty tricks and deception)


Raymond • 1 day 20 hours ago
If china continue this kind of behavior they might wake up one day seeing herself in chaos.


Wolfox • 1 day 2 hours ago
A decade from now... there will be a 40-dash line Map of China which includes all country in Asia... it's time to contain them and defeat their insanity

几十年前 一份40年代的的中国地图上包含了所有亚洲国家(译者吐槽。凯申公威武)。。。

Lao Ren • 2 days 3 hours ago
You seem to overlook that USA was exposed by Snowden to deceive its citizens and the world by secretly wiretapped them but pretending to be a victim of wiretapping . That's the mother of all deceiving.

你应该去看看美国过被斯诺登爆料秘密窃听监视自己国民和全世界,但是还装作被监听受害者, 这才是骗子的始祖啊。。、

Ocean • 1 day 22 hours ago
To the World "ONLY AN IDIOT BELIEVE CHINA'S WORD" yes they are not a threat for 1 thing but a THREAT for everything. This kind of word already used by Russia'n leader for Ukrain until now. This 2 countries have the same in commomn a " MODERN LAND GRABBER".

这句“只有傻瓜才相信中国说的话” 是的他们不是对一件事的威胁而是威胁到了一切,同样的话俄罗斯领导力人对于乌克兰事件已经说过。这2个国家有个同个的特征“现代土地掠夺者”。。。

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