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China ends drilling operations in disputed sea
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HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — China on Wednesday was moving a massive oil rigaway from waters claimed by Vietnamafter announcing the end of operations, a development that should end a tensestandoff between the nations in the South China Sea.
But in withdrawing the rig on its own terms, Beijing has demonstratedit will not be stopped from carrying out exploration activities in waters itconsiders its own — regardless of the regional or international criticism suchactions provoke.

越南,河内--- 本周三,中国宣布结束作业并从越南所主张的海域移走大型石油钻井平台,缓解了相关国家在南中国海的紧张僵局。但是按照中国自己的情况撤回钻井平台,北京已经表明在这一水域的勘探行为不会停止,这取决于他自己,并不在意由此带来的地区或国际上的批评与谴责。

China deployed the rig in early May close to theParacel Islands, triggering fury in Hanoi, which demanded Beijing withdraw itand sent patrol ships to try and disrupt the operations.
China insisted it had done nothing wrong, and accused Vietnam ofillegally disrupting its activities.Adding to tensions in the region, deadly riotstargeting perceived and actual Chinese interests broke out in Vietnam, leaving several dead andexposing the level of nationalist sentiment in the country against its giantneighbor.


The deployment of the rig was widely seen as partof a strategy by China ofgradually staking out its claims in the South China Sea, all or part of whichare also claimed Vietnam,the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysiaand Brunei.
China's Foreign Ministry said after the rig's withdrawal wasannounced that it was because the typhoon season was beginning and that itsoperations had been completed.


It said oil and gas has been discovered duringthe operation, but was assessing the data gathered before deciding its nextmove. It has always been unclear whether the Beijing deployed the rig for genuineexploration reasons or geopolitical ones. When it announced the deployment, Beijing said it wouldwithdraw it on Aug. 15, also citing the typhoon season.


Ha Le, deputy director of Vietnam's fisheries resourcessurveillance department, said China began removing the rig and escortingvessels Tuesday night, and by 8 am Wednesday it was 40 nautical miles northwestof its original location and continuing to move toward Hainan island.
Le said 30 vessels from Vietnam's coast guard and fisheriespatrol forces that were sent to try to force the Chinese oil rig away willreturn to port to avoid the incoming Rammasun typhoon.


哈儿((*^__^*) )说:被派去试图阻止中国石油钻井平台的30艘隶属于越南海岸及渔业部门的武装船只将会返回港口,以躲避即将到来的莫拉克台风。

China's unwillingness to move the rig exposed Vietnam's lackof options when dealing with its giant neighbor. The workings of the governmenthere are shrouded in secrecy, but it has long been assumed that the Party issplit between a faction that favors a tough line against Beijing — andconsequentially stronger ties with the United States and its allies in Asia —and those members who believe a compromise can be reached with their ideologicalallies to the north.


As a result of the rig placement, Prime MinisterNguyen Tan Dung has said the country was preparing to file a legal challenge toChina's claims in aninternational tribunal, something that risks angering China. It remains to be seenwhether Vietnamwill go ahead with that now the rig has been withdrawn.
Former Vietnamese ambassador to Beijing NguyenTrong Vinh said China'sremoval of the rig didn't signal a change of attitude on behalf of the country.


"The removal of the oil rig from ourcontinental shelf and exclusive economic zone is only temporary. Maybe theypulled out the oil rig ahead of the typhoon season. It does not mean that theyhave abandoned their resolve to take control of most of the East Sea,"he said, using the Vietnamese term for the South China Sea.


China's economy has affected a lot with their actions. They becamea giant north korea.Investment to that communist country became too risky as this big north korea imitation is scaring investors aswar with united statesmigth ruin their investment in aggressive communist china . Though biginvestors lingers due to cheap slmost slavery labor the politburo are makingtheir people, its becoming dangerous to feal with the devil. Instead esternrs njapan stated moving their investments in philippines and other safe allycountries.


DON'T BELIEVE WHAT CHINA SAY BUT LOOK AT WHAT THEY DO!They have stolen all the oil....


Chinacan't pull back for long, not with 1.4 billion people. China's ally isthe American financial class. The same guys who shipped our manufacturing,technology, capital and jobs to Chinaare the same guys who control our media and our politicians. They are not goingto let anything happen to their investments in China. They will continue to exportU.S.jobs and import Chinese engineers and illegals for the jobs they can't export. Japan, Australia,New Zealand.Vietnam and the PI are ontheir own and must realize that Chinawith 1.4 billion people will take ALL the resources, land and sea if notstopped.


The Chinese are like parasites. They suckeverything dry and move onto their next victim.


Strange. Very few comments from rabidChinese dime-a-dozen trolls today. Maybe they've received orders from Xi to laylow until the heat has died down.However, I'm totally sure there's more brewing on the back burner and verysoon, too.


Diversify your economy, China will put economic pressure on you if waris too risky for China.Xi Jinping goes all over the world to try to build economic alliances now. Sobe alert politically, militarily, and economically when you deal with China.


China, your next job is East china sea,come and drill another island. Abe is waiting for you so long time. "Our door is always open." He welcomes your STRONG provocation to rewrite constitution.


Obama is a dork.


They say one thing and do another...


These islands belong to China, anybody ignores this factshows a lack of knowledge in history.These islands belong to Chinaa LOT more than Hawaii or Alaskabelong to the US.Those stinky Vietcon vessels should be shelled and send to the sea bottominstead of just rammed.


Now I can buy "made in China"products again. It had been tough without it.


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