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How a Virginia factory owner battled theChinese and won

Since China joined the World TradeOrganization in 2001, the U.S. alone has lost close to 3 million jobs,according to the AFL-CIO and Economic Policy Institute. That's because Americanmanufacturers can't compete with cheaper Chinese imports, and there are a lotmore of them after China joined the WTO. So many U.S. companies laid offworkers and closed factories.


John Bassett III, a third-generationfurniture factory owner in Virginia, refused to do that. He decided instead totake on the Chinese."He's absolutely relentless, “says Beth Macy, author of Factory Man: How One Furniture MakerBattled Offshoring, Stayed Local -- and Helped Save an American Town.

约翰巴西特三世是佛吉尼亚一家家具厂的第三代老板,却反其道而行。他决定反抗中国商品。 “他真是不屈不挠,”《工厂英雄:一家家具制造商如何抵抗外包、定居本土并帮助拯救一座美国城镇的》的作者Beth Macy如是说。

Bassett traveled from the foothills of theBlue Ridge Mountains to northern China to visit a factory that made knockoffsof the furniture his factory made. Bassett pretended to be interested in doingbusiness with the Chinese manufacturer, who was willing to supply Bassett withfurniture provided he closed his own factory.


Not a chance. Bassett returned to the U.S.and organized a group of other U.S. furniture makers to file a complaint withthe U.S. International Trade Commission, charging Chinese manufacturers withdumping products -- selling them for less than the cost of production. Heeventually won, saving 700 jobs in the process and a small Virginia town.


But winning trade complaints is not theonly reason Bassett has succeeded.


"In his factory he's constantly comingup with ways to make things cheaper, quicker, more efficient and to inspire hisworkers to be the most productive workforce," Macy tells Yahoo Finance inthe video. One example: a "speed delivery system" that gets hisproduct to market far faster than the Chinese-produced furniture coming bycontainer ship from Asia.


"The Chinese are not superpeople," Bassett told his workers. "They cannot suck the oceandry!"


Brandon 5 hours ago
Terrible article in my opinion. Nothing wasmentioned about the fact that John Bassett has had nothing to do with theBassett Furniture company since the early 1980s and the company that he savedwas the Vaughan-Bassett company and the factory he speaks of is in Galax, VA.Bassett Furniture closed their plant in Bassett, VA a few years back and it hassince burned down. I know, I grew up in Bassett, VA. The sad thing is afterreading this article someone will go buy something made by Bassett Furniturethinking they are buying American when that company makes almost everything inVietnam or China and Vaughan-Bassett is the company that manufactures in theUSA. I don't think Vaughan-Bassett has company stores like Bassett Furnituredoes but I believe their products are sold at Haynes Furniture Stores. Ithought something was strange so I watched the video instead of just readingthe article. The factory pictured in the video even has Vaughan-Bassett name onit, not Bassett Furniture.

这篇文章太可怕了。文章中没提到其实从80年代初期以来,约翰巴西特和这家巴西特家具厂(Bassett Furniture)早就没关系了,他拯救的家具厂其实是位于佛吉尼亚Galax的Vaughan-Bassett。几年前,Bassett Furniture公司就已经关闭了位于Bassett的工厂。我之所以知道,是因为我就是在佛吉尼亚的Bassett长大的。可悲的是,人们在读了这篇文章后,肯定会去购买BassettFurniture制造的家具,以为他们买的是美国制造的产品,但实际上该公司的家具都是在越南或者中国制造的,而Vaughan-Bassett公司才是真正的美国制造。

Amy 18 hours ago
This is not only happening in the US--everywhere I have been in Europe has the same problem. In Italy, they postedflyers on their doors saying they only sold Italian products and not to buyfrom vendors who sold Chinese fakes. Czech Republic is overrun with cheapChinese clothing and furniture, and so on. It is a global problem. I live inAzerbaijan now, and this is the only place I have ever lived where it is nearimpossible to find anything made in China. The government places such a hugeimport tax on it that it is not viable. Yes, our prices are higher, but they'renot selling out.


william 1 day ago
We have a federal government for 2 mainreasons; settle disputes between states and securing our nation's borders.Instead of doing what we made them to do, they have done everything in theirpower over the last few decades to take power from the people, and cause ournation to fail. We as a people are going to have to wake up to this no matterhow much we don't want it to be true. That it is legal for US companies tooutsource labor when we have high unemployment seems crazy until you finallyadmit it's a designed plan. If your imports outnumber your exports, it will notbe sustainable. If you spend more than you make it can not be sustainable.These are basic concepts. I always hear how stupid politicians are, but this isnot the case. They have sold out the American people for money, power, and the"promise" of security when our economy finally crumbles. All of theseroadblocks to sustainability our government has put up is NO ACCIDENT.Globalists have infiltrated our great nation and are tearing us apart from theinside out. With no bombs or bullets fired, we are being defeated(economically). We are becoming a Socialist nation where the power lies withthe state and not the people. Our media's role is to keep the masses distractedand divided by political parties, religious differences, abortion, gay rights,racism, political correctness, and anything else they can divide us with. Ifthey fail to keep us divided, they know we will unite against the absolutecorruption in our government. We can't just keep arguing Democrat or Republicanas it is an illusion of a choice. In reality, they both serve the same agendathese days. Even the most naive among us must admit something is seriouslywrong with our once great Republic.




JesseJames 1 day ago
I've been on ebay the past few days lookingat "vintage" fising lures.....a lot of the fishing lures I have in mytackle box right now are considered ''classics" because they are made inthe U.S.A. A trip to the local BassProShop revealed thefollowing; out of all the hard plastic and wood bodied lures on their shelf Ifound only two that were still made in the U S. The rest plainly stated"made in China" and about half stated "designed and tested inthe U.S." but no where did it say "made" in the U.S. The lures Ibought just a few years ago are now being made in China or Mexico.....and I'mthinking; "all those people out of a job because of the cheap labor inchina." Makes me sick that American industry is turning it's back on theirown people and sending their jobs overseas. What they don't realize is when youare out of job you can't afford to buy their products even at reduced Asianprices. It's all about the almighty dollar; American Greed...nothing else likeit.



ZuluBloodedAmerican 1 day ago
I go to Asia a lot on business trips &when I started I was told that you have to "think Chinese" whendealing with them. At the time I thought it was a jingoistic thing to say butthen over time I realized Chinese always think long term & make a game outof how patient you can be & they will never show their cards until theyhave to. You can't play chess with a hot potato mindset. American businessesare all about profits now Chinese are about profits for the future. We need tochange our tactics. Mr Bassett out gamed the Chinese & showed Americanbusinesses how it's done. Well played Mr.B!


Marty 1 day ago
It had nothing to do with NAFTA that wasthe North American Free Trade agreement between Canada, the US, Mexico, andparts of Central - So America. It was China's entry into the World Trade Orgthat made things bad for manufacturers here in the USA though NAFTA has alsohad a negative effect on US goods (particularly since many of the automanufacturers are now in MEXICO). Good for Basset and his allies fighting forAMERICA. Time more manufacturers do that rather than capitulating to theChinese and making things there. Always remember folks YOU GET WHAT YOU PAYFOR, and most items made in China even when done to "spec" aredubious at best. PEACE!


Tiger Eighteen 1 day ago
Let's be honest and fair ! It's not thefault of the Chinese government, who are doing their duty to China and theChinese workers.
It's the fault of the US government and politicians who for some heartychampagne donations, pass bills and sign bills into law that allows americanbusinesses to relocate to China and allow their product into US by notenforcing the Constitution, Article 1, Section 8. That specify "importduty taxes" on imported goods.
We need a Constitutional government. Not a phony bunch that ripping off america! I think we need to take responsibility for our own action.


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