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What Russia and Israel have in common

Americans now see Russia as the UnitedStates' topforeign foe, as its image across the Pacific Ocean hits lows not seen indecades.But on that second count, Russia isactually in some good company -- with no less than America's top ally in theregion: Israel.

随着俄罗斯在太平洋给人的印象达到了几十年来的最低点,如今美国人视俄罗斯为美国最大的外部敌人。 但是再仔细想想,在这一点上,俄罗斯还有个好伙伴——那就是美国最重要的地区盟友:以色列。

A new CNN/OpinionResearch poll shows 38 percent of Americans now have an unfavorable view ofIsrael, which in recent days has launched a ground operation in Gaza that hasresulted in more casualties than its allies would prefer (witnessJohnKerry's reaction). The death toll in the current conflict includesmore than 500 Palestinians.


If you combine CNN and Gallup polling,that's the most Americans who view Israel in a negative light since 1992. Israel is hardly a pariah on the scale ofRussia, and 60 percent of Americans still have a positive view of Israel. Inaddition, the polls suggest, on the whole, it has gotten steadily more popularin recent decades.

如果你把CNN和盖洛普的调查结合起来看,会发现这是自1992年以来美国人对以色列持负面看法最多的一次。 但是同俄罗斯相比,以色列显然也没那么糟糕,依然有60%的美国人对以色列持正面看法。此外,调查还表明总体上来说,过去几十年来,人们对以色列的看法呈现出越发正面的态势。

But the momentary increase in negativeviews reinforces an emerging trend in the American electorate: It wants nothingto do with overseas conflict, and would prefer that such conflict didn't exist.


It's also worth noting that the same CNNpoll showed Americans say Israel was justified in launching the operation, by a57-34 margin. But again, opposition to what Israel is doing is on the rise.Fewer people -- 25 percent in 2012 and 31 percent in 2009 -- said previousincursions into Gaza were not justified.


When asked whether Israel has used too muchmilitary force in Gaza, about four in 10 Americans (39 percent) agreed, whileslightly more (43 percent) say it has used about the right amount.
But we would wager theincreased resistance to Israel has more to do with war-weariness thananything about the current operation in Gaza. Reservations about using too muchforce were similar during the 2009 incursion, but views of Israel back thenwere significantly better than today (69 percent favorable, versus 30 percentunfavorable). There's apparently something different today, and it's probablythe myriad other examples of unrest in the region -- including those involvingRussia.

当被问题以色列是否在加沙使用太多武力时,39%的美国人认为的确如此,而43%的人认为刚刚好。 但是我们可以猜测目前美国人之所以越发的反对以色列,原因在于美国人的厌战情绪,而非以色列目前的加沙行动。在2009年的以色列加沙行动中,也有相似数量的人们认为以色列使用了过多的武力,但是当时人们对以色列的看法比如今要好很多(69%的人对以色列持正面看法,只有30%持负面看法)。所以明显是有些事情发生了变化,可能是因为该地区目前发生了太多的动荡——包括涉及到俄罗斯的一些动荡,所以导致美国人的心境发生了改变。

Americans in recent months have beenconfronted with one potentially volatile situation overseas after another, andthe fact that this one involves the United States' top ally doesn't appear toallay concerns that the United States could be drawn into something its peoplewould rather not be a part of.
Which means Israel's top ally is taking adimmer view of it -- at least for now.


Update: This post initially describedIsrael as America's top ally. Polling shows there is some disagreement on this,with others including Canada and Great Britain ranked highly. The post has beenupdated to describe Israel as the U.S.'s top regional ally.


jeanpierregamet 4:15 PM GMT+0800
U.S foreign policy is hostage to Israel andAIPAC and you most cert ainlyknow it. Why ? Money talks. Imagine if Israelisdumped their U.S bonds and withdrew their Money from U.S banks.
Alister′s comment below is right on target.


Alister 4:41 AM GMT+0800
Israel lobbyists are negative influences inthe United States; they have been corrupting the American democracy fromwithin; buying undue influences in our democratic institutions for the benefitof Israel, and corrupting the public officials and shaping our policies.
This is not the Jeffersonian democracy that our founding fathers had intendedto establish in America, for the sake of democracy, we must put an end to thelobbyists’ activities in the US, specially the Israeli lobbyists groups, suchas AIPAC and the likes; they are negative influences in the American democracy.


Jeanpierregamet 4:15 PM GMT+0800
I fully agree. LikeReply Catfish Keefe 2:27 AM GMT+0800 the Likud has never been America's ally, ifso, it would end the occupation.....see Likud Charter...how can Israel be ademocracy when it occupies Arabs?


yowcow 2:59 AM GMT+0800
US occupied Iraq and Afghanistan for morethan a decade.
Did we cease to be a democracy?


Catfish Keefe 3:09 AM GMT+0800
that was for a war purpose, not 50 years,and, look how it worked for us! Israeli's are seen by the Arab world as thelast of the white Euro colonizers...


yowcow 3:45 AM GMT+0800
newsflash - Israel doesn't occupyGaza.
You're correct about one thing - the Arabs still don't accept Israel's right toexist..
Too bad for them.


yowcow 3:49 AM GMT+0800
"that was for a war purpose, not 50years"
US has 131 bases in foreign countries around the world, some of them for atleast 70 years.US troops are not subject to local law.

“那是出于战争的目的,又没有占领这两个国家长达50年。” 美国在外国拥有131个基地,其中有些基地至少已经长达70年历史了。而且美国军队并不受当地法律的制约。

Alister 3:56 AM GMT+0800
Yowcow said:
"US occupied Iraq and Afghanistan for more than a decade. Did we cease tobe a democracy? the answer is YES, and if you disagree, just talk to EdwardSnowden about NSA.

“美国之前占领伊拉克和阿富汗长达10多年。当时的美国就不是民主国家了吗?” 答案是:是的。如果你不同意,你可以去和斯诺登谈谈国安局的事情。

Alister 2:05 AM GMT+0800
Never mind polls, while the United Statesentire political institutions are being totally hijacked by Zionist- Israeliinterest groups, such as AiPAC and the likes, the average Americans cannot evenpinpoint where Israel is located on the map: the Average Americans think thatIsrael is the 52nd states of the US after Canada being the 51st state. so nevermind polls.


Catfish Keefe 3:10 AM GMT+0800
Israel would never be foolish enough to bethe 51st state because they would then have to pay American taxes and wouldonly have two senators.


View More Replies bor2144 1:39 AM GMT+0800
Israel is fighting for its survival, sopublic opinion be damned. Israel will have to kill as many as necessary to stopthe Hamas terror.


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