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China executes Tiananmen Square attackers
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China has executed eight people for "terrorist attacks", including three it described as "masterminding" a suicide car crash in Beijing's Tiananmen Square in 2013, state media announced.
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The official Xinhua news agency said early Sunday that the eight were involved in several cases connected to the northwestern region of Xinjiang, where Beijing says separatist militants are behind a string of attacks that have rocked China in recent months.

Three of the condemned, named by Xinhua as Huseyin Guxur, Yusup Wherniyas and Yusup Ehmet, were "deprived of political rights to life" for their role in the brazen assault in Tiananmen Square in October.

Two tourists were killed in the attack, in which a car rammed into bystanders on the iconic square in the heart of Beijing before bursting into flames.Three attackers also died in the incident Beijing blamed on Xinjiang separatists.

Xinhua said five others were executed, including Rozi Eziz, who was convicted of an attack on police in Aksu in 2013. View gallery A policeman stands guard as Chinese mourners light candles at the scene of the terror attack at the …

Abdusalam Elim was executed on charges of "organizing and leading a terrorist organization", Memet Tohtiyusup had "watched audio-visual materials on religious extremism" and "killed an innocent civilian" in 2013, and Abdumomin Imin was described as a "terrorist ringleader" who led Bilal Berdi in attacks on police in 2011 and 2013.

Xinhua, which cited the Xinjiang region publicity department in its report, did not say when the executions were carried out.

- Crackdown on dissent -

The sentences underscore the tough approach Beijing is taking to increasingly brazen and violent incidents.
The Tiananmen attack was one of several that have rocked China since last year, and which Beijing has blamed on Xinjiang separatists. View gallery Fire trucks are seen on a street near the site where attackers ploughed two vehicles into a market a …

The far-western region is the resource-rich homeland of the Uighurs and other groups, and periodically sees ethnic tensions and discontent with the government burst into violence.

In March, a horrific knife assault at a railway station in the southern city of Kunming left 29 dead and 143 wounded.Two months later, 39 people were killed, along with four attackers, and more than 90 wounded when assailants threw explosives and ploughed two off-road vehicles through a crowd at an Urumqi market.

Chinese courts, which are controlled by the ruling Communist Party and have a near-perfect conviction rate, frequently impose death sentences for terror offences.The executions and sentences are part of a crackdown that comes after Beijing vowed a year-long campaign against terrorism in the wake of the Urumqi market attack.

In June, 13 people were executed for Xinjiang linked terrorist attacks.Beijing does not say how many people it executes each year. But independent estimates put the total at around 3,000 in 2012, a figure higher than all other countries combined.

Exile groups say cultural oppression and intrusive security measures imposed by the Chinese government are the main causes of tension, along with immigration by China's Han ethnic majority, which they say has led to decades of discrimination and economic inequality.

Beijing, however, stresses ethnic harmony in Xinjiang and says the government has helped improve living standards and developed its economy.








WISE-UP 31 minutes ago 1 8
Hello, Yahoo and the writer here: I have to say that this article is just about as mild as what I could expect from any always biased Westerner media already. Thank you, not for me, for the sake of your US readers. Without an accurate news report, how could we expect the citizens to get the right comprehension of the world affairs, and our government to execute the right, or at least close to right foreign policies.
For example, how many US readers know that the horrible ISIS in Middle East right now was US government ally rebels to fight Syria government under the support of our very own US government in last two years.
BTW, Yahoo, you made a minor mistake to tone down the arms those terrorists used in the train station to slaughter 29 innocent Chinese people. Those terrorists used SWORDS, not knifes.
May I ask Yahoo, is this the reason why that US government still allowed the Uighur International leader Rebiya Kadeer to legally staying in US ?
Further more, did Rebiya Kadeer has any direct or indirect info before that train station attack?
When there is a double standard used by any nation, the whole world knows it. And believe or not, it does bite "you" back.
Just like the ISIS right now!






Nur-El-Masih 2 hours ago 0 25
Just say Muslim terrorists. Stop the political correct.


Emmanuel 1 hour ago 0 21
Well done China! Nobody in this world will miss these camel virgins.


A P 2 hours ago 0 18
3000 a year are executed, good job China


EAST COAST 7 hours ago 2 86
Now that is how you deal with terrorists. That is far better than how we deal with them by giving them prison time. Our government could learn from this excellent example.


SOCAL 1 hour ago 0 14
The rest of the civilized world could learn a thing or two from China about dealing with terrorists.


GgG 2 hours ago 0 13
China deals with terrorism better than many nations of the world, quick and complete...
No paying life terms of death sentence
prisoners as they appeal time and time again as the years slip by!



Michael T 25 minutes ago 0 2
Ship our felons to China and pay them to execute them. Tax payers will be happy. Safer society also.


Commenter 44 minutes ago 0 8
China gets it right, you have to stand up to these Muslim terrorists.


Kymailman 55 minutes ago 0 4
whether they executed the right terrorist or not they sent a strong message to the other 1.2 billion residents.


Vice 1 hour ago 0 10
This is how terrorists should be dealt with, rather than giving them free lodging and meals.


Moe 15 minutes ago 0 2
I guess China isn't as concerned as us with the comfort level of murderous Muslim fanatics.


Commenter 15 minutes ago 0 2
India should learn the lesson from China, to execute rapists.


Onlyme 2 hours ago 1 30
This is the correct approach to the ISIS terrorist!! Execute them all!! No exceptions.

这是正确的方法对付ISIS恐怖! !枪毙所有! !没有例外。

Roy 7 hours ago 3 67
Hey President Obama, give China a call, they know how to deal with terrorists. Way to go China!!!


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