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Japan Michelin-star sushi house defendsforeigner rules
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Japan Michelin-star sushi house defendsforeigner rules

Three-star sushi chef Hachiro Mizutani (R) of restaurant Sushi Mizutani pictured with former Michelin director Jean-Luc Naret at a presentation of the 2009 Michelin Guide Tokyo on November 18, 2008

2008年11月18号,Sushi Mizutani餐厅 的主人三星级寿司主厨水谷八郎和米其林前主管Jean-Luc Naret出现在2009年《米其林指南》东京介绍会上

"(Non-Japanese) customers may not showup for their reservations," a member of staff at the restaurant said,adding employees do not have the foreign language proficiency to explainrequirements to patrons.


"We prepare fish for the number ofexpected customers and have to turn down other requests for booking sometimes.We simply cannot afford it if people don't show up.


"We don't think it is anythingdiscriminatory," he said.

The confirmation came after a report thatthe restaurant, located in Tokyo's glitzy Ginza district, had refused to take areservation for Chinese journalist Mo Bangfu.


Mo, a resident of Japan for 30 years who isfluent in Japanese, intended to host three guests at the high-end restaurant,where prices start at 20,000 yen ($168) per person, the Nikkan Gendai tabloidreported.


The number of foreign tourists coming toJapan has rocketed in recent years as the value of the yen has fallen and astensions have eased between Beijing and Tokyo.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said he wantsto attract 20 million foreign visitors a year by 2020, when Tokyo hosts theOlympics.


Despite decades of exposure to non-Japanesetourists, many facilities, even in cosmopolitan Tokyo, have difficultiesdealing with people who they assume cannot speak the language.


Tokyo has a huge selection of top-classeateries, and regularly tops the global list for Michelin-starred restaurants.


No one from the Michelin Guide wasavailable for comment.


Ningster 9 hours ago
In america, a bakery doesn't want to servegays, then it's a huge deal... In Japan, a restaurant doesn't want to servesomeone with a Chinese last name eventhough that person has lived in Japan for30 years... and is OK? 


Homer 13 hours ago
orientals are the biggest racists on theplanet
you just don't know what they are saying about you 


george 2 hours ago
Working in Japanese HS is crazythey wont leave you alone when ever you talk to the students they stand behindyou pretending not to listen to your conversation. When you leave your desk fora break they search the entire school to make sure they can keep an eye on you. I have even been followed to the bathroom !! Anotrher American teacher that Iworked with had a mental breakdown over this!! THey do not trust any one thebelieve that every outsider is out to get them! 


Ningster 8 hours ago


Michael 9 hours ago
Typical of the Japanese. This is why theyhave so much issues with it's neighboring countries, and the same reason theycommitted so many atrocities to everyone else.
Because they think they're superior race to everyone else, and everyone else isan animal in comparison to them. Just like Hitler and his merry bunch thoughtduring WWII. 



anonymous 7 hours ago
I would like to point out that this articlehas nothing to do with the racial discrimination.
With increasing number of tourists from our neighboring countries, such asChina and South Korea, restaurant owners are frequently experiencing troubleslike customers never showing up for their reservations and didn't even care tocancel them. 
I heard that some tourists even refused to pay for their food after eatingeverything. Also, some of them have extremely bad manners, such as talking veryloud while eating and some have even started fighting in the restaurant,annoying other customers. 
We don't have problems with most tourists including those from China and SouthKorea, but some Chinese and Korean tourists do not comply with a minimum rule,such as showing up for their reservations, which is considered a common senseeven in the international standards. 
I believe the restaurant owners also have the right to choose which customersthey want to serve. 


Kevin 6 hours ago
When you have a country where 99% of thepeople are of the same race, you tend to be less sensitive to racism, unlikeAmerica where being anti-racist is in our blood and culture with movies likeSchindler's list or Django Unchained, Japan has no minorities to speak out,which really proves that the number of people in a country means nothing, it'sthe diversity of the people that really exemplifies how great a country is 


zbd34 2 hours ago
The language issue is just an excuse. WhenI was in Japan, we were even with other Japanese, and were turned down atseveral places because we were foreigners. People do not realize it, but Japanis probably the most racist country on earth. If they want to be that way, itreally doesn't bother me, hell I have even worked for a Japanese companybefore. 
What DOES bother me, however, are all the whiners in the US complaining how"racist" it is and how bad they have it, all because of"racism". They haven't a clue as to how the rest of the worldworks...the USA does its level best to stamp out racism, even trying tolegislate it out of existence, which will never happen. All of those efforts,and the thought behind them, goes completely unappreciated, which is nosurprise. 



John 9 hours ago
Typical American behavior. Not sure were wewant to eat, so let's make reservation at four different restaurants and pickone later. I don't blame the sushi restaurant at all. 


(BOB) 9 hours ago
it's not really a foreigner thing, it's aanti-chinese thing. hatred for Chinese is alive and well in japan and in turnthe opposite is true in China as well. 


Rocklin Steve 4 hours ago
Incomplete story to determine what reallyhappened. 


ge 7 hours ago 000000000000000
When I visited Japan, the restaurantsdidn't cared if we could read their menu. 


Dwayne P 9 hours ago
Who cares??? Same thing in America "Wereserve the right to refuse service" 
Besides, they were Chinese. I mean honestly why are they even visiting ifthey're so upset with Japan... 


priorities_people 8 hours ago
This is really nothing new. When I was inTokyo, I was denied service at a restaurant, because I wasn't a Japanese. Theywould fit well with the discriminating idiots in Indiana. 


Real 8 hours ago
Everything comes down to your racialbackground if you live in Japan. That's what I heard from my friends. Whetheryou look for an apartment, visit a doctor, or go to a restaurant. The Japanesejudge you on your appearance and treat you accordingly. If you look white, youare treated slightly better than a brown or black. Japanese realtors often telltheir foreigners that they don't take foreign renters. If you are from a thirdworld country, the chance you get medically treatment in a Japanese hospital isslim -- they'll tell you "Sorry, we don't take foreign patients." 


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