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ABC allowed to broadcast in China


BEIJING: China has put aside oldrestrictions on western media and allowed the Australian BroadcastingCorporation to distribute its content in the entire country. ABC announced themove on Thursday.


This is the most extensive access afforded to any Western broadcaster. Atpresent BBC World Service and CNN International are the only western networksallowed to broadcast but only to foreign audiences in diplomatic compounds,foreigners' residential complexes and certain international hotels.


The new deal allows the network's content to be distributed by a web portal andrebroadcast by Chinese television networks, informed sources said. A formaldeal signing is expected to take place in Shanghai on May 4.


The decision comes after the visit of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott toChina last week. Under the deal, the network's content will be distributed by aweb portal and rebroadcast by state-controlled Chinese television networks.


Australia Network which is run by the ABC has apparently agreed to China'sstern censorship rules before getting the government to bless the move.


Sources said the move signifies a rare opening up in China which has ignoredRupert Murdoch's efforts for 20 years to secure broadcast rights in Chinathrough Star China TV.


Shanghai Media Group, China's second-biggest media company, will host ABC andother Australian content on a web portal allowing all other media local mediachannels to use it.


Chinese broadcast partners will be allowed to buy the content which includesnews, Q&A and entertainment shows, and show on TV across the country. ABChas also been allowed to establish an office in a Shanghai to market itscontent.中国方面的媒体合作伙伴将被允许购买这些内容,包括新闻,问答节目,娱乐节目,以及电视节目。澳洲广播公司还被允许在上海设立一个办事处来推销自己的产品。

Why such a preferential treatment forAustralia ?


TerryWillson (Mackay Queensland) replies to girishck2005
Because we have really cute kangaroos andcuddly Koala bears? Perhaps not. China is investing ten of billions of dollarsinto Australia. More money than any other country besides the United States.They are acquiring rich farmland and mining sites. Their investment inresidential real estate is staggering. $22 billion dollars over the past 7years and this is projected to grow to $44 billion in the next 7 years. One infive ( almost at 18%) new homes in Sydney is purchased by Chinese investors. Wehave a significant Asian population in Australia.Some Asian origin and wellover two million migrants over the past few years. China has the strongest baseand Mandarin is our second language after English. China is also our biggesttrading partner after Japan, Korea and the United States in that order.


girishck2005replies to Terry Willson
Thanks a lot. I am surprised. Is Chinaplanning to colonize Australia, or at least to off-load its excess population ?


TerryWillson replies to girishck2005
The Chinese Ambassador to India in 2006,made it abundantly clear to the Indian Government that the Province ofArunachal Pradesh (most of it, 92.000 square kilometres)was sovereign ChineseTerritory and that position has not changed. Chinese troops occupy 640 squarekilometres of Indian land, so perhaps they have untoward designs on India??Just kidding.


Roger(NYC)ABC is absolute nonsense. They are like theNorth Korean Television. Propaganda, Hyperbole and Cartoon news. Australiannews channels are a waste of time and money and they have no substance


ash (uk) 2 days ago
china broacasts freely in west yetrestricts any broadcast in its own country just shows dual standards . ppl ofindia are so lucky as their freedom of speech and internet is not censored atall .


Ajit Yadav (Unknown)2 days ago: f


MartinDoyle (Perth, Western Australia)2 days ago
Australia Network may have a few shows thatwould be of interest to the Chinese; however, not sure if China has Australia'sequivalent to our SBS which shows foreign language.Aussie Rules footy would be good content if not for all those primitive tattoosmost of the players have on display. The one episode of Q&A fromChina last week would have been of interest to them, but Q&As otherepisodes would not be. The current affairs show Asia Pacific Focus is one thatmay be. On ABC's Channel Two you've got that comedy show Mad as Hell which isactually a very funny show. But, geez I can't think of anything else.


(澳大利亚特别节目广播事业局(Special Broadcasting Service,SBS):主管澳大利亚民族电视台(SBS电视台)和SBS广播台,由联邦政府资助。SBS电视台是一个多元文化电视台,1980年10 月24日联合国日开始工作,除新闻、体育和部分记录片用英语播送外,其余节目均用澳各民族语言配英文字幕播送,为非英语背景人士提供了了解世界的机会。)

TerryWillson (Mackay Queensland)
replies to Martin DoyleHI Martin, on the other side of the coin,take time out to watch the Chinese dating show on SBS Two. Chinese sub-titlesbut it is entertaining with a cult following of 50 million people. It can behilarious and sometimes very emotional. It is called "If you are the one"Check it out.


RekhaBisht (Unknown)


Wow, those poor Chinese have to suffer theBS from ABC.


TerryWillson (Mackay Queensland) replies to 1littlegrey
I dont mind the ABC. The government hatesthem and Tony Abbott is making noises about cutting back their funding as theyare upsetting the conservation establishment in Australia and the mediacontrolled by an American press baron, Rupert Murdock.


MikeGriffin (Australia)
It is becoming very clear that secludedChina is desiring to emerge from it's cocoon and it sees Australia(surprisingly) almost as a mentor to progress it's debut on the world stage. Inthe last month or so we have seen several remarkable occurrences. Militaryplanes and ships operating out of Perth, Western Australia under direction ofthe Australian Navy. China's People's Liberation Army has asked to operateunder Australian command in the largest international exercises that it hasever joined, RIMPAC. And now this, permission for the ABC to broadcast inChina. Dawn of a new era?


Red Dawn in the Pacific (The World) repliesto Mike Griffin 2 days ago
The beginning of the Red Dawn in thePacific. Or another Pearl Harbour when everyone is asleep.


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