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On 26 May, CNN broadcast an unusual clip of a US navy intelligence flight over the South China Sea. The P-8A Poseidon surveillance plane – one of the newest weapons in the Pentagon's arsenal – had taken off, with a CNN reporter on board, from Clark airbase in the Philippines, once part of America's largest overseas base complex during the cold war. After about 45 minutes, the plane reached its first target – which had, until recently, been an obscure, almost entirely submerged feature in the Spratly Island group. 


NeverNotHereTV ProfessorCruxx
31 Jul 2015 05:09
"Rule the world" is your idea. China was a cultural beacon for millennia, until colonialism applied their superior weapons. Perhaps you don't have a personal history, or don't know anything about your origins? That doesn't mean those that do, have to reduce to your level.


If they are able to restore their culture into the world spotlight, then they will try it. China has its share of armed aggression. But it is clear that the west has started many more wars. China hasn't been in a major conflict for 25 years. 


NeverNotHereTV ProfessorCruxx
31 Jul 2015 04:46
There not cheap.


30 Jul 2015 19:10
reclaiming for it the preeminent place that every schoolchild learns was China's lot for the majority of recorded history.
Brainwashing the next generation into believing that China has an historical right to rule the world . . . dovetails with the huge and wasteful expenditure on overwhelming US military capability. A long-term strategy of preparing for aggression on a global scale.


Tonesbigtrip Andrew Paul Wood
30 Jul 2015 14:26
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Tonesbigtrip Andrew Paul Wood
30 Jul 2015 14:23
There are around 70 Aboriginal players in the VFL, none of them are being booed.
As for racism against migrants, asylum seekers, etc:


If I was as stupid as you, I might say something like "own it or piss off", but of course I wouldnt make a dumbass sweeping generalisation like that as its far more complicated and I dont pretend to be a fucking knowitall who thinks that because he goes down there once in a while on holidays or whatever the fuck you do there that he knows better about the situation than a native. Oh, and if youre branching out into Homophobia now for a little more Aussie bashing, maybe next time you go there, go see the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and see the level of support Gay people get in our country. Moron.


30 Jul 2015 14:20
I think that this provides a very fruitful opportunity for all the developed countries to source their products elsewhere. As jobs in developed countries dry up, perhaps they need to create manufacturing and home jobs and industries as an essential part of their own home defence and national security.


30 Jul 2015 14:18
I noticed that despite being written entirely in Chinese, the names of the islands were all phoneticised versions of the names westerners had given them in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Is creating knock offs of everybody else's ideas a blind spot in China's national psyche?



Angkor third_eye
30 Jul 2015 14:15
When then will we see any evidence of you trying to understand the positions of the Vietnamese, the Filipinos, the Malaysians, the Bruneians, the Japanese and the South Koreans?
There has been no evidence as yet that you are even aware that they have an interest in the matter.



third_eye Angkor
30 Jul 2015 13:58
Good heavens, that's a whole lot of emotion and anger! Get a hold of yourself. Not everything in this world needs to be seen from a simplistic you against the world perspective. Try understanding the other's position.........that would be a good beginning.


Piggy256 Silgen
30 Jul 2015 13:44
My dear sir,
As you well know, Wilhelm II was Queen Victoria's grandson.I refer you to Massie's account quoted by SystemD; it is my source, too.
You may perhaps have preferred "strongly objected" to "refused", though this objection was tantamount to a flat refusal, which, I agree, they could not implement and that, therefore, resulted in a very costly arms race between the two nations...
Yours truly,


你也许更喜欢"强烈反对",不大喜欢"反对", 虽然这个反对无异于断然拒绝, 我承认,这一点他们无法得偿所愿。于是,两国之间就进行了一场耗资巨大的军备竞赛……

Angkor third_eye
30 Jul 2015 12:02
Now I realise that the problem is that you just aren't very bright. Not that I criticise you for that as God loves dumb people, as if he didn't why did he make so many?


1. You advance a possible rationale for the Chinese building bases on reefs on the SCS as a move to preempt the US from doing so, using the US base on Diego Garcia as an example of where the US had done that before. 


2. You are unaware that China's claims in the SCS are contested by other countries there, specifically Vietnam where disputes in the past have led to exchanges of gunfire.


3.Now you say that you see nations and governments for what they are not for what you want the world to believe them to be when they're not, despite having not a clue about the history of the SCS dispute nor about the history of the establishment of the US base on Diego Garcia, which was an exercise in collusion with the exercise with the British government and not a grab at unclaimed land.


4. You then further demonstrate the dumbness of your comments by saying that (from what I can only work out from my responses to your lunatic theories) "that would include the acknowledgement that the issue of the local inhabitants of Diego Garcia has not been satisfactorily resolved". Well, Sunshine, of course the issue of the local inhabitants on Diego Garcia has not been satisfactorily resolved. 

然后你又说"其中包括承认迪戈加西亚岛居民的问题没有得到满意解决"以此进一步证明你的言论有多蠢, (从中我只能想出对你的疯子理论作何反应)"。嗯,当地居民在迪戈加西亚岛的问题当然还没有得到令人满意的解决。

5.However that is an issue that has got nothing to do with what is happening in the SCS, except to the extent that the Chinese with their nine dash line policy are forcing Vietnamese fishermen and Filipino fishermen, who have been been making their living from the SCS as their ancestors were doing for thousands of years, out of the SCS and excluding them from their traditional livelihoods, and that issue has not been satisfactorily resolved either.

不过这个问题, 与南海目前局势毫无关联。但是中国的九段线政策正把越南渔民和菲律宾渔民,强行赶出他们祖先几千年来赖以为生的南海, 剥夺他们的传统生计, 这个问题同样没有得到圆满解决。

6. Not that I am surprised with you not being that for such is your low level of intelligence that you see things only through the prism of "the concerns and interests of geo-political players" totally ignoring the interests of other parties such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei, which are all affected by China's SCS claims.

你不这样我并不感到惊讶,因为你的智商低, 你只能通过"地缘政治参与者担心的问题和利益"看待问题,完全无视越南、菲律宾、马来西亚和文莱等其他各方的利益都受到中国对南海主张的影响。

7. If you had the intelligence to inform yourself of the consequence for those countries and their people of China's SCS claim as well as for Japan and South Korea then you might have a chance of seeing why that claim deserves condemnation and not understanding and acceptance. That leaving aside whatever interest the United States has in the issue.


But is clear that you do not. You don't give a stuff about those millions of people and yet the plight of the Chagos Islanders presses upon you. What hypocrisy.

但是很明显,你不会。你对那几百万人漠不关心, 反倒去关心查戈斯岛民的困境。真虚伪! 

30 Jul 2015 11:54
I felt quite informed after reading this, and Mr. French went into more detail than in a normal Guardian article. China's moves in the South China Sea seem quite alarming to many. Is this a grab for fisheries and oil, or undersea minerals from its small neighbours? Or could there be another motivation?


I am not a China scholar and I don't intend to defend Mao Zedong. But now the west is interpreting these moves as a China seeking to enslave the small countries of SE Asia. The statements attributed to Deng Xiaoping, of "hiding one's capabilities and biding time", are not hostile or expansionary acts toward their neighbours.


Xi Jinping has named "the China dream". All of Asia has remarkably diverse populations, and all nations struggle with a "narrative to create a national identity". Even the Vietnamese story of 1000's of years of Chinese subjugation is just a fiction to bring diverse peoples together. There was no Vietnam then, nor one people for 1000's of years of tiny kingdoms, and most of those years were in peaceful coexistence with their Chinese neighbours.


America doesn't have any dream, since their history has no glory other than "taming the wild west" and killing native Americans. Therefore big picture identities of other countries are most often discounted. Except we believe Israel should live in the "Promised Land".


America doesn't kill to get what it wants, unless you count North Koreans, North Vietnamese, Afghans, Iraqis, and countless victims of proxy wars and the support for dozens of ruthless neo-liberal dictators. Western nations bring down trade barriers, the protection of your industries, export your jobs, control your capital markets, and punish you both for not borrowing from them, and then when you can't pay. We have just witnessed the austerity battles in Europe. Those jobs that they do create abroad are based on low education, low productivity, low environmental protection and low wages. It is a trap that is very difficult to find your way out of. Some countries, like Brics, don't want to give away that power.


America also allows killing at home with 100,000 gun deaths per decade, and a nice jail cell for 2.2 million people that society has no room for. China has only 15% of America's guns spread over 425% of America's population. China keeps only 16% of America's lockup per 100k people. Chinese young girls freely hitch hike around the country in safety. "Everybody is so nice", they say.


China's command economy had doubled the well-being of its population in the last decade. In the west with less people in North America and Europe combined, those economies are in a permeant recession boasting of a 1.5% annual growth (or whatever, at the level of a bookkeeping error). People's pensions have eroded and real estate values set back 25 years. In fact, western style democracy cannot do anything in the long term without a bogyman. So we find that all western geopolitical rhetoric (spilling over into this story), is about containment of Russia, containment of China, containment of the Muslims, fight to eradicate ISIS, the Taliban. The western kind of monetary hegemony runs a society bankrupt of long term values, (which are the only real values).


I see it as a China that doesn't want any American oil companies in the South China Sea. It will be more difficult to remove the oil rigs, once they are erected. The Asian tigers cannot defend themselves from the western banking cartels. Only China can police these waters. Do you think China will have the world's largest military and navy so that they can subdue Vietnam or Thailand? It is only America that is the world dominator, and China plays a very tough slow motion game, that looks more and more like a sure thing.


Is China now subjugating its neighbours? I live in Thailand, and Chinese people are the backbone of Thai tourism, not the west. Chinese have long been industrialists in this area, but it's less visible than tourism. We'll see if Chinese high speed rail, highways, power generation, shipping infrastructure and pipelines are forthcoming in SE Asia.


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