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Are most people who live in China happy to live there?



Chris Garcia
Yes. And no.
Much depends on how you define happy and how you expect people to demonstrate their happiness.
I doubt there’s a place on Earth that is perfect. Some days are good and some days not so good. Every place has its good qualities and its bad, and China is no exception. If you complain about the bad qualities, it doesn’t mean you are not happy or content where you are living. If you continually praise the good aspects, it certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t places that are even better.
With that in mind, especially if you have lived in China over 25 years, you wouldn’t be here if it weren’t where you wanted to be. If you have had the opportunity to leave at any time you desire, yet have lived here decades, what idiot would assume you don’t like it here? More importantly, what nutjob would voluntarily live decades in a place they didn’t like?
It’s kind of funny because almost every single day I talk with new people and one of the first questions everybody will ask is, “How long have you lived in China?” followed by “Do you like China?” Sometimes you feel like asking them, “WTF would I stay here 25 years if I didn’t like it?”, but I realize that people are trying to be friendly and show concern. Their question will lead to further friendly questions and you can develop a genuine friendship as a result.
Now maybe if you lived in hell for two decades I would ask you astonishingly, “Do you like it in hell?”, but China is not hell. It’s not heaven, either. But I like it.







Mike Zhang,
The longer you lived abroad, the better you think about China. It''s true for many foreigners and Chinese people.
Let''s take another question. If you are born in a Chinese peasant family , will you give up the opportunity move abroad? Many Chinese low class youth struggled to live in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, or even Chendu, Wuhan working hard at the risk of their health and lives, just because they don''t want to move back to their home town.
Hey, buddy. Have you ever heard of a small village named Hong An located near Wuhan City, Hubei province? Which is called “The Cradle of Generals of PRC”, the hometown of more than one hundred PRC generals. But none of them move back after retired.
China is a big country, If you just enjoy the life in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, it doesn''t mean you really enjoy the life there.
I travelled a lot. I often found peace and happiness in some undeveloped area of simple lives they are living. I think I hate big cities and happy to escape burdens we bear. But after one accident, I found how wrong I was. Because of some reasons, we trapped in a small village and don''t know how long we need to stay there. At the beginning, I was so happy I have a good reason not to go back Beijing so soon. I''m really ''happy'' to live here. But after a few days, I began to be anxious about when we can travel back. Yes, I hate big cities because I lived there too long, because I never trapped there, I can travel to other places and back freely.






Carl Johnson,
I have been here for 8 years now and I have met very very very few people who want to go live elsewhere. I even had colleagues who were give the opportunity to move to the US for a new position in our company and they turned it down. I had a Chinese wife who told me that she would absolutely not move to the US. She wanted that to be very clear before we married. I had to push her for over a year to try and get her visa so we could go for a visit. She told me that she was a Chinese girl so why would she want to move to the USA.
I have met many people here who went to school in other countries and returned to China. So it seems that the majority of people here are happy and have no desire to move out of China. Yes they want to travel and see the world but not move.
Every place has its good and bad points and I think that the Chinese people are happy here. The future looks very good for them and they see life getting better and better.



Max Lau,
I was born and had lived in China for over 30 years. If your question is DO THEY FEEL SATISFY IN CHINA, I would say yes, for most of us. But talking about happiness, that’ a little complicated.
For me, I feel happy living here, because I have a nice job in Guangzhou, one of major cities of China, to raise my family. I have nice parents, a smart wife and cute daughter. I still got not a lot but enough money and time to travel around, enjoy different dishes, or buy stuff I like. I’m not a millionare, kinda not wealthy in my city, but that’s the simple life I totally enjoy.
So I think the key problem is WHAT IS HAPPINESS.
As MR Hartzell said, people from Yunnan pronvice seem more happier than those from Guangdong Province, I think that’s because few of them have been to Guangdong. For people from Yunnan, they got food, basic life supply, not rich but varid enough entertainment, beautiful views, and most importantly, they don’t really feel the power of wealth.
But things are different in Guangdong, the richest province of China. There are plenty of millionares and, such as one said, 996ers. There are people who don’t have to work but living on easy street, and who work 12 hours a day by eating instant noodles, and these people are probably live in the same block, even in the same building.

There is an old Chinese saying,不患寡而患不均,means people won’t feel so bad at property, but at feeling unfair. I think there are where the happiness and unhappiness come from.





但是在中国经济发展最迅猛的省份广东,情况就与云南大有不同.广东有许多的百万富翁,但也有很多人过着996的生活.有人不需要工作就能舒适自如地走在街上,有人每天连续工作12个小时,以方便面为主食.而这些人可能住在同一个街区,甚至是同一栋楼里. 中国有句古话,不患寡而患不均,意思是人们幸福的来源并不是财产的多少,而是公平与否.我也认为,快乐与否,正是源于是否被公平对待.

Sandman Lee,
I miss my days in China, but I also like my life here in the U.S.
China is safe, populated, full of new and delicious food, and the cost of living is so low, with tons of job opportunities. But that also means surrounded by boring people, having to deal with your disliked relatives, not easy to find your favorite taste when it’s no longer hot on the market, and an averagely lower salary. A bit harder for normal workers to accumulate a certain number of fortune.
The U.S. is, well, maybe not that safe. A few weeks ago there’s a shooting case in NJ, so close to the apartment I rent. But as long as I don’t get involved in a conflict zone, I should be fine. The good thing about the U.S. is the high level of tech research and living standard for rich people. I’m not rich now, but tomorrow, who knows?
I like the view on ease coast, the weather in Philadelphia, the lake view and Niagara fall. I can visit Alaska to see the aurora. Vast forests and uncultivated mountains, animal species I never seen before. The land is not crowded, and the people are less money-driven. ( Hard to imagine that when I was still in China.)
I was, am and will be happy to live in China. However, after staying in the U.S. for more than two years, I’ll sure to miss it after I move back to China.






Steve Chin
30 years ago, no, all the Chinese want to move away to other western countries. Some will try to get married to foreigners, in order to move her family members abroad.
Now that China has become an economic miracle on a global scale, those who have visited other countries feel lucky to be living in China. They are grateful for a competent government who brought them unparalleled prosperity, and are proud to be a Chinese.
Things have been turned upside down in the last few decades. It’s happening so fast that westerners around the world haven’t realized. They still think China is backward, ruthless, and oppressive to her citizens. Nothing is further from the truth now.
I just traveled on a bus from Boston to New York City. With traffic and everything, door to door was like 8 hours. This is 2019.
Back in 1989, I took a bus from Fuzhou to Xiamen, and it was also 8 hours, except today, there is a high speed rail that makes the trip in less than 2 hours. I seems US hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years, (in terms of domestic prosperity), but China has. Some would even argue the US has gone backwards in prosperity.




J Adams
My belief is the answer is most people don’t think about it. Are you happy to live where you live? I grew up in Missouri, most of my high school classmates still live within 30 miles of where I was born. Are they happy? The answer is probably yes.
Happy is relative though. Most people that live in China have lived here their whole lives and have never even traveled abroad, a large number have never left the city they were born in (hukou system doesn’t allow free movement). They live their lives, work each day, have friends and family (in China families are very tight) and never spend time thinking about “am I happy living here”. Here is simply where I live.
So the question boils down to, “am I happy with my life”. For the majority of Chinese people, the answer is yes. Most have come from a very poor background and are very happy to see all of the progress China has made over the last 25 years.




Chris Robinson,
I generally found the people of Shanghai to be quite happy. Chinese have a great approach to enjoying life in groups. You can see these groups having a great time at public parks, tourists places and especially in restaurants and fast food places. Comedy seems to be a big part of their lives, with lots of laughter and joking. They love to get together in parks doing tai chi, or exercises, singing, playing music, etc. In my view they know how to extract a lot that life offers. Yeah I think they are happy. I am less certain about the migrant people that occupy many cities. Life looks hard for them.


Tim Brown,
Yes! I always joked that Chinese people lived their lives with blinders on; only paying attention to what is directly in front of them. I asked what people thought about certain global events and most of the time I was answered with blank stares! They don’t really watch international news and don’t read news outside of China. Yeah, there are many exceptions, but the majority of people live very small lives. Most of them never live in another city, some never even travel to other cities! They like their small lives…


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