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wazham2 17 小时之前 
everything is possible in Japan 

在日本真是一切皆有可能 ~ 

allin1readerwriter 17 小时之前 @wazham2 
It’’s Chinese... learn to differentiate your Asians fool. 


dinmagic 17 小时之前 @wazham2 
This is China. 


LuizLHAM 16 小时之前 @wazham2? 
china, dude! china! ! 


taroliw  4 天之前 4 推荐 
A 15-story building /done/ in SIX days?? Wow... just WOW. 

15 层高的建筑 6 天完工??哇靠!。。。除了哇靠真不知该说啥好。 

ocelotrevs 4 天之前 3 推荐 
That’’s kinda of scary, you could’’ve gone away for a week, and when you’’ve come home a building has suddenly appeared. 


palyman92 3 天之前 2 推荐 
Imagine coming home after a 2 day trip and you look out your window like WTF 


euromann12 3 天之前 29 推荐 
Imagine looking for a hotel room, there is no vacancy, and the receptionist says, “just wait for a few minutes, we will put up another hotel.” 


maurotamm 18 小时之前 
"We build your skyscraper in a week, buy 1 get 2 for 9,99m $, call now and you get this amazing parking house for free. WAIT, there is more, we even give you your own personal train station." 

“我们将在一周之内建好您的摩天大厦, 9 亿 9 千 9 百万,买一赠二,现在马上拨打电话还有免费车库赠送。哦,等等!还有更多惊喜在等着您,我们甚至可以提供您的私人火车站哦 ~ !” 

MrMuseenglish 4 天之前 2 推荐 
that’’s gotta be the music from SimCity 4 

真该配上《模拟城市 4 》的背景乐。 

xinsky01 4 天之前 3 推荐 
all this is amazing, it is said the Broad Pavilion in Shanghai Exop was built within 24 hours, any video on that? 

太给力了。据说上海世博的远大馆只用 24 个小时就建成了,谁有关于那个的视频? 

AndrewNoNumbers 1 天之前 3 推荐 
That’’s why in 2012 the Chinese build the Ark 

这就是为啥在《 2012 》里诺亚方舟是中国制造。 

deadmansvoice  1 天前 4 推荐 
and we wonder why china is going to rule the world : / 


MeketoaI 4 天之前 2 推荐 
This would have taken 3 years in the USA. 

这在美国得花 3 年。 

roan33   4 天之前 5 推荐 
In America we’’d still be going through bullshit protocol and politics for 5 years. 

在美国我们光是通过那些该死的法案和过政客那关就得花上 5 年。 

Antwnhs92   4 天之前 23 推荐 
In my country Greece...they cant even make a doghouse in 2 days. 

在我的国家希腊…… 2 天时间估计他们连狗窝都盖不起来。 

ak471deag   1 天前 7 推荐 
amazing stuff. 
here in Canada everything takes forever to complete. 
whole fukin day to clear some small debris from accidents on highways. 
small sections of roads take a whole fukin year. then winter the road cracks again from all the salt sprayed on it. so repeat next year! 
WOOD houses take like fukin two years. 


foudo   1 天前 
@ak471deag : in my country building a round-about takes 5 yrs 

(回 ak471deag ):知足吧,在我们国家修个转盘都得 5 年。 

22871987   16 小时之前 
Chinese came to my country to build roads. Kings Highway took less then 50 days to finish. Buiding a seawall took less then 30 days, building the South Pacific Games Stadium, Pool, Tracks and field less then a month! My country is Fiji & Australia is whinning that Fiji is having ties with China LMAO - too funny!! 

中国人曾经来过我们国家修路。 Kings 高速花了不到 50 天就竣工了,建海堤用了不到 30 天,建南太平洋体育场,泳池,运动场地用了不到 1 个月!顺便说我的国家是斐济。而澳大利亚居然还在抱怨为啥斐济跟中国走那么近?!真逗!! 

polkjhgfdsaqw  1 天前 
i wish those guys could come to Edmonton. In one of the highways it took Canadian cosntruction workers 2 years to finish a road 


kamathln  20 小时之前 38 推荐 
These guys should have rebuilt World trade center. 


blkhauck  4 天之前 3 推荐 
This is why they are better than us. Our version of construction is 5 guys standing around and 1 guy working. DAMN IT 

这就是为啥他们比我们强。换我们的版本,工程建设就是 5 个人站在一边儿看一个人干活儿。 

mrjezerc  4 天之前 
That is why you should send your kids to Chinese language lessons!!! 


asiansjason  3 天之前 37 推荐 
man, the only thing i can think America can get done fast is fast food orders -_- 

我能想到唯一美国人干得快的事儿就是订快餐 -_- 

allgood789   3 天之前 
Evan fast food in America some times still take 15-20 minutes to get your order. The quick that can get done in America is get devorces. Married today maybe devorces next week..... 

在美国就算快餐有时都得等 15-20 分钟才拿得到。在美国能干得快的事儿是离婚。今天刚结也许下礼拜就离了… 

dadnesia   4 天之前 2 推荐 
Anyway, we can print money faster than these guys! 


PowerRizer   4 天之前 13 推荐 
I bet they bought it from IKEA. Build it your self 15 story hotel. 

我打赌他们是从宜家买的可供自行组装的 15 层酒店。 

weirdbuckle  4 天之前 
it is okay, it is okay, our building lasts for more than 100 years. 

不错,不错,(但)我们的建筑物可是能撑 100 多年哦。 

kerinlau  4 天之前 @weirdbuckle 
Not really gonna last for more than 100 years. A road of quarter mile at front of my home had been messed up for five months, but will still crack in five years. If its in China, it would be a 2-day job, I guess. And another 2-day job after five years. 

(回 weirdbuckle )也不是真能撑 100 年。我家门前一条几里的小路坏掉施工了 5 个月,但 5 年内肯定还得照坏。如果这在中国,也就是两天的活儿。最多 5 年之后花上两天再修一遍。 

elbuggo  3 天之前 5 推荐 
When Ron Paul becomes President, Americans will complete a project like this in half the time. 

如果 Ron Paul 能做总统,像这样的项目美国人只花一半的时间就能完成。 

【 Google 了一下这位神奇的“未当选总统”: Ron Paul ,美共和党成员,德州众议院代表。他的政治主张是反对干涉他国内政,他特别指出台湾问题是中国内政,也不支持美台关系法;他反对美元贬值,反对向伊拉克发动侵略战争,反对在外地驻军,反对以反恐之名剥夺公民自由。他从七十年代开始便主张精简政府行政部门、大幅削减公共支出、取消联邦政府征税、废除联储局、扬弃令货币购买力不断下降的政策、返回 以金本位为基础的金融及货币制度。】 

【。。。。好可惜╮ ( ╯ _ ╰ ) ╭】 

c76h  4 天之前 
im quite curious about the foundation design of this building. any sort of reliable foundation for such a building can not be built in several days. furthermore, surveying, designing, off-site fabrication and mobilization, even procurement are part of the construction period. Construction is not only site works! 
whatever, good try to improve the efficiency of the industry and humiliate those arrogant architects. 



lidoz  3 天之前 
As a civil engineer u need to consider other factors. 1. FOUNDATION, it would have taken them at least 21days to construct a deep foundation for this building. 2. All those components were prefabricated at different factory, God knows when they started working on those beams and even design, it could have taken them months at least. Whats impressive is that all peaces came in time and the construction management was superb! 
So its not 6 days. 

作为一个民用工程师,你必须得考虑到其他因素。 1. 地基,像这样的楼至少也要花上 21 天才能挖出足够深的地基。 2. 所有这些组装件都是别的工厂里事先做好的。天知道他们是打从什么时候就开始制作那些大梁甚至着手设计的,恐怕最少也让他们花了几个月。这里真正令人钦佩的是所有这些部件都按时备齐了,以及卓越的建设管理。 

所以这并不单是 6 天。 

madklint  3 天之前 3 推荐 
Well it obviously took time to design and get all that stuff done just like everything else does, but the fact that they planned everything so well that they could construct the hotel in six days is AMAZING. 

没错当然先得花时间做完设计和搞定所有配件,做任何事都是这样。但他们竟然能把先期计划做得这么好,以至于能用仅仅 6 天就建起这酒店,这一点足够令人惊叹。 

maseratieeee  3 天之前 
right it probably took them a long time to design it...but dude now they can build them all over the place and take like two weeks to build each one. 

没错,他们也许得花更长的时间做先期设计…… 但是兄弟,现在他们可以把这设计用在其他所有地方,每一地儿都只要花两周就能建起一幢楼。 

Snowandrews  3 天之前 3 推荐 
There only a few factors to be aware of, so that this type of approach to construction can be much more universal. - A) SYSTEMATIC DESIGN B) PROJECT PRE-PLANNING C) MODULARITY D) SCREW-THREAD FASTENERS (bolts) E) PRE-MANFACTURED & PRE-ASSEMBLED components F) A SYSTEMATIC APPROACH TO ACCURACY, TOLERANCE, and ALIGNMENT G) Pre-build components & sub-assemblies, in a controlled environment offsite, and deliver JIT. 

只要留意下面这几个因素,这种建筑方法就能更加普及了: 1 )系统化设计; 2 )工程的前期规划; 3 )标准模块化组建; 4 )旋式螺栓; 5 )先期制造和先期组装好的部件; 6 )处理精度、公差和定线的系统化方法; 7 )在可控的工地外环境里先期做好的零配件和组装分件,以及按期运抵。 

realchimera  4 天之前 
Actually I can do the same thing without even trying. Like if I buy a desk from IKEA, I need only 30 minutes to put it together. But for a similar desk, it may cost more than 1 week for a carpenter to build it. Am I amazing? 

连试都不需要试,我也能做到这个。就好比我从宜家买来一张桌子,我只需要 30 分钟就能组装好,但同样一张桌子,木工却得花一个多星期来制造它。这能说明我牛 X ? 

cyberpunkmark  4 天之前 2 推荐 
@realchimera if u put it toguether in 30min, u are not amazing... but the Ikeas designers who made this possible, they are...  

(回楼上) 30 分钟能组装好并不说明你牛 X ……但宜家的设计者能设计出这种桌子,能证明他们很牛 X ……  

youngien  4 天之前 2 推荐 
a lot of you are missing the point here, is not the build or its speed thats amazing here. It is the planning, the designer who design this. Think Ikea..... so you can screw something together in 2 hrs, doesnt mean you are amazing, its the designers job. This is an engineering Per-Fab house. 

这儿的很多人都没搞清重点:不是建筑也不是它的速度了不起,而是它的规划以及设计了这一切的设计师了不起。想想宜家…… 你能花俩钟头把组装家具拼起来,不代表你出色,而是设计者的工作出色。这是一幢工程学上的预制建筑。 

igrenade  3 天之前 
lol retards on yahoo are crying about how "shitty" this building is when they know nothing about architecture. 

呵呵 yahoo 上那些脑残在大声嚷嚷这建筑有多“渣”,可他们压根就没人真懂建筑学。 

Bolero08   4 天之前 
Is building built in that speed stable? I don’t believe. 


EmperorOfMars  4 天之前 @Bolero08 
Is a fork made by black smith over two hours better than a stamp metal one built in 2 second better? 

(回 Bolero08 ) 难道铁匠花俩钟头打的叉子就比机器冲压 2 秒做出的合金叉子更牢靠? 

Bolero08   4 天之前 @EmperorOfMars 
I am not familiar about constructions that is why skepticism. 
In my current city Reykjavik, Iceland Chinese are building by part but it is not staying correct at all. Here is storm, earthquakes and a lot of rain. Maybe is construction on video only ok for Chinese ground. 


helloterran 3 天之前 3 推荐 
 @Bolero08: dont look for excuses. The empire state building took only 410 days to complete. Americans used to be hardworking people who are good at making instead of consuming. USED TO BE. 

(回复 Bolero08 ) 别找借口。以前帝国大厦只用 410 天就建好了。现在只懂浪费粮食的美国人过去也曾经很勤劳过。“过去曾经”。 

indescribabledavid  3 天之前 7 推荐 
Why do I have this feeling I can tip this building over by kicking it... 


MouSeDeEr95  1 天之前 
when the wind blows, the building sure will collaspe HAHA :D? 

一阵风就刮倒了吧哈哈 :D? 

gahoffm   4 天之前 
Just like everything else built in China, it will begin to fall apart almost immediately. 


bizman82   4 天之前 2 推荐 @gahoffm 
LIKE YOUR IPOD, IPHONE, PS3, HP, DELL, LOGITECH, NIKE, XBOX, BLACKBERRY and the list goes on and on.. I wish I can still find something that does not read Made in China these days.. LOL...... 

(回 gahoffm )(像中国建造的其他东西一样?)像你的 IPOD, IPHONE, PS3 ,惠普,戴尔,罗技,耐克, XBOX ,黑莓… 要列单子的话永远都列不完……。真希望现在这世道我还能找得出一件没标“中国制造”的东西呵呵…… 

AGNOSSI   1 天之前 
Slapped together = poor quality 
I work construction. Were not allowed to use most things made in China. From sheetrock screws to crane rigging...nothing Chinese made - because of the poor quality. 
China = cheap junk 

简单匆忙 = 低质量 
中国 = 廉价垃圾   

CeBitsMobile   1 天之前 3 推荐 
@AGNOSSI : Generalization on one whole country is ignorant and stupid. Most of the high-tech stuff of today are made in china. You live and buy them as American products, but they are actually manufactured and assembled in China. American / European companies build factories in China as the labor and taxes are lower and then sell the product to you the naive customer and the rest of the ignorant americans. 

(回 AGNOSSI )动不动就给整个国家贴标签真是有够愚蠢无知。现在大多数高科技的东西都是中国制造的。你把它们当成美国货来买,但实际上它们是在中国生产和组装的。美国 / 欧洲的公司在中国设厂,因为那儿的劳力便宜税也更低,然后这些公司再把产品返销给你这个天真的消费者以及其余那些无知的美国佬。 

randeDANDE   4 天之前 3 推荐 
so many butthurt americans here. get over it. were not perfect. 


onirocknroll   1 天之前 
I smell jealousy here. 


piperfawn1   4 天之前 3 推荐 
Hahah comment from occidentals jelous people are so funny. They dont accept the truth. Nowaday China is the real head of the world. Sorry but if this building dont fall, and im pretty sure it will not, you are just showing that you are drating selfish and jelous. Sorry occident (im occidental) but our golden age is finish the only smart thing to do is to accept that fact. 


btphy   4 天之前 4 推荐 
in 1934 Americans could build the empire state building in a year, that was 100 stories. Similar type of spirit and what they wanted to prove is exact what the Chinese do so as well today. I dont see americans complaining about how unsafe and low quality the construction was. The truth is, the west has lost the glory and now they only find sour grapes seeing the same miracle is only happening in China today. 

在 1934 年,美国人能用一年的时间建成 100 层的帝国大厦。这是一种类似的精神,他们当年想证明的也恰恰正是今天中国人所证明的。当时我可没见有哪个美国人抱怨帝国大厦有多低质量或不安全。其实真相不过就是:西方社会失去光环了,当他们看着今天同样的奇迹只能发生在中国时,他们只有酸葡萄。 

piperfawn1  4 天之前 23 推荐 
To all people that hate instead to apreciate this impressive job i say that usualy hate and jelousy are the only bitter things that remains in the hands of losers. 
Great job China i hope you can lead the world to a new era with your strenght. 


projectcares 4 天之前 
Chinese may seem "like ants" compared to G7 euro giants ... but they are the mightiest and most hardworking beings I know - they say, "in the end, China will win." With all admiration in terms of work attitudes, we have a lot to learn from the Chinese - if they can do this amazing feat, why cant we? Congratulations for this achievement! 


TayouJin  4 天之前 
Cool! Looks very well thought out on the engineering front. I used to be amazed when Our Chinese brothers and sisters are catching on technologically. 

真酷!从工程面来看构想的非常不错。我过去还惊叹日本人能在几个礼拜之内建起一家 711 ,不过打这以后就不会了。 
从这兄弟的 ID 地区显示,外加他收藏视频,外加好友留言看,基本判断他的确是个日本人。想想看过的站里的日文帖子,不敢置信的感觉油然而生。。】 

ironbull2003   3 天之前 
to be fair you have to take into account several things 
a) They worked 24 hours/day, so thats about 4-6 work days in America 
b) much of the parts were already assembled 
c) considering it is a chinese product, this building would collapse at the slightest earthquake... 
Its nice that they did it so fast... but pointless... a lot of little things were probably overlooked in the process too.. 

1 )他们一天工作 24 小时,而这在美国相当于工作 4-6 天 
2 )很多部件都是事先组装好的 
3 )鉴于这是中国制造的产物,这建筑估计都顶不了最轻微的地震 
他们能这么快竣工不错…… 但毫无意义……而且在这个过程中很多细微之处可能都被忽视了…… 

Basketballbat   3 天之前 @ironbull2003 
Level 9 Earthquake Resistance, hard to read the description or does the facts hurt your pride that much? 

(回 ironbull2003 )(这楼是)九级抗震。你到底是读不懂说明呢,还是这个事实实在太伤你自尊了所以选择性无视? 

reinfred2007 4 天之前 
Quality is the god here in America! We spent 7 years on the NJ-Hudson tunnel, we will spend more time on it!!!! And well spent another 30 years on the new WTC! 

在美国质量是王道!建新泽西的哈德逊隧道我们已经花了 7 年,而且我们还打算花上更多时间!!!!之后再花个 30 年建新的世贸中心好了! 

maseratieeee  3 天之前 
we may not build really fast, but god DAMN!!! did you see how fast we flattened Hiroshima?! oooo and remember Nagasaki?!! WOW 


Playsitlouder3 天之前 3 @maseratieeee 
For fucks sake, that was Japan not China. Please dont make all Americans look like retards. Good job Chinese people! 

看在草泥马大神的份儿上,(广岛 / 长崎)那是日本,不是中国!别因为你一个人而让人觉得所有美国人都是弱智。干得漂亮中国人! 

Triumphit1 3 天之前 @maseratieeee    
another troll on the internet. Good job looking like a freaking douchbag who doesnt know about History. Hiroshima + Nagasaki = Japan 

(指 maseratieeee )又是一个网愤。你的表现真不愧为一个对历史一无所知的脑残。广岛 + 长崎 = 日本。 

vplane007 3 天之前 3 推荐 
This is why American ranks #1 in confidence, and 28 in academics 

这就是为啥美国人的学术水平只排名 28 ,自信程度倒是排第一。 

tib080808 1 天前 
Its more interesting to read the comments than watching the video. 


cucxoimap  4 天之前 
I dare not to use stuffs made in China :D 

我从不敢用中国制造的东西 :D 

havocrein 4 天之前 @cucxoimap 
you are proberbly using it right now. 
(回 cucxoimap )你八成现在就正在用着。 

Lamthalas  4 天之前 @cucxoimap 
Since you dare not using stuffs made in China, can I have you computer? 

(回 cucxoimap )既然你不敢用中国制造的东西,那可以把你的电脑给我吗? 

copperpot77 4 天之前 @cucxoimap 
Can I haz your computer? Cellphone? TV? 

(回 cucxoimap )那可以把你的电脑、手机、电视给我吗? 

giorkaro8971  3 天之前 
Made in China, with chinese drywall, chinese appliances and underpaid chinese workers???? The building will fall down in six months!!!! 

中国制造,用中国土墙,中国设备和低薪的中国工人????这楼 6 个月内就得塌了。 

aristotledude 3 天之前 @giorkaro8971: 
It has a steel frame construction and is built to be "EARTHQUAKE" resistant. Stop being such an ignorant racist. 

(回 giorkaro8971 )它是钢筋架构而且是按 “防震”功能来建造的。别表现得像个脑残的愤青。 

TheLamarPie 3 天之前 @giorkaro8971 
Your a dumass, go look up those terms in the video...Stop hattin, face the fact in 10 years, China will be way above the US, you could sense US Foreign Policy struggling already, selling advance weapons to Chinas Neighbors for a future war... 

(回 giorkaro8971 )你这白痴,去看看视频说明先…… 停止憎恨面对现实吧,现实就是 10 年之内中国将会超越美国一大截。你能感觉得出美国的外交政策已经是在垂死挣扎了:把先进武器卖给中国的邻国们,准备未来要打场战争。 

ezyflyer  1 天之前 5 推荐 
90 Hours? Thats nothing, the Americans can destroy two skyscrapers in just 2 hours! 

90 个小时有啥了不起的,美国人两个小时就能毁掉两座摩天大楼! 

airr916  3 天之前 6 推荐 
I think people are stereotype and saying that everything made in China is fucking sucks. Just look around you and all your shits, even the computer monitor in front of you or your itouch/ipod. Almost every high-tec are made in china now and you guys just didnt realize. And please give at least some credit to these people who actually built this hotel and the engineers...jeez 

我看那些嚷嚷所有中国制造都是垃圾的人根本是食古不化。看看你周围的所有那些玩意儿,甚至包括你眼前的电脑显示屏,你的苹果手机 /MP3 。你们只是没意识到,现在几乎所有高科技玩意都是中国制造。还有至少请给这酒店的建设者和工程师们一些尊重 Orz … 

maseratieeee 3 天之前 6 推荐 
they are advancing REALLY fast. all we do in america is bitch about it and talk shit and wait for someone to "fix" it. we advanced really fast a long time ago. i wish we would do it again, but i think its Chinas turn. 


Ardenwolfe 3 天之前 
Yes, they are the next Superpower. Between the new bullet train and this, no doubt. 


TheLamarPie 3 天之前 
Most Comments here are mostly Americans, saying what? Talking crap cause their jealous. Im AMERICAN myself, but everyone has to face it, were NOT the superpower anymore. Stop Complaining, do something to help this country move forward instead of sitting on your asses watching tv 


jimmiepatrick 3 天之前 77 推荐 
An American company would have done just as good a job only milked it for months and took weekends off and asked for more money per hour. We are so greedy and lazy and self centered and that plays a big role in why our economy is going down the toilet and Chinas is skyrocketing. Look at the work ethic of the Chinese and then look at all the people around you. Its pathetic. People need to get off the couch and stop playing Call of Duty and BE SOMETHING!!! 

一个美国公司如果要做出点儿像样的活儿得墨迹上几个月,周末要求休息而且还得要求增加时薪。我们是如此懒惰贪婪又自我中心,很大程度上正是这一点致使我们的经济像被冲进了马桶而中国的却一路飙升。看看人家中国人的敬业精神,再比比你身边那些家伙。这就是杯具。快点儿从沙发上爬起来,跟《使命召唤》【 Activision 公司制作发行的 FPS 游戏系列】 说再见,做点有意义的事儿吧!!! 

igrenade 3 天之前 @jimmiepatrick 
well said. all they do is complain like little kids. 

(回 jimmiepatrick )说得好。他们能做的就只有像小孩儿那样抱怨。 

Paradiddler45 3 天之前 2 @jimmiepatrick 
Arent you the one on YouTube? How hypocritical. 

(回 jimmiepatrick )你自己还不是泡在 YouTube 上的一族?多虚伪呵。 

Greskotor 3 天之前 @jimmiepatrick 
Yup yup - lets start breeding like rabbits and execute politicians and criminals (same words really), then we wont have any choice other than to work hard. I mean - its really hard to complain and ask for some luxurys like "free speech" or "free will" when you constantly have to gather food, work, build and obey, just to live through the day. 

(回 jimmiepatrick )没错没错——让咱们也开始像兔子那样繁殖人口,枪毙政客和罪犯(这俩词儿其实是一个意思),然后我们也将只能辛勤工作而别无选择,我的意思是——当你不得不一直寻找食物、工作、盖楼和服从才能填饱肚子过活的时候,想要抱怨想讨要点儿像“言论自由”或“自由意志”之类的奢侈品确实很难。 

jjjjeeeeffffc   3 天之前 @jimmiepatrick 
what is great bout everythin u said is that being in america (or another country) allows us to do those things. If we had a population that was bursting at the seams n needed a hotel or apt building put up in that time, im sure as hell wed do it. but we dont n we dont need to rush. our work ethic is great. if i was workin on that id only work 8 hours a day, weekends off, coffee breaks, lunch breaks, n still get paid more! its great. but wed rush n work overtime if we had to 

(回 jimmiepatrick )你所说的那些里最棒的一点就是:正是作为一个美国(或是别国)人,才使得我们能做这些。如果我们有像他们中国那样多到塞不下的人而不得不以那种速度来建酒店和公寓楼,我保证我们也做得到。但我们不需要,所以也没必要那么紧赶慢赶。我们的敬业精神很好。如果是我来做那个,我将每天只工作 8 小时,周末休息,有咖啡和午饭时间,可拿到的薪水却更多。这多好。但是如果我们不得不提速或加班时,我们也一样能做得到

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