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7 out of 10 Chinese students studying abroad neverreturn home
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7 out of 10 Chinese students studying abroad neverreturn home, resulting in Chinahaving the worst brain drain in the world.

Je danse l I'm a teacher in China at a private middle and highschool that is designed to improve students' English and teach them an Americancurriculum so that they may go to university in the U S after they graduate highschool. Many of the parents want to move there with their kids even before theygraduate. They've mentioned food safety, l air pollution, quality of educationand government corruption as reasons for their want to move.

This is a smallsample size but may gave some insight as to why some people are leaving forgood. These parents are already quite financially successful and yet still feellike their quality of life here is lacking and feel like their kids will havemore opportunity abroad. From my perspective living here, I quite agree.



Not too drunk
My room mate is originally from China.His parents were doctors who got jobs because they had connections to corruptpoliticians. He said they moved to the U S so he could have a better life thanthey had.


Debian S quee z
You know the quality of life is bad whenthey flea to Americabecause of political corruption. We practically invented it


John ny_ blaze
I am doing the same thing in Shanghai. They cite thesame reasons with me. They also seem to have the perception that beingAmerican, British, Canadian e t c. Chinese is a big sign of wealth. A lot ofpeople seem to have the assumption that you can only do this if you're rich andyou buy your citizen ship. Albeit it is expensive to go to university abroad


I m- not- a- panda
I've always heard that China's education system is farbetter than here in the U S. And so, I find it surprising that Chinese areciting education as a reason to move to the U S.


Fletch l l
The U S has the best university system inthe world if you can afford it.


Soy lent Green Is Purple
I live in Canada the town I grew up in hasbecome dominantly a Chinese population. It does not take much to see that thisis exactly what is happening here. The children are the first step in movinghere. The parents and grand parents come after that. They come with a lot ofmoney.


Chewed_ Dog_ Bone
Now only if we can actually teach them somemanners and help them understand that money doesn't make you un touchable. Yes I've had quite a few bad experienceswith rich chinese foreigners. Mainly on vacation.. the students aren't as badthough.


B pear x l
So many Chinese in Canadian cities. No thingwrong with that just saying.


Bub ba lub dub
I was born in Thailandand when I was 16, my mom sent me to the U. S. for better education and toimprove my English skills. I haven't gone back to Thailand since and don't plan to,unless to visit family members. I see better opportunities here. Plus, I havedeveloped my adult life and gained more free dom here and I love it l. MyEnglish and education would be very valuable in Thai land and can get me afantastic job, but my life has been solidly built here now that I'm not sure Ican go back (I'm also a citizen here now)


Some times I just don t want it
7 out of 10 Chinese students studyingabroad never return home, resulting in China having the worst brain drainin the world. May be they like breathing air outside.


Matty d d
If I was studying a broad I probablywouldn't go home either.


Blast from the hell
I love studying broads


Priz zle l
My 3 room mates are from china. As one ofthem told me, it is highly prestigious to have a job in America. Somuch so that students have been known to lie to their parents about having ajob in Americaeven if they don't have one, dodging their visa expirations just to stay.


J m o t
When I studied abroad, I had a close friendthat was Chinese. She was a lesbian and chose not to go back as she wasridiculed by her family. She said it l was common for many of them (Chinesepeople, not lesbians) to find other work abroad and stay there.


Evil clever dog
I don't know whether that's true, but I cansee why people would want to leave. China is overpopulated, it'spolluted, there are no environment regulations, animals as well as people havevery few rights, and there is so much political corruption. They block Face bookand Wiki pedia for fuck sakes.


deleted one for all
Y e a, I am sure Animal rights plays anyfactor in their living here.


c0 n cept l
It's true. China is mostly a shit hole. Theyhave people who live nicely and drive nice cars and all that, but the vastmajority of people don't have any where near the quality of life that the U Sboasts. Given the opportunity, staying in the U S would be far better in nearlyevery aspect.


Nor dr hein
This isn't just China,but other Asian nations surrounding it, as well, especially Mongolia. At the University Iattended in S t. Louis, we had a H U G E population of foreign students, and asignificant majority of those who were from Asian nations were from China or Mongolia


Defiled x halo
7 out of 10 Chinese students studyingabroad never return home, resulting in China having the worst brain drainin the world. My dad did this. He got a student visa from China to comestudy here in the U S. My mom was unable to do the same l, so instead shemarried him so that she too would be allowed to come to the U S. An n n nd theyhave been here ever since. Y a y!


Don’t boycott me To an extent,
you could argue that Chinacan afford a brain drain due to their population size. The top 25% of China's population in terms of I Q is the samesize as the entire U. S.population.


Pog I face
It's how they get away from oppressiveparents, some times it's the only way they can get away is international schoolor a job abroad


I a man is cool
Oddly, some of the Chinese students I metat my campus say they're just on vacation. They come here, dick around for asemester, and then go home.


Gabrie l Xiao
As a Chinese who had studied abroad andstayed, I have no intention to go back to China. As far as I know, mostpeople go back not because they want to, but because they have to (can not finda job, difficult to immigrate, you name it).


Mit chrs mert
It's almost like china has seriousecological and human rights issues or some thing...


Oblivion Guards man
7 out of 10 Chinese students studyingabroad never return home, resulting in China having the worst brain drainin the world. The 3 out of 10 that do return are government spies sent to stealtech and information.


T h a n e
They get a taste of Freedom and never wantto go back.


G y ro ni
Had a Chinese exchange student live withus. She was great, but after we introduced her to a lot of things, she told usshe wanted to stay here in the U S and start school. Really, she just liked America'sconsumerism and fun and freedom we provided her.


J o w s h
I got to a university in Wales, Chinese people are every where.7/10 staying abroad seems a bit high, in what I've seen most are unwilling tomix socially and learn English and you get the impression they just want to beback in China.


Smooth trip l
This is changing. The Chinese government isoffering huge incentives to get these B S and PhDs to come back to China. A lot ofthem do want to go back because their family is there and their culture isthere, plus they get these incentives like housing and larger salaries. I believewe will see this number decrease, with more Chinese going back to China.


Stanc zy ki
Chinese students going abroad is not a newthing, has been happening since the 70s. I work at a university, been seeing itfor 20 years first hand


A Man Has Said
7 out of 10 Chinese students studyingabroad never return home, resulting in China having the worst brain drainin the world. A Chinese student told me once: "only the losers go back to China."


Kingth layer r r
Chinese studying in america here. Getting my green cardnext year, can confirm it z true


Keng koy boo
I think this is happening in every Asiancountries.


I l n coln
My dad's reaction, "well who wants tolive in fucking China"


Evans M
This doesn't surprise me in the least. L ol


Human Target l
Good for them! Of course they don't want togo back.


Yeah because they realize how great Americais compared to damn commie land.


Flaming toe taco
Probably because Chinese people arebrilliant and Chinais a shit hole.


Sit sat fat cat
Of course they'd want to stay rather thanretain. They are treated like adults.


because_ race car
If the Chinese foreign exchange students atmy school are representative of the average, China should be glad they aren'tgoing back.


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