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What do you think of Huawei?
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What do you think of Huawei?



1. Aslan Khan, former Senior Consultant at Ericsson
AnsweredMay 4, 2017
OriginallyAnswered: What do you think about Huawei?
AboutHuawei phone or company?I have worked in the telecom sector with Huawei. Itsgood pay, but of very poor human resource ethics. Majority of management, whocontrol the finances are Chinese and are only answerable for their conduct toChina HQ. No matter if you are their manager, the buck stops with a chinesehowever junior in rank. Most of the Chinese in Huawei also speak a spatteringof English. That is the main hurdle in its customer engagement. Most operatorsalso do not trust them, which in turn makes your job difficult with thecustomer. Just this year Huawei planned to cut 33℅ of the employee workforce since theirsmartphones didn’t do too well. That could havehappened in production outlets only. But the company decided to fire from alldepartments globally, just to bump up its annual profits. The absurd part isthat Huawei was thinking to compete with Iphone 6 sales with its P9 launch. Thecompany needs rapid overhaul in its thinking on how to improve its corporateimage first and then to compete. No matter how good the brand, most Americanscannot pronounce “Huawei” and no teenager will be caught dead with one thing hecannot pronounce to his Yo friends!

你说的是华为移动部门还是华为公司?我曾经在华为的电信部门工作过,他们的待遇非常不错,但是他们的人力资源观念却很奇葩。大多数管理财务的人都是中国人,他们只对中国总部负责。即使你是他们的经理,你的薪资也基本和级别较低的中国员工相当。在华为,大多数中国人也会说英语。英语是与顾客进行沟通的主要障碍。大多数的运营商也不太相信他们,这反过来让他们的工作变得很困难。2017年,因为智能手机业务出现了滑坡,华为计划裁减33%的移动手机部门的员工。当然,这可能主要发生在生产环节。但是,为了提高公司的年度利润,该公司决定在全球范围内裁员。更为荒谬的是,华为决定发布P9,希望凭借这款手机与Iphone 6 进行竞争。不管怎么说,华为应该首先致力于提高他的公司的形象,其次再考虑与其他公司的竞争的问题。华为的品牌或许很好。但是,很多美国人甚至都无法发出“华为”这个品牌的发音。如果一个少年连他的手机的品牌的读音都无法发出的话,那你很难相信他愿意向他的朋友介绍他的手机。

2. Aniket Mehendale, BE Computer Engineering, University of Pune, India
UpdatedMar 16, 2015
Verygood company from China!It has been constantly rising since it's foundation.Itstrives for innovation.All in all a good company to trust on.


3. Nick Thompson, Businessman, Marketer, Football Fan, Disciple &Pilgrim
AnsweredMar 10, 2015
Havingengaged with Huawei in business I found them to be good people to dealwith.Products need to be specified pretty tightly and delivery well managed butthat is pretty standard in business.The fact that they are one of BT'd partnersin their fibre roll-out is testimony to them.Some countries have tangibleconcerns over security issues, and have avoided dealing with Huawei.


4. Hussain Nasir, Master Engineering & Telecommunications (1994)
AnsweredFeb 8
OriginallyAnswered: What do you think of Huawei?Huawei is now the largest telecom vendoroffering end to end letest telecom solutions to operators all over the worldwith very low prices and high quality of after sales services


5. Nick Hackett, not smart
AnsweredMar 23, 2015
I'mnot really sure about ALL their phones, but I know that no one ever talks aboutthem, and I had a $100 unlocked phone from them that was a pathetic excuse fora smartphone which ran so slow I could legitimately do nothing on it, even withspeed boosting apps.


6. Islam Begovich, Blogger at Huffpost Arabi (2016-present)
AnsweredFeb 7
OriginallyAnswered: What do you think of Huawei?I think Huawei will be one the mostimportant smart phones in the world not in U.S only. you can see this from theraise of their power in competition last period with enourmose companies likeSamsung and even apple.


7. Gopal Das, Writer self employed. ..
AnsweredApr 24, 2015
Becareful of huaweiA company that is a chinese govt spy..and want to capturewhole world. .They are constantly destroying other company market...They solelywork for the welfare of chinese people..a total wolf culture in theorganization that ensures only china grows rest remain as it is..Managers aretotally jokers in huawei ...these assholes dont know anything just push thepeople under them to achieve the targets. They are always looking for thosepeople who dont know anything about huawei culture..so that they can play theircards easily on them..They will ask a manager to do the job of manager+engineer+coordinator+subcon etc.. Dont know how to manage people and culture.Dont even know how to chalk out plans.. just work.. work and work..peoplecommit suicide...due to them Recently they are sending people on foreignproject without arranging work visa for them...they ask employees to work onbusiness visa or tourist visa. .which is a shame for any organization. ..manypeople were jailed due to this..

小心华为公司,他们是中国ZF的间谍。他们一直想要占领整个世界,他们不断的侵占其他公司的市场份额。他们仅仅为了中国人民的福利而工作……他们的组织信奉着狼性的文化,这种文化可以促进中国的增长,但是其他的国家却无法从中获得收益。在华为公司,那些管理者什么都不懂,只是一味的按照指标去完成任务。他们总是喜欢去招一些对华为文化完全不知情的菜鸟。这样的员工非常好管理。他们会让一个管理者去做管理者加工程师加协调员的工作……他们不知道如何去管理人员和管理文化,他们甚至不知道该如何去制定计划,他们只是一味的工作,工作,工作……因为最近出现了一些事情, 导致华为公司员工被派往海外的时候,员工没有被核发工作签证,于是他们就派遣员工使用商务签证和旅游签证来为客户提供业务支持,对于一个公司来讲,这实在是太尴尬了。很多人因为这种做法而被关进了监狱。

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