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英国网民交流:你最喜欢的书是什么? 为什么?

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What''s your favourite book you''ve read and why?



East of Eden. I learned alot about people and why they are motivated to do the crazy things they do.


I also learned that there are people who are just straight up rotten. Can''t be fixed. I think it''s chapter 3 where he describes Kate as a monster, comparing that some people are missing an arm or a leg. Kate it missing something in her mind which makes her evil.


87broseidon 87 broseidon
When my mother and wife were decorating my daughter’s nursery, they insisted we put a quote over her crib which I felt was cheesy/played out. I gave in, on the condition I got to pick the quote.


This is my favorite as well. There’s so much wisdom in it.


The whole philosophy of “timshel”

关于“ timshel”的哲学

I just love Steinbeck so much.


bossazzbeerman Bossazbeerman
Reading this now took a awhile to get into it but after the first 1 page it has really hooked me


The Phantom Tollbooth. It was fun to read as a kid and then I picked it up again as I got older and noticed so many little details that kept it fun and interesting.


There''s a wonderful documentary about the creation of the book, called The Phantom Tollbooth: Beyond Expectations. I really enjoyed it, especially the interviews with the author, Norton Juster, and the illustrator, Jules Pfeiffer. (They are both still with us, though both turn 91 this year!)

有一部关于这本书创作的精彩纪录片,名为《神奇的收费亭: 超越期望》。我真的很喜欢,尤其是对作者诺顿 · 朱斯特和插画家朱尔斯 · 法伊弗的采访。 (他们都还活着,虽然今年都91岁了!)

alyssajones22 Alyssajones 22
This has always been a personal favorite of mine. I often find myself joking with people who make an assumption, by warning them they may end up on the island of conclusions! Sadly, no one but my family seems to have heard of the book and the jump Milo took to the Island.


I once started reading that book as a kid and couldn’t remember the name of it. I never got to finish it at that time. Later I reread it once I learned what it was called and I really liked it! It’s a weird book but it’s good

我小时候曾经读过这本书,但是记不起它的名字了。那时我没有读完,后来我又重读了一遍,我知道了这本书的名字,我真的很喜欢它! 这是一本奇怪的书,但是很好。

It is my favorite reread book. It''s an amazing experience that seems to grow up with you.


I feel like I still read a lot, but I don’t have obsessive favorite books like I did when I was younger that I read and reread a million times and underline favorite passages. But Contact came across at just the right stage of formative years for me, and showed me the kind of astronomer I wanted to be... and I’m now a radio astronomer who specializes in “transient” radio signals that turn on and off over time! No aliens yet though. :)

我感觉自己阅读了很多书,但是现在的我不像小时候那样痴迷于喜欢的书,我读了无数遍,在最喜欢的段落下面划线。 但是在读过“接触”这本书之后,使我想成为书本中描述的那种天文学家... ... 我现在是一个射电天文学家,专门研究随着时间推移开关的“瞬态”无线电信号! 不过还没有发现外星人。 :)

Katya is that you?


Eulalia! For Redwall!

尤拉莉亚! 为了红墙!

Edit: Wow. I just woke up to see that this has blown up and I am just overwhelmed. Thank you all for the love and awards. So many replies! I was trying to respond to some, but I''m just too overwhelmed; a blubbering, weeping mess. Tears of love and joy, I assure you! Just know that I am at least reading every last reply and weeping with joy at how much love there is for Mr. Jaques and his works.

编辑: 哇。醒来看到这条评论跟帖居然这么多,有点不知所措。感谢大家的支持和奖励。这么多回复! 我试图回应一些评论,但我实在是太不知所措了,一个哭泣。我向你保证,这是爱和喜悦的眼泪!我阅读了每一条回复,并为杰奎斯先生和他的作品有这么多人喜欢而喜极而泣。

GamingNinja975 975
I loved these books. My favorites were Taggurung and Rakketty Tam

我喜欢这些书,我最喜欢的是《塔古隆》和《罗凯蒂 · 谭》

I loved these when I was younger. The books about Martin were really sad, and some of the most memorable. There were better books but I can’t remember it all. Didn’t finish the whole series, maybe I’ll have to start again.


I taught a student with severe PTSD and ADHD (along with multiple other undiagnosed concerns) this year. For one of our assignments, the students were required to read a book. This was the ONLY book he would read, we spent 3 weeks trying to have him read one. It was the only time I heard him intelligently, cleverly, and passionately discuss literature.

今年我教了一个患有严重创伤后应激障碍和多动症(以及其他多种未确诊的问题)的学生。在我们的一次作业中,学生们被要求阅读一本书。这是他唯一愿意读的书,我们花了三个星期让他读一本。 这是我唯一一次听到他聪明、机智、热情地讨论文学。

He did not know how long it took, but later he looked back on this time of crying in the corner of the dark cave and thought of it as when he learned the most important rule of survival, which was that feeling sorry for yourself didn''t work. It wasn''t just that it was wrong to do, or that it was considered incorrect. It was more than that--it didn''t work.


One of my favorite quotes


Kitchen confidential


God I miss Anthony Bourdain.


I''ve read KC 3 times. It''s incredible.

我读了三遍 KC,真是难以置信。

His writing really comes alive when you watch his shows and see his mannerisms and his tone of voice. It all comes through so well.


The vivid descxtion of the restaurants in Provincetown always blows me away.


He was so incredibly talented and helped so many people get as close as they ever will to experiencing certain cultures and cuisines. It certainly made me a more adventurous eater and traveler. RIP.


The entire book is great, but the story about the dad and daughter is legendary.


Project_ZS Zs
Flowers for Algernon that book was a roller coaster of emotions at the end


"I used the comma wrong. " As a guy who copywrote for a living for about 5 years in my twenties, that line was breathtaking. Slowly the grammatical improvement and decline was breath taking.

“我用错了逗号。” 作为一个靠写广告文案为生的二十多岁小伙子,这句话简直令人窒息。慢慢地,语法的改进和衰退令人叹为观止。

By his highpoint the book is writing Faulkner level needlessly complex sentence structure, and it''s highlighting his Hubris that his thoughts themselves are artificially over exaggerated. To see the decline afterwards and him refusing to try something to retain his intellect even a small portion out of pride was heartbreaking.

本书以福克纳为切入点,写出了不必要的复杂句子结构,突出了他的狂妄自大,认为他的思想本身被人为地夸大了。 看到后来他的衰落,以及他拒绝尝试一些方法来保留他的智力,非常令人心碎。

The end left me devastated.


It'' my favourite too! My neigbour was going to throw away a bunch of books from an old collection, but I kept some of them. Flowers for Algernon was there, and I''m so grateful for it.

这也是我最爱的一本书! 我的邻居打算扔掉一堆旧藏书,但我留下了一些。 献给阿尔吉侬的花束就是其中一本,我非常庆幸当初没有扔掉。

We had to read a redacted version in 4th grade. A library visit later and I found out what sex was.


Mf, I cry in the tube everyone I read it. You fully cannot read this book in public


In the last few years I became the guardian for a parent succumbing to dementia. Most of my job has been getting him to undergo various cognitive tests and eventually be placed in a special care unit.


I don''t regret reading Flowers for Algernon recently but I definitely didn''t enjoy my time.


The Hobbit. I remember my dad reading it to me when I was really little before they got divorced so when I read it on my own I remembered some parts from then. PLUS, it''s a great story that I loved.

《霍比特人》。 我记得我父亲在我很小的时候就读给我听,那时他们还没离婚,所以当我自己读的时候,我想起了那时的一些片段。 另外,这是一个很棒的故事,我很喜欢。

I read it in middle school. I then reread it as an adult in anticipation of the movies, and I was riveted at points and couldn''t put it down. I couldn''t remember what happened and was completely on the edge of my seat.

我在中学的时候读过。然后,成年之后又重读了一遍,期待着电影的上映,我被这本书深深吸引住了,无法把它放下。 我不记得发生了什么,完全坐立不安。

Then the movies came out and they were bad.


_gustav33 Gustav33
What about The Lord of the Rings?


The count of Monte Cristo. A fantastic tale of revenge and if it''s worth it.


I completely agree, this book is always a top recommend. The story of ultimate revenge is beautiful and sad. It will leave you just as broken as the characters in the book, and I love it for for it.


1% agree. Probably one of the best books in history. The characters and their emotions are so realistic. You can really relate to them and the intrigue and pain in the story are amazing.

1% 同意。这本书可能是历史上最好的书之一。 人物和他们的情感刻画的是如此的真实。你真的可以与他们联系起来,故事中的阴谋和痛苦是令人惊异的。

Jurassic Park is the only novel I''ve sat down with and consumed within twenty-four hours. I love the movie, but the book is so much more detailed, and the characters so much deeper, and in some cases totally different.


I grew up on the movies and got the books as a birthday gift when I was 23. Imagine my shock when I learned that, in the books, John Hammond was a massive asshole.

我是看着这部电影长大的,在我23岁生日的时候,朋友把这本书作为礼物送给了我。想象一下当我知道约翰 · 哈蒙德是个大混蛋时的震惊吧。

I loved it.


I love Michael Crichton''s works and was devastated when he died. Congo was amazing - just edge-of-your-seat all throughout - and The Andromeda Strain is also really good.

我喜欢迈克尔·克莱顿的作品,当他去世的时候,我悲痛欲绝。 《刚果惊魂》和《天外病菌》这两本书也真的很好。

Ah, now you have me wanting to re-read his books...


I agree completely! Another one of his great books is called Prey.

我完全同意! 他的另一本伟大著作是《猎物》。

The Book Thief. It’s equally heartbreaking as it is wondrous in showing the strong bonds we can make with one another.


A coworker once asked me if I had any books to recommend. Apparently years ago I recommended him two books and he liked them so now I‘m the authority on good books.


Book thief was one of the books. 1/1 would recommend again


Wow I''d almost forgotten about this book, but you''re right. I probably read it like 5 times in middle school and bawled my eyes out every time. Beautiful story.

哇,我差点忘了这本书,不过你说得对。 我大概在中学时读了5遍,每次都会大哭一场,这本书描述了是一个美丽的故事,从我记忆中,死亡作为叙述者是伟大的。


It reads like silk poetry.


So it goes.


“Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt”

1% my favorite book. Love Vonnegut.

1% 是我最喜欢的书,大爱冯内古特。

Can''t believe I had to scroll this far to find Vonnegut. Though I think Cats Craddle holds the edge for me.

真不敢相信我翻了这么久才找到冯内古特。 尽管我认为《猫的摇篮》更符合我的胃口。

The picture of Dorian Gray I just love Oscar Wildes writing style and the book has such a deep meaning. It is one of these books you can get lost in. And I had fever when I read it so that probably added to the getting lost in it effect.

《道林·格雷的画像》,我喜欢奥斯卡 ·王尔德的写作风格,这本书有着如此深刻的意义。 这是你可以沉浸其中的一本书。 当我读这本书的时候,我发烧了,所以这可能增加了我迷失在其中的感觉。

Seriously read this 4-5 times, such a great tale of descent into darkness and finding ones true meaning. The act of corrupting a beautiful thing is phenomenally satisfying through these pages

认真读这本书4-5遍,这是一个关于堕入黑暗并找到真正意义的伟大故事。 毁掉一件美丽的事物的行为在这些书页中是非常令人满意的。

Catch 22 because I love satire and no other book I''ve read captures the absurdity of things quite like Heller did.


Just read that for the first time the other day. That was something special


The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K Le Guin

Really shows how much possibilities there can be in scifi genre, it''s not always just spaceships and lasers. It talks about a completely separate alien culture where the concept of genders do not exist, and the different societal norms that come with it, it goes into some more stuff too, the premise of the story is very intriguing and its very well written

真正展示了科幻题材的可能性有多大---- 不仅仅是宇宙飞船和激光。它讲述了一个完全du立的外星文化,其中没有性别的概念,以及随之而来的不同的社会规范---- 它还涉及到更多的东西---- 故事的前提非常有趣,写得非常好

Ursula K LeGuin is an amazing author. Hard not to recommend all of her books. Lathe of Heaven and The Dispossessed are both great and the EarthSea trilogy is a great fantasy intro for young readers.

厄休拉·勒古恩是一位了不起的作家。 很难不推荐她所有的书。 《天钧》和《一无所有》(小说)都很棒,而《地海传奇》三部曲对年轻读者来说是一个很棒的奇幻入门书籍。

Where the Red Fern Grows: rips your heart into pieces


We read this in elementary school, they told us not to read ahead, but I did, and boy am I glad I did because it saved me the embarrassment of crying in class.


I’m not sure I ever scared my mom faster than when I burst into loud wails from the back seat of the car at eight years old. She demanded to know what was wrong, and all I could say was “Mama, Old Dan and Little Anne!!” She murmured, “I know, honey” in sympathy, and we were united for a moment in the shared sadness.

我不确定我是否曾经比我八岁时从汽车后座突然大声哭喊时更快地吓到我妈妈。她问我出了什么事,我只能说: “妈妈,老丹和小安妮! ” 她同情地低声说,“我知道,亲爱的” ,我们拥抱在一起悲伤了一会。

Hot hell I cry everytime.


rip my heart into pieces


this is my book report


DanDamage12 12
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I first read it when I was 16 for a sci fi class elective and it blew my mind. It is such an interesting read and it really challenges your perception of society and humanity.

阿道司·赫胥黎的《美丽新世界》。 我第一次读这本书是在我16岁参加一个科幻选修课的时候,它让我大吃一惊。 这是一本非常有趣的书,它真的挑战了你对社会和人性的认知。

That is the one dystopia book that really made me think about our concept of utopia. 1984, Handmaid’s Tale, and the recent YA trend started with Hunger Games are all obliviously terrible societies held together by brainwashing and oppressive governments where the people are unhappy and being controlled by a nefarious government, but in Brave New World the government is honestly acting in the way that it thinks is best for its citizens, and the citizens genuinely feel happy with their situation. It made me think about the value of happiness and how human nature may be prone to exchange freedom for comfort.

这是一本反乌托邦的书,真正让我思考我们的乌托邦概念。1984年,《使女的故事》 ,以及最近以《饥饿游戏》在青年中掀起了一阵潮流,讲的都是一个被洗恼和压迫政府联合起来的可怕社会,人民不满,被邪恶的政府控制,但是在《美丽新世界》中,政府真诚地对公民做好事,公民真诚地对他们的处境感到满意。 这让我想到了幸福的价值,以及人性是如何倾向于用自由换取舒适的。

The name of the wind. I was jobless for a while, super depressed, and close to homeless. That book played a huge part in getting me through all of that. I still reread it from time to time

《风之名》。 我失业了一段时间,非常沮丧,几乎无家可归。 那本书对我度过这一切起了很大的作用。 我仍然不时地重读它

still waiting for his third book )):

仍在等待他的第三本书) :

After the loss of a very dear loved one, I lost all interest in things I liked (like books), and stopped reading, for years.This book got me over that hump and got me back the mojo of reading.

在失去了一个非常亲爱的人之后,我对我喜欢的东西(比如书)失去了所有的兴趣,并且停止了阅读,好几年。 这本书使我渡过了难关,使我重新获得了阅读的魔力。

Even if the third book never gets out, will forever be grateful to have gotten a chance to read the first two.


snickerdoodle-- Snickerdoodle --
1984 by George Orwell. Not to sound like that person who’s “woke af,” but it really is a book that gets you thinking. It’s both fascinating and frightening.

乔治 · 奥威尔的《1984》。我不想听起来像那个“ woke af”的人,但它确实是一本让你思考的书。 这既令人着迷又令人恐惧。

I remember the first time I read it a few years ago, the ending crushed me.

animal farm.

it was a satire

i knew what it was mocking

it was actually a good story


We read this in high school. The student teacher didn''t know it was an allegory for the Russian revolution and taught the book like it was just standard fiction.


I was always expecting to be forced to read it in high school, because so many high school centric books and movies feature it, but I never was. Kind of considering reading it on my own because I''ve heard it''s great


Undoubtedly the best quote is : “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

毫无疑问,最好的名言是: “所有动物都是平等的,但有些动物比其他动物更平等。”

The Giver by Lois Lowry... I know its 5th grade reading material but it was really my gateway to how books can transport you to a different world.

洛伊丝·洛利的《授者》... ... 我知道它是五年级的阅读材料,但它实际上是我通向书籍如何将你带到一个不同的世界的大门的启蒙者。

I know they made a movie about it, which doesnt do the book justice, as it often is, but damn.. I really love that book.

我知道他们为此拍了一部电影,虽然这部电影并不像通常那样完全符合书中的要求,但是该死的。 . 我真的很喜欢那本书。

My second choice would be " The wind up bird chronicles " by Haruki Murakami, or anything from Haruki in general, just fantastic novels.

我的第二个选择是村上春树的《发条鸟编年史》 ,或者任何来自春树的作品,只要是奇幻小说就行。

YES!!!! That book opened my world up to utopian/distopian novels which are now my absolute favorite! Granted their all young adult books, but the divergent series, the circle, hunger games, all among my favorites because of that book!

是的!这本书开启了我的世界,让我看到了乌托邦 / 异端的小说,现在它们绝对是我的最爱! 虽然他们的书都是青少年读物,但是《分歧者系列电影,《圆圈》 ,《饥饿游戏》 ,都是我最喜欢的书,都是因为这本书!

The Martian. Hard (reality based) science fiction with a smartass protagonist in a desperate struggle for survival. Watney displays constant problem solving that shows real resilience of character, punctuated with moments of stupidity like anyone would have and humor that anyone would need to live through a disaster.


The part where he blows his base up because of the escaped hydrogen from making water was somehow hilarious and extremely scary at the same time. Definitely one of my favorites as well.

他因为制造水的氢气泄漏而炸毁了他的基地,这部分有点滑稽,但同时又极其可怕。 当然也是我最喜欢的一个。

One of my favorites as well! The fact that it is so easy to suspend your disbelief and read it like a historical account makes it amazing sci-fi

这也是我的最爱之一! 事实上,把你的怀疑暂时搁置起来,像阅读历史记录一样阅读它是如此容易,这使它成为了一部令人惊叹的科幻小说

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

s · e · 辛顿的《局外人》 。

Likeable characters, very strong story and doesn''t pull any punches. Best book I had to read in school by far.


"That was then, this is now" is the same universe but cameos Ponyboy.


The coming of age story was huge to teenage me, much more than whatever Catcher in the Rye was supposed to be.


Read the sequel Rumblefish. You''ll like it.


Stay gold, ponyboy


I teach seventh grade and that book is magic for that age. Once, I worked with kids who were deeply troubled and read The Outsiders out loud to them. EVERYONE was super into it. They would interrupt other lessons and beg me to read more, which I’d gladly do. They probably hadn’t had that I-NEED-to-read feeling in quite a few years and I think it was a refreshing experience to be read to again.

我教七年级,那本书对那个年龄段的孩子来说很神奇。 有一次,我和一些深受困扰的孩子一起工作,他们大声地读《局外人》。 每个人都很喜欢。 他们会打断其他的课程,乞求我多读点书,我很乐意这样做。 他们可能已经有好几年没有这种“我需要阅读”的感觉了,我认为这是一次值得再次阅读的清新体验。

At one point, a naughty kid had been sent to my room for a break from another teacher. His class had already finished reading it and mine was close to the exciting/sad things that happen at the end but not quite there. He came into my room quietly and sat and listened. He got up and started pacing. Then he started trying to talk to other kids in the back and that’s where I gently redirected him to his seat.

有一次,一个淘气的孩子被从另一个老师那里送到我的房间休息。他的班级已经读完了这本书,我的班级已经接近最后发生的令人兴奋 / 悲伤的事情,但还没有完全读到。他静静地走进我的房间,坐下来听着。 他站起来,开始踱步。 然后他开始试着和坐在后排的其他孩子说话,我就轻轻地把他引到他的座位上。

He went fight/flight on me pretty goddamn quickly and in his fighting frustration, he fucking blurted out the two main things that happen at the end of the book. I have never in my career seen a classroom of instantly sad children before or since. A couple of them dropped their books to the floor. A couple heads went down. Tears were shed. That naughty kid took the most precious ending away from them in a matter of seconds. We did finish the book together, but it just wasn’t the same.

他很快就对我拳打脚踢,在他的拳打脚踢中,他妈的脱口而出了书的结尾发生的两件主要事情。 在我的职业生涯中,我从来没有见过一个班级里的孩子在此之前或之后立刻变得悲伤。 他们中的几个人把书仍到了地板上。有几个同学低下了头,眼泪夺眶而出。 那个淘气的孩子在几秒钟内就夺走了他们最珍贵的结局。 我们确实一起完成了这本书,但感觉不一样了。

And that’s my The Outsiders story.


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