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Ohhh boo hooo, she fucked up the us men and she has to be on drugs? Just accept this woman Destroyed you like china destroyed you in 2008 and will destroy you in london...keep pretending silver and bronze is as good as gold to make yourself feel better pussy 
if you actually watched the race, you see that she trails the american by a good distance all the way until the freestyle part, and then she exploded. if she actually doped, i think she would try to keep the distance a little closer. I think she's just a phenomenal freestyle swimmer, she should compete with the boys, lol.

Is the french guy who beat Lochte in 4*100 relay and today in 200 freestyle also doping? I think you are doping too much...

She suddenly takes a second off the world record and today killed the 200 world record if she ca do that why didn't she in trials? This is very likley a case of doping. Even if they do test her and she is clean it is Likley that the chinese government has come up with a performance enhancing drug that is not tested for. There is no 16 year old in the world that could even touch Lochte's final 50 split after 350 m of an im
她突然之间把世界纪录提高了一秒多并且击碎了200米世界纪录(他搞错了 实际只是奥运会纪录),如果她能做到如此为什么她不能被讯问呢?这非常像是一个嗑药的案例。就算他们真的测试了并且她通过了那也有可能是中国政府开发出了一款无法被测到的加强发挥的药剂。在经过350米的拼搏后,世界上不可能有16岁的女娃能摸到罗切特最后50米的速度。

hey, I think it's time for you to take the drug. Don't forget 2 times a day
喂 我看该是你是去吃药的时候了,记得一天两次。

well, i guess phelps cheated on beijing olympics too, how could a man won 8 golds? must've taken drugs that couldn't be tested out. These people are jealous wanker
好吧,我猜菲尔普斯在北京奥运会也作弊了,不然一个人怎么可能赢得八金呢?一定磕了无法被查出的药。 你们这些货都是妒忌心贼重的屌丝!

Has anyone ever taken into consideration that Ye Shiwen could actually be 1/2 fish 1/2 human. i see you racist fuckers doubting the phenom, i'll laugh my ass off when the test results clear her and biesel turns out to be doping, BAWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! when the test clears ye shiwen, you racists can all go shoot yourselves in the head.

Ye Shiwen World Record Time = 4:28,43
Ryan Lochte 4:05,18
Michael Phelps 4:09,28
They are still 20! seconds faster... so what about your comparison?... She was only faster on the last 50 meter, but the end of the race is her great strenght.. the overalltime is still not comparable to the men races.

At least, if you are going to insult a group of people because of your inadequacy, insecurity and feeling of emptiness due to your pathetic existence, have the balls to show your face and not hide behind that mask. I guess your intelligence is below that of an amoeba that you cannot put a coherent argument backed with facts so you have to attack people in a personal way. 

He didn′t do Doping.. He did Dope Swim!

media sensationalising facts and talking out of context, ryan lochte's freestyle quarter was the 5th fastest in the mens 400 final, he went all out at the beginning and had little to give in the end. So yes, its entirely possible Ye smashed Lochte's time. Some americans are sore losers, they even rank the medal tally with "total" medals won listing themselves as no1... Pathetic

why is it so impossible that a chinese swimmer broke a record? I mean she probably just trained really hard and was really gifted. Is it so hard to believe?? There are lots of other WR breakers out there! should we do a doping test on each of them? I mean chinese are really strong. DO NOT underestimate them!!!!!! 
一名中国泳者破了个记录就那么不可能么?我的意思是 她很可能只是有极好天赋并且刻苦训练。这就那么难以相信么?仍然有很多世界纪录打破者不为人知地存在!难道我们要一一给他们做药检?中国人是很强大的,千万别低估他们!

If China's hockey team beat Canada, wouldnt u have a few questions?

If china cared about ice hockey they would be better than canada in 4 years time but nobody gives a fuck about a gimmick sport 

pleaz, the chinese government specifically goes for sports that no one cares about to get more medals than anyone else to protect their image since their government is a tyranny. ping pong, badminton, gay gymnastics and diving are not gimmick sports? pleaz. the only sports americans care about are football, baseball and basketball and we would kick chinas ass every time in those real sports that are face to face competition not determined by judges

If they do a testing on her because of her WR performance, then they should do a testing on every WR breaker at this olympics because obviously they never swam/ran that fast before, what gave them the power to do it now? Also with missy franklin whose only 17, she won a gold just 20 min after she swam in another event, how did she recover so fast? shouldn't we suspect that she doped too?
如果因为一个人奥运会纪录水平的表现而给她做药检,那么他们该给每个破纪录者做因为很明显从来没人游得比他们快过,现在谁给他们的权力干这种事?此外你看,像missy franklin才17岁,在参加完另一场比赛后仅20分钟,她就赢得了金牌,她是怎么做到快速恢复的?难道我们也应该怀疑她嗑药么?

what kind of drug can make you slow in other styles and only fast in freestyle? Watch her previous wins in her career. She won like this many times. Her strength is on the last freestyle sprint
It is better to say ths is the year of the dragon, therefore by being a Chinese dragon decendent, a invisible water dragon pushed her to the finish. It is just as ludicrious.
how about the other young swimmers that broke records too? They never swam that fast neither!
是什么样的神药能让你在别的泳姿上慢 而唯独在自由泳上快?看看她过去职业生涯中的胜利。太多次她都是以这种方式赢得的。她的气力被放在了最后自由泳的全力冲刺中。

Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte got pwned by a Chinese girl. Americans and their manhood problems…

americans , pieces of shit who can't take a loss and will find every single excuse they can to overturn a loss 

Get over it! Olympic games: chinese dopping vs american dopping.

LOL, white people just mad that they no longer dominate swimming. Wonder what NBC will cry about? Lets wait for the waterfalls during the Women's Gymnastic!
Can't wait to see all these white people crying foul again. Boo fucking hoo!


cheater . Korean's win things honest Chinese sly cheaters taking drugs and even their underage gymnasts.cheating Chinese.

you got to be kidding. the koreans can't even face the world without having plastic surgeries.

I thought she was a man. lol :) ~C~

No, it's the AMERICAN "Women" swimmers who look mannish. This Chinese girl is sort of cute in the face at least!

The Americans had been cheating with engineered speedo and once the Olympic banned it they lost most of the race lol. They apparently have no problem with that.

It's NOT possible for this woman to have gone this fast on her own. She's doped up. The East doesn't have the same moral values as the West. Cheating is far more prevalent. Afterall, the East does not have the Christian tradition that the West does. Which flat out condemns cheating. Cheating in the East is not looked down upon, only getting "caught" while cheating is looked down upon.

ya and now they are saying that amazing spilt time is because of her large hand and feet, get the Fcuk outta here!
是啊 现在药检结果出来了他们就开始鼓噪说她不可思议的神速是靠她硕大的手脚,都滚蛋吧!

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