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BEIJING -- China plans to launch space labs and manned ships and prepare to build space stations over the next five years, according to a plan released Thursday that shows the country's space program is gathering momentum.
China has already said its eventual goals are to have a space station and put an astronaut on the moon. It has made methodical progress with its ambitious lunar and human spaceflight programs, but its latest five-year plan beginning next year signals an acceleration.
By the end of 2016, China will launch space laboratories, manned spaceship and ship freighters, and make technological preparations for the construction of space stations, according to the white paper setting out China's space progress and future missions.
China's space program has already made major breakthroughs in a relatively short time, although it lags far behind the United States and Russia in space technology and experience.
The country will continue exploring the moon using probes, start gathering samples of the moon's surface, and "push forward its exploration of planets, asteroids and the sun."

1、wakohnen :Our private sector will manage to keep us ahead of the space race. SpaceX is planning to dock a craft with the ISS in Feb of 2012. Without government restrictio ns I can see US private industry coming out on top. There is BIG $$ in space and you can bet the farm there are those greedy enough to go after it right here in the USA.

2、Owen Nicholson:This is what the Commonweal th Scientific and Industrial Research Organisati on of Australia needs to start doing.

3、Fodder-wing :I would think that one that dominates space can and will dominate the Earth. That should not be the US objective, but we are fools to let China take the lead.

4、MISTERWRITER :And so it begins.... no astronaut left behind (in China that is).


5、cljvedelman :China moves forward and Obama eliminates NASA's capacity to have manned space flight for the foreseeabl e future. The Obama Administra tion offers only vague talk about US manned space presence. The Obama Administra tion says private industry will lead the way. This is a foolish way for this nation to view the future of a US manned space program.

6、swimmer1957 :Well how much weaker is this president going to allow.....

7、Dan Stewart :The US seems to always turn any technology advance China makes into a military issue.

8、whitemale08 :Meanwhile, the US continues to pat itself on the back for going backwards by never ending bailouts and guaranteei ng the losses of every Western speculator on Wall Street/Cit y of London.
China is smart while the West is nothing but a home to fools.
Soon China will reach full employment and will no longer need slave labor to manufactur e widgets for WalMart customers in the US.

9、susanbsbi :We should be doing this also, but the congress killed our space program

Amalek:The 20th Century was America's.  The 21st is China's.  It is a good thing they plan to spend it on science instead of bombs.

10、AbeMartin :How many tens of billions of dollars will the Federal Government appropriat e for transfer to China's treasury so we can hitch rides on Chinese spaceships and stay on the space stations?

11、gorgol :Well, with our educationa l system, we'll always be ahead of other countries in technology . Oh wait...... never mind.

12、jdwlor :Well isn't it nice to know that all the money the American people have sent to China that they can afford to build they'er own space station and we have to rely on the Russians to take us to the one that in time we will have to quit funding.Bu t to listen to the candidates for the rightwinge rs we have the money to start a war with Iran.If we do go to war we will probably get a tax break.Isn' t that the way that the American people get involved,j ust ask the armed forces to do all the dirty work.

13、jmcoughlin8 :Please just don't put Chinese food in outer space. If I call for take-out, I'm not coming to get it! And a fortune cookie would cost a fortune!

14、zenful6219 :China's space program gains momentum, while our's languishes because of reduced funding. I guess it really does matter whether or not a country produces goods and not just services.

15、zenju2 :Thanks to GW Bush, greedy bankers and speculator s, and militant Islam, America doesn't have to worry its purty lil' head no more about human space exploratio n and colonisati on.

16、Techboy308 :Well, God knows, we can't tax anyone to pay for a space program here, so I'm glad SOMEONE's doing it...

17、TOOO :Well, this would be good news - if China weren't a military dictatorsh ip.


18、Husaria :Back to Wal - Mart, you retail bargain shoppers!
China has a space station to build.

19、Roger Womack:AND we can't even get to our space station without the russians! What a joke!

20、Holder Gunrunner :Who cares? We DOMINATE in EBT Technology and all our poor people have iPhones! USA! USA!

21、Thomas Alan :It's unfortunat e the US can't afford to have a space program due to the insane cost of the Bush Mid East wars.

22、Dmpolis :All right, we can pay for that as well! While we concentrate on polluting our nation and degrading our economy so theirs can flourish. Big business at work to make China number one!! While they get our jobs and the porfits get invested back into china's space program and not the US????? Learn to speak Chineease in 30 days and you too can get a job.

23、Tabasco :"China plans to launch space labs and manned ships and prepare to build space stations over the next five years.."
By next year they plan to manufactur e portable space stations to sell at major retail stores for $989.95. You'll be able to extend your warranty from 8 days to 6 months for only $25.00.

24、Gaaltero:Hope they don't build their spaceships like the toys I got for my son for Christmas.

Julie Zhou:You do that to your son?

ay1371 :They build the toys according to the U S manufactur ers specs..The y will build their space crafts with THEIR specs and will do a good job doing it..Rememb er all the money they have--most is from the US people buying their products manufactur ed under the US companies logo..

25、Jerseytime :Too bad we can't do this type of exploratio n. We're too busy trying to pray our rockets into space.

FerrisValyn :No, our rockets are doing just fine. Look at the Atlas V, the Delta IV, and the Falcon 9 are all good rockets.
The problem is we've had a bad administra tor (Mike Griffin) and a Congress that like NASA as a pork machine, not a space agency
不,我们的火箭做得很好,宇宙神5号,Delta IV,猎鹰9号,都是很好的火箭。
问题是我们有一个糟糕的管理者(Mike Griffin)和国会,把NASA当成政治恩惠的机器,而不是太空总署。

26、wlcd :Great news. I hope this foster a second space race. Last time I recall we all benefited from the Space Race-compu ters, satellites , and of course the most important Tang and Teflon. (The last two are tongue and(in) cheek). A new space race will hopefully put money into training engineers and science, math etc...

27、philliplojek:I'll bet all of those space labs will look alike.

28、HomeGrower :China knows..... . the next world war will be fought in space.

29、Mark Wesly Mason :Good for them, they have found out how to shoot billions of dollars into space like we did.

FerrisValyn :Space developmen t, done properly, has huge economic benefits.
How is that a bad thing?

30、PALEOLOGOS DRAGASH :We will now have to impose a no-fly zone in space.
With a Made-in-Ch ina hardware, of course.

31、lobsterhead2 :if they wan a space station, they better outsource it to japan. i wouldn't want to depend on anything made in china except perhaps rat poison. i bet they make good poisons.

32、mheinznyc :Damn. Time to learn Mandarin. This country is on a roll !

33、howiestudstill :I wish our space program had that kind of vision for the future.

34、Behaviour Problem :The US and Russia have had their share of disasters.
So I bet China being less experience d will be an absolute joke.

35、Elroy Jetson :The Chinese will have plenty of exploratio n $$ as soon as we pay them back the 15+Trillio n we owe them already.

mwpd789 :We don't owe China 15 Trillion. That is the total amount we owe to everyone. We owe China less than 3 trillion.

phdpamela :No. The plan is, they will take our real estate in exchange for the debt. Wait and see, it's coming.

36、bigbobh :Would you fly on something that was stamped Made In China?

detkoncp :We already are. LOL And we wear and eat what says Made in China. LOL


phdpamela :LOL. Good one! You made my day! Joking aside, they area very dedicated, intelligen t culture.

37、Justthom :Now maybe we can hitchhike a ride with the Chinese. Too bad we don't have a space program.

38、teltech543 :Our schools should be teaching Chinese. China will be the the new number one global power sooner than anyone thinks.

jamesnpost :The students in the top Chinese high schools speak, read, and write better English than most Americans, most of whom are not bilingual in any language (which is ignorant), and most of them are proud of that fact (which is stupid).

39、primus2000 :The US should get China to partner with the internatio nal station and build pods to attach to it. That would truly make it internatio nal plus keep it up and running.

40、fastmovin1 :While China keeps building up their navy with aircraft carriers, their military with up to date weapons, pushing ahead in space exploratio n and building space staions and cornering the trade market (they make almost everything bought in America) we keep borrowing money from them. We keep wasting billions invading countries like Iraq, Afganistan , Lybia while they sit back and reap in the profits. When is the last time China has gone to war since Korea? Now, count how many wars we have been in since then. One day we'll all be speaking Chinese thanks to the stupidty of our very own government and corporate greed.

41、jonathan6773 :We are losing in education, economy, transportation, and now in our space program. China is advancing forward and Congress is bickering nonsense and Boehner is still crying at the corner.

42、lochadro :Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were an alliance between all the major players, mutually supporting one huge human space effort instead of all these piecemeal efforts?

42、Likecandy7 :Where are all the usual idiotic posts critical of wasting money on a space program???

43、ideassoul :The Chinese Communist Party members are planing for the future, they know that soon or later those millions and millions of people living in poverty are going to start a Revolution and probably they are thinking about moving all the money they are taking from the country resources and live on the moon. I think that it is like a crazy idea to go to the moon when there are millions and millions of farmers not being able to support their family and have to go to big cities to collect cans and card boards and chain their child in a pole!

45、ectullis  :No doubt using technology we gave them.

46、Trekkinbob :My bets are on China. If they can find a way to truly allow freedom of individual expression , their nation would stand more proudly than the U.S. had ever imagined since we seem bound and determined to return to the Dark Ages after having made some of the greatest advances in human knowledge ever.

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