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Why is it that the US and China seem to dominate the tech industry rather than Europe?
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Why is it that the US and China seem to dominate the tech industry rather than Europe?



Sam King, Technology Reviewer and Developer (1998-present)
We have the talent and the ambition but the problem is that Europe is too fragmented with markets that are too small, too specific (i.e. they want to use their own languages), too inflexible and labour too costly for companies to reinvent itself and develop new technologies.
As a result, we saw the decline of these guys,
But unlike Europe, they are a united group that became the world’s super manufacturers and masters at adapting to two of the largest markets in the world, the world and their own. Plus, they only use one language to get things done - Mandarin.
Years of manufacturing tends to turn a diligent worker into a master. So he/she went from this,

Sam King, 技术审查和开发人员(1998-至今)



David Janssen
The US is on a downward trend, too. Still their tech sector is much bigger.


Joseph Wang
China is simply “recovering” to the strongest power, just like it had been for millenium.


Valerio Syracuse
including Larry Jackson
China’s decline started somewhere in the 1400’s or 1500’s, but wasn’t that bad until the West rapidly developed in the Industrial Revolution (1820s to 1890s).


Cheong Tee
Don’t understand how language diversity could be a problem for technology development for Europe. English has been a well established medium, fluency is no problem among tech people.



Adam Wantoch
Given that some of you are saying Europe is on decline, let me just point out that there are other factors to consider when making such statement. Yes Europe is not great in software technology, but the EU is the biggest exported in the world in monetary terms and it has had an export/import surplus for decades, just not that of software technology. Also, the European population is stable or even declining in some of its countries, wereas other countries including the US its populations are continuing to grow, hence overall weight of a european country may be proportionately declining, but pro capita data is not.



Zhirayr Avetisyan
The US is ahead mostly in consumer software technologies. This is realated to the looser privacy and intellectual property rules - a price most Europeans are prepared to pay. When it comes to large scale infrastructure software where quality is more important than fast delivery, Europe leads (e.g. SAP). And if we talk about hardware technogies, all governments trust Krupp and Siemens and others. It is the cheap and fast technology (as food) that the US is doing well about.



Austin Kesler
This answer really isn’t relevant to the question. Sure China can produce quality products these days but besides that I don’t get the point. The United States is the same way.


Sam King
including Austin Kesler
The point is that Europe has a massive population that is divided, whereas China has a massive population that is united (the US has a smaller population than both, but they are still big, just as diverse yet still united as one country). The former is made up of countries that can’t really work together, whereas the latter is made up of provinces/states that can.
When a country develops with a massive labour force, talent, nationally recognised infrastructures and resources, it tends to progress much faster.



Willoughby Raffles
Speak for the rest of Europe if you wish, but not the UK. The UK''s performance on tech is 3rd behind only the US and China and doing better than France and Germany combined. UK has many issues, but the future economy is not one of them.


Sam King
I wish that was true Richard but we’re certainly behind Germany.


Willoughby Raffles
Not in tech we''re not. We''re way ahead.


Ray Comeau, Interest in geopolitics
Thanks for request
Europe is not a country it is a geographical area composed of many small countries with different cultures. In some ways it looks more like India than the US or China.
There are European companies but are any companies European ? Airbus is the only one that comes close as it is owned in part by three European countries.
My observation of Europe is that it still behaves with a parochial and conservative mindset, which in turn delivers European results and sometimes world results but in traditional European industries - Cars, watches, high fashion.
Below is an example of someone’s opinion of what innovation is
European countries are innovative but it is either outside tech like pharmaceuticals etc or it exists on a small scale and therefore is dwarfed by the big boys.

Ray Comeau, 对地缘政治感兴趣



Reno Hyde
Europe needs more companies like airbus to compete with us and China.


Robert Leo
I don’t think this is entirely true, but true to a certain extent. Let’s take some examples:
. Semiconductors - no Chinese in sight, intel has been dominating for a very long time, micron trying to survive for a very long time, and Korean companies Samsung and Hynix have been in the top spots for close to two decades. Japanese to my surprise has only Toshiba left, and Europeans (SGS Thompson, Philips) have left the top spots for a very long time.
. System integrators - SAP anyone? Where’s the Chinese? There are IBM, GE etc all pretty long time top players.
. Network equipment - Nokia, Alcatel are both top European companies for a very long time, Cisco has been dominating the top spot for a very long time, but it is being threatened by Huawei, a rapidly growing Chinese company. Also ZTE a much lesser known Chinese company. Pretty much most names in the top 20 have been there for the last 20 years.
The Chinese presence is mainly felt in consumer markets that have gone through sharp change of fortune in the last 20 years:
. Smart phone, Japan was the early front runner, then Motorola, then Nokia, then Apple pretty much redefined the smart phone, and along came Samsung. Now the Chinese are challenging the top spots.
. Internet companies, almost dominated entirely by the Americans, it has been like that all along. Chinese compete in their own ways, by blocking American companies or putting them to disadvantage in the Chinese market.







Marcus Depaul, M.A. Medical Biotechnology
Are they?
The Consumer Product Tech Industry is dominated by US, China, S. Korea, Japan and Taiwan. As consumer products are what most people see and touch every day, this skews the perception they have about the tech industry.
If we look at the tech industry more comprehensively the picture changes. If also industrial technology, chip making and advanced networking is considered we have a really different picture, where the US and Europe still dominate (with few exceptions).
Chip Making. There are several companies which design their own chips, yet there are only a handful of companies which are able to produce the machinery which produces such cipsets. The indiscussed market leader (by far) is Dutch: ASML. Look at this:
That, ladies and gentelmen is one of the most high tech machines ever produced. Neither the US nor China or Japan are able to copy this technology (thus far).
Integrated systems electronics. When it comes to electronics which work “under the hood” in cars, industry, or automation three companies dominate the market: Siemens, Bosch and GE.
Aerospace electronics. Here again, firmly in the hands of US and Europe.
Consumer products indeed give a different impression, yet where technology is really needed to be reliable China is far from dominating the market.

Marcus Depaul, 医学生物技术硕士







Reno Hyde
I disagree with putting Japan in the same gamut as those other countries I think Japan is the only Asian country that can be on par with the US and Europe or even exceed it. Japan produces a lot of its own machines too.
Canon of Japan is the only company in the world that can produce machines used to make oled panels. It produces almost all of them. Canon also has similar machines to the Dutch asml that makes machines to make chips.
A lot of the machines and robots used to manufacture stuff is also made in Japan.




Marcus Depaul
Is it? South Korea is the undisputed leader in screen technology while Taiwan in GPU, server chip-sets and now even AI specific chip-sets. Both are currently innovating as fast as Japan


Reno Hyde
korea is not the undisputed leader they simply have consumer market share with the masses.
I thought your entire post was about the technology that goes behind the stuff that consumers use but don’t see or know about?
if we were to go with that nearly all of the machine Samsung uses to make their oled smartphones (LG included) comes from japan. The machines used to make them are japanese. Basically it has complete monopoly over this.
When it comes to professional reference minotor displays Sony is the undisputed leader used in studios and hollywood movies. I’d argue Sony flagship TV’s are better than samsung. Though both are good.
When it comes to Chip set manufacturing yes that is one thing Japan has fallen behind. But like you said yourself ASML makes the machines that taiwan uses to make the chipsets. And canon is another competitor to this that also makes machines for them.
not to mention the silicon wafer chips which japanese also have the highest market share in.





Marcus Depaul
What you write was correct a few years ago. Now Sony OLED TVs use LG monitors while the new reference in technology is Samsung′s QLED system (which is collapsing OLED and mico LED prices.


但现在索尼的OLED电视使用了LG显示器,而新的技术参考的是三星的QLED技术(该技术正在冲击OLED和mico LED的价格)。

Zijian He, Chinese
The EU market is not unified like the US and China which have huge markets with the same language. Those are enough for Chinese equivalents of US internet giants to rival their counterparts. That’s without even needing the Chinese companies to penetrate foreign markets. The EU has been blocking mergers that would allow European companies to compete with the giants.
European companies that do come up with certain tech are just purchased by existing big players.
China is doing relatively well in hardware. Shenzhen is the silicon valley of hardware with a really dynamic environment. They can get things done in hours and days. In Europe it would take a month.



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