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If a developing country like India can have nukes why not Iran?
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If a developing country like India can have nukes why not Iran?



slam Hossain B.A. & M.A. International Relations Jahangirnagar University Answered Nov 1
Accept the reality-- nuclear weapon is all about pure power politics. “Nuclear weapons function as the currency of power in the international system”. Remember the United States dismantled the nuclear program of South Korea and Taiwan even though they were allies. Washington fears that if Seoul and Taipei get nuclear weapons they would be independent of United States' influence. So the reality is-- no existing nuclear weapon state would allow Iran or any other country to have nuclear weapons. If you are a state and you have nuclear weapons like them then they will lose their influence and control over you. Presuming that you somehow manage to build nuclear bombs you would be so powerful that they would not be able to force you to comply with their wishes.


See North Korea—America is continuously issuing threats to attack and destroy it but the mighty superpower is actually unable to do anything about it. It is also true for North Korea Kim Jong-un uses aggressive language all the time against America; but in reality it cannot attack or even touch American territory. The point is--nuclear weapons deter everyone even if you are a superpower. It is the ultimate guarantor of your survival and existence. That is why they will not allow you to have nukes. If you want to build it anyway; you should have the determination and preparation to face grave consequences and punishment from other nuclear powers.


States are sovereign and equal in rights. As states are sovereign in theory everyone has the right to build nuclear weapons if they think it is necessary. However there is an international agreement named Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The main function of the treaty is to prevent and prohibit the spread of nuclear weapons. Under the treaty none but only P5 countries (five permanent members of UN Security Council) have the right to possess nuclear weapons. I think most of the people will agree with me that NPT is an unequal treaty from this perspective at least. The treaty was sponsored and manufactured by the most powerful nuclear weapon states (NWS) to get unfair advantage and unchallenged power over all other states in the world.

主权国家的权利是平等的。理论上,如果觉得有必要的话,每个主权国家都有权利发展自己的核武器。 然而,有一项条约称为核不扩散条约。这项条约旨在阻止核武器的扩散。依照该条约,除了五个安理会常任理事国之外,其他国家都没有权利拥有核武器。至少从它的这条条款来看,我想大部分人都会认同我即核不扩散条约并不平等。这个条约是有核国家为了保证其在全世界范围内取得不公平优势和不容挑战的强权而孕育而生和发起的。

India was able to build nuclear weapons because it was powerful and determined enough to disregard pressure and punishment from other nuclear powers. New Delhi was willing to pay the price for the bomb. Iran will also get the bomb if Iran is determined and willing to pay the price for it.


It is not that existing nuclear weapon states are evil because they do not allow others to have it. If you enter the nuclear club you would also behave the same way. You would feel privileged and extremely powerful. Nuclear weapons bring prestige status and a sense of superiority; which you will not like to share with others.


Iran is a party to NPT. In principle if Iran withdraws itself from the treaty there will be no legal prohibition or restrictions to deter it from making nuclear weapons; but in practice other nuclear powers will still try to stop it.


If a country with truly good intentions (say USA or Russia) wants to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons; then it should destroy its own nuclear arsenal first and set an example before the international community so that other countries can follow. I too want a nuclear weapons free world but that must be done through the participation of all countries without exception. Let nuclear disarmament be done though the heavens fall.


Doug Sandlin Have studied and discussed geopolitics and history for years Answered Oct 26
India is not exactly a poor country.


That’s old news. India’s GDP growth rate is roughly 7% annually whereas Iran’s in -1.5% (yes negative. Sanctions likely have something to do with that).


Consider India’s position in various world markets and then consider Iran’s.


In any case India has nukes because they decided to develop them and they refused to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.


If you don’t know India has the fourth most powerful military in the world behind the U.S. Russia and China.


Iran on the other hand is an early signatory of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty but Benjamin Netanyahu needed a regional “bogeyman” and so he started crowing about Iran’s desire to develop a nuclear weapon back in the early 1990s.


The well-researched book Manufactured Crisis by Gareth Porter gives many of the most pertinent details.

由加雷斯·波特经过深入研究而撰写的《人造危机》提供了大量相关的细节(译者注:全书名为Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare《人造危机:伊朗核恐慌不为人知的故事》)。

And ironically Israel a nuclear power is one of the few other nations that refused to sign the nuclear non-proliferation agreement.


And so the real reason that Iran is not “allowed” to have nuclear weapons in because the Israeli government and therefore U.S. conservatives are scared of Iran.


Aamir Kamal former Student Answered Oct 27
The same Question is true for Pakistan too.


Take the example of Microsoft.


What if a person x make a software which works exactly as Microsoft he will fail because he appear in wrong time.


The same is true for Pakistan or India as both are developing.


They take the right decision at the right time because they have the right opportunity.


Suyash Agrawal lives in Cincinnati Answered Oct 26
It's not about poverty it's not about money at all. Poorer countries like Pakistan have nukes and richer countries like Australia don't.


It's about how safe the world would be if Iran has nukes. Iran is infamous as a belligerent nation with fickle leadership (at least that's what the NATO countries say). Also Iran has poor relationships with most of its neighbors and even with countries distant. Iran can't be trusted with nukes why it may nuke itself for all you know. Iran in possession of nukes will only destabilize the region.


In my opinion no country should have weapons of mass destruction. However I would trust Iran even less with that.


Anonymous Answered Oct 26
Indian response to Chinese Troll Army:


Sure why not?


In fact poor India should give the nukes to all the below nations and India — so they can save themselves from Xi jumping on them.


Nepal Tajik Kyrg Mongolia SK Japan Philippines Vietnam Laos Cambodia Myanmar


To Indians that are naive:


1.The question is from Anonymus.
2.The question deliberately adds tags to India associates with “poor” just to boost their own ego and put a “inferior” light that can be easily disproved by GDP growth rate.
3.The question fakes “supporting Iran nukes” just to build good-name for China vis-a-vis USA in Iranian-minds.
4.So the question is actually pitting India-Iran-US against each other. The question did not use the actual case “if poor Pakistan can have nukes …”
5.These things must give you (Indians) a clue about state-actors. Write China ego boosting answers. Once you increase the head-weight of Chinese their head will drop off.

3. 这个问题假装“支持伊朗拥有核武器”,目的是为了让中国(而不是美国)给伊朗人留下好印象。

Farhan C Answered Nov 2
Believe me you mate when I tell you this.


What nobody can do an Indian can and will do it.


We may be a country of a billion with a million faults flaws & conflicts within but when it comes to our nation’s honour & pride we have not & will never compromise. The billions of Indians will become one united strong force without any regards to race religion & prejudice.


If you don't believe me ask the British.


Yogeshwaran Intersersted in I.RELATIONS Answered Oct 26
India was different from what it used to be say before 2000.It is highly developing now in each and every field.Every nation has right to develop nukes but what is more important is whether the nation is committed to rules based order.And also it's stature among comity of nations. And morever given the diversity of India and tensions within the civil societies India as a nation and its people managed to evolve as a democracy. BUT Iran is way behind India to prove it's responsible member among the nations.Iran should be come clear of terror funding charges. It threatens the existence of Israel while India is not at all an aggressor or a rogue state.If Nukes end up in fanatic regimes the fallout will be too large to handle.


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