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Can Israel Win Over China?
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Can Israel Win Over China?



A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Israel China investment future. This was right before a week full of events I attended to.


When invited by Sino-Israel Global Network & Academic Leadership (SIGNAL) to sit at a round table on Israel’s China policy, I didn’t really know what to expect frankly. As a fast paced entrepreneur, dealing with something like policy seemed like a slow thing that would take ages to change and would belong to my parents’ generation. Something belonging to the “old world” with the old “order”.


How does policy making work in the internet era? Diplomacy is a slow industry…


I of course don’t have an answer to that. But if the answer is: “Yes, Israel is a commodity”; then there should be a discussion of how to handle this reality, how to leverage the assets Israel already has and keep Israel’s competitive advantage over other countries.


Gregory Weaver 15 hours ago
Now offense Mr Freund but China is more likely than not to fail in it foreign policy. First China is burning far more bridges than its building. The trade friction between the US and China alone could manifest in such away as to throw China into depression. Not to metion Chinas problems with the EU. As for China being a rising super that is laughable at best. China has managed to steal its way to prosperity and now that the neighbors house is robbed clean i find it highly unlikely China will be able to adjust its economic policy fastest enough to avoid a ression and it may be to late to avoid a 1930s style depression. I would warn any country in the world to avoid betting the farm on Chinas future because any number of a host of problems could sink that dream. I could go on and on as to the details on those problems but suffice it to say if any one of those problems manifest China will face a massive economic shock. Worse is China has no social structure in place to avoid human suffering. This is a recipe for social unrest on a Chinese scale that will leave China reeling for some time and if things turn really south youll have a refugee problem on a Chinese scale. You most likely get your info about China from Xinhua so just a reminder anything they say is probably a lie based upon a fabrication wraped in deciet. Since when does an economy always sound like sunshine and daffodiles? Economies fluctuate with ups and downs and cycles. There is no way that China has a secret formula to avoid the downturns. Isreal and every other country in the world would do well to remeber this.





William Chak 12 hours ago
I don’t think Mr. Freund is offended, I think he is laughing at your comment right now.


Gregory Weaver 11 hours ago
Perhaps but Goldman Sacs and JP Morgan are not as they have made similar arguments. And I would imagine those are a bit harder to laugh about then me.


dee confucius 9 hours ago
Israel And China I am very surprise and happy that China is working with Israel for fair trading and higher education. Israel has technology china has market. Israel has average yearly income of $34 k US dollar, China will not get cheap labor from Israel. Illegal drugs and domination is my concern. Currently , China has 12 company will sell illegal drugs , like carfentani, to any one will pay a price. Carfentani is lethal. with size of flex seed will kill a person instantly. thousands of people has been killed, knowingly or unknowingly. Domination and human right are hand to hand. In our communication age, fair trading with the world is the basic survival. China current law and common sense maybe very different from Israel. All my friends from Israel are highly educated, smart, hard working and honest people. I do not know how Israel will mix in and work with Chinese. The Chinese people I know mostly intelligent, hard working, but they trust the government blindly. The government is a big issue. If You are in china, you only have the right that Chinese government tell you that you have. People are missing or died in china, when they do business in china. Israel is family oriented country like USA, Canada… I wonder that you would feel safe, if you and your family move to china to work, or even you travel by your self to china to work. Your family would not feel safe. I guess, I am trying to say. Israel should continue to do fair trade with other country like India, USA, Canada… do not limit to china, so you can back out safely, if China become dangerous. Your responsibility is to your Israel people healthy living. LOL, China has no danger to do free trade with Israel. Your eagle may be hurt a little. Israel people are outstanding.





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