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Chinese influx boosts full-year target
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Many Chinese tourists arrive at Suvannabhumi airport each day.Local traders in the North changed their attitude towards Chinese travellerswhen the latter proved to be big spenders. (Photo by Jiraporn Kuhakan)

每天都有很多的中国游客到达素万那普机场。当发现中国游客们都是一个个的大买家之后,北方的当地商人就改变了他们对中国游客的态度。(照片来自于Jiraporn Kuhakan)

A big rise in the number of Chinese tourists in the first fourmonths of 2015 has prompted the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to raiseits full-year forecast for Chinese arrivals to 6 million from 5.4 million.

Tourism and Sports Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul said that wasfar higher than the first-quarter average of 4,950 baht for all foreigntourists visiting Thailand.

2015年的前四个月内,中国游客数量大幅度上升,这促使泰国旅游局(TAT)将对中国到访者的全年预测从540万上调到了600万。 旅游和体育部长Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul说,这远远高于第一季度的外国游客访问泰国时的平均每日人均消费——4950泰铢。

The biggest spenders in the first quarter were Singaporeans (6,284baht per person), Malaysians (6,020 baht), Indians (5,952 baht) and Australians(5,842 baht). Mrs Kobkarn said the figures showed a potential increase inhigh-quality holidaymakers from China. 

第一季度最大的买家是新加坡人(人均6284泰铢)、马来西亚人(6020泰铢),印度人(5952泰铢)和澳大利亚人(5842泰铢)。 Kobkarn夫人说,这些数据显示出在来自中国的高质量的度假者方面将会有一个潜在性的增长。 

Thailand is among the top destinations for Chinese travellers,many of whom head to Chiang Mai, the main shooting location for the 2012 hitmovie Lost in Thailand.


Mrs Kobkarn said local traders in the North changed their attitudetowards Chinese travellers when the latter proved to be big spenders. Meanwhile, locals have tried to lessen cultural differences byadvising foreign visitors on what not to do in Thailand.

Kobkarn夫人说,当发现中国游客们都是一个个的大买家之后,北方的当地商人就改变了他们对中国游客的态度  同时,当地人也试图减少文化差异,建议外国游客留心一些泰国的注意事项。

The minister voiced confidence that Thailand would meet its 2015goal of 28.5 million foreign tourists and 1.4 trillion baht in tourism revenue.


For this year up to this past Monday, 12 million foreign touristscontributed 578 billion baht in revenue. The three-day TTM starts next Wednesday at Impact Muang ThongThani. The number of buyers is expected to rise by 9% from last year to323.

今年截至到刚过的这个星期一,已经有1200万名外国游客为财政贡献了5780亿泰铢了。 为期三天的泰国旅游集市将于下周三在曼通他尼会展中心举行。 预计买家数量将会较去年增长9%,增长到323。

IsitFlab Posted: 35 | 30May 2015 at 13.44
6k baht per day per chinese tourist?? Give me a break, mostchinese tourists are in tour groups and barely spend anything.....get yourfacts straight.


soi 11/14 Posted: 310 | 30May 2015 at 15.31
Divide the numbers of days by cost of package, hey presto, that'show much they spend per day. Whilst many westerners arrive by creating theirown holiday and so there spend can't be that easily quantified. FIFA shouldhire TAT for their publicity.


AngieM Posted: 93 | 30 May2015 at 15.25
These outrageous claims of coming up with these pie-in-the-skyfigures is beyond words! How on earth can anybody nail down what a randomperson spends dow to the exact baht. But keep in mind, this is coming from thesame person who came up with the brilliant idea of having tourists weartrackable wristbands after the grisly Koh Tao murders, so.....should we besurprised?


upena Posted: 2,842 | 30May 2015 at 12.42
Ms Kobkarn has absolutely no idea how much any tourist spends.


sundance Posted: 31 | 30May 2015 at 13.40
Chinese tourists travel the world in groups. Hotel bookings, mealseven massages are all booked and paid for in China. They very rarely put theirhands in there pockets. Large numbers of bodies low numbers of spending. Buthey its good PR stuff for TAT


dao23 Posted: 457 | 30 May2015 at 18.27
I would imagine most are on group tours and follow a tour guideflag to the same hotels and attractions benefiting no one but the Chineseowners .


Norco Posted: 14 | 30 May2015 at 14.32
Happy days are here again. TAT say so.


FredKubasa Posted: 493 | 30May 2015 at 22.33
Show me the money !


tcr Posted: 840 | 30 May2015 at 18.10
They may be bringing more low end tourists, but they're losing thehigh end ones. And these cheap, package tourists are just going to drive moreaway. Like me. The roads are incredibly packed with huge tour buses.


rapaille99 Posted: 29 | 30May 2015 at 23.07
the wave of chinese is just for a little while...it's like asaturday night fever.But the majority come just 1 time only and will never comeback again because they realised that it was far from theirexpectation.."not same in the movie!!".and trust me,the mouth of achinese is damn fast for to report his desapointment in his community.When theygonna make the movie "lost in myanmar" you will see the wave changeside!!.So enjoy your chineese for the moment,but that will be not for longtime.


Falang21 Posted: 268 | 31May 2015 at 20.22
What Leyana is forgetting is that maximum 10% of Chinese canafford in the next 20 years to go abroad. And Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia,Cambodia etc are also in the game. And one important thing to know aboutChinese is that they go for safety,true smiles, quality, scamless attractionsand taxi drivers etc. Most of the competing countries have a clear advantagecompared to Thailand


Leyana Posted: 95 | 31 May2015 at 10.15
Do your calculation. Even if they come just 1 time only it isstill good for Thailand. China population is 1.4 billion. Reported 1 year thereare 5.4 million Chinese tourists. 5.4 multiple 20 years that is 108 million andthat is not even 10% of China population. Don't forget 20 years time the babythat is born today will be 20 years old and they might come to Thailand forvacation. We cannot deny the fact that Chinese today are well travel and bigspender too.


franklin Posted: 2,392 | 30May 2015 at 17.58
With 2.3 billion people, China will be able to delight TAT withhuge tourist numbers far into the future. Just wait until roads and rails allowland transport with Chinese driving their cars to Thailand or, by then, maybeThaina. Be careful what you wish for.


Leyana Posted: 95 | 31 May2015 at 10.44
Since when China had 2.3 billion people. What a joke. Check it outagain. It is 1.4 billion.


bikeme Posted: 2,379 | 31May 2015 at 01.57
If you were in the north you would know that Chinese cars arealready coming to Thailand in large numbers. Much less red tape for them todrive here, than for us to drive there.


FredKubasa Posted: 493 | 30May 2015 at 22.31
Already Thai roads are showing increased wear due to overloadedtour busses and congestion/pollution way up as well.


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